\/‘ GOOFY G)MK SAYi r' D '^|V\. \ Did I evei’i-tell you fellers nbout goin- to the Clsvej.and County I shore viid Kcive ne a big tine.. I sole a bc?Ie of an’ had sixty one dollers when I got thar, , • . .. Tl'je fj_rst thing I done atter I got thar waz to dj'ink sisx. glasses of lemon- aid, an* I got ne four■packs of pop corn, /m*- then I v/ent up thar v;her they waz a hole 2.01 of hcsses a-runnin' a roun' an’ a roiin', I axed the feller, that waz a- .. ru'iin'in’ them how mush hit^v/ou’d cost to ride one-of *e.';nj an’ he ‘said a nickel* Hit looked' like all of the grpwed up fellers was skeered to ride ”em, ’cause they ’•jern't nobody but youngens a-riden! ’em. I picked me out a mean lookin’ one an’^got on him. Ke cou’d buck a little but he ;vern*t hard to ride a~tall hardly. I shore did lilce hit. IThen they stopped I axed the felj.er hov; much hit wou’d cost to ride till dinner an- he said, "ten do.jJ.ers," I paid him an’ got back on my hoss. I cou’d ride better then eny of them youngens ’cause I coukl ride sideways an’ I v;ou’d throw my ole red hanlcerchcf on the floor an’ when'I wou’d come aroun’ ag’in I wou’d loan away over an’ pick hit up, I axed the feller to let mo git off ono time an’ he said, ”\Tnst fur?” an* I said^ ‘'lenonaid.” /in’ while I waz off I got me three more glass fulls an’ two .more packs of pep corn* At dinner when I got' off I couden’t hardly walk a-tall hardly. Then I went over thar v;her sum fellers waz a-pitchin’ sum rings at sum little stobs. The feller tale-me to try my luck, that I cou’den lose an* I diden. I won fifty little pins an’ ten walldn’ sticks c?n’ hit jejit cost nine dollers« I saw the uglist man in the worl’. He was a-leadin’ a little pig aroun’. Ke had great big feet an’ a big rod nose an’ he v/az cross-e2*ed an’ ball-headed, lie was laite ‘nigh as ugly as Herney Champion. He v;ou’d ax that pig how ole he waz and the pig v/ou’d grunt two times. I rxed the pig hov; ole he v/az an’ he put his big toe to his nose an’ wiggled 1 his other toes at me. Then I aaw sum fellers over there a~spinnin a v/heol with sum numbers on hit. The feller tole me to try . ly luck free. I won ten dollars, an’ then he put doivn ton, an’ tole me to put dov/n ten more, an' I did an’ I won ag’in. \'Je jest kep a- puttin’ do;vn an’ I kep a-wirinin’ till they waz a groat big pLle of ten do3J_er bills a-’3.ayin' thar., I tole hnjii that I jest had one more ten an’ he tole me to put hit down an’ if I won that I cou'd have the hole pile. That feller shore did look plttyfuU when I was about to wi’.i all of his money. I put my ten on nuj.iber six. He tole me to spin the wheel so I couden’ say that he cheoted mo. I spinned hit an’ hit stopped on number six an* then jest moved one notch to fur. I mite nigh jot all of his money, but when I went to git me anuther bag of pop corn, I didden have nary cent, but I had all of them pins an’ walkin’ sticks, an’ I showed them hov/ to ride a hoss.

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