me to stop, and telling me that the peanuts were not ready to pull, but I insisted that the peanuts were all breaking off in the ground. After I completed pulling up the vinos, I got a hoe and went back to harvest ray crop, but failed to find any pea nuts at all. This'was the beginning and end of my farming career, and I decided right then that I would work in the mill, rather than raise anything, and especially pea nuts, I should have known bettor, hov/evor, than to pay much attention to what V/alt Lee had said, because it was just a few years before, that one Saturday afternoon when I was draying (and this was back before we had dray trucks), I was driving old Frank, the white horse, and delivered a sack of flour to IValt Lee's house, Walt in sisted that I take a drink of some famous locust vdno that he had made, and after drinking 2 glasses, he asked me to sit down and talk to him awhile. In a few min utes, he told me that I was getting drunk, as my eyes were closing'up, and he did n't believe I could walk on a. straight lino. I was scared to death, and afraid to go back to the store, for fear Parker would fire me, so Vfalt had to drive the horse and wagon back to the Company store for me. I also should have kno¥/n‘better than to pay any attention to what "Buck" Southards said, because as I recall, just a year before that, one Christmas he had Ruff Jeffers, Lee Champion, and me up to his house for a possum dinner, and as usual, I ate too much. To this day, I don't care much about possum dinner. So, ray advice vjould be to any of you boys who are growing up in Lawndale, that vValt Lee is alright to bring you mail, and "Buck" Southards is alright to cut your hair, but do not consult them about farming, TJhat type vdne you should drixik, or what you should eat. We youngsters used to. have quite a time out at the old Lavmdale theatre, and especially along during, the days of the pie-oating contests between John Canipe and Mart Jones, I always thought a lot of John and Mart, and didn't kiio;v which one to pull for when the contest started, but as I recall, John Canipe vion every contest, I spent one very pleasant summer helping Charlie Forney, Jr., paint the lattice •of all the houses in Lawndale, and I shall never forget the time that l.lj.’rt Wease brought us the country ham, and I insisted on a second piece. She went back and sliced off a piece of raw ham, and brought to mo, which; did'not taste bad at all; The next summer, Charles and I painted the roof of the mill, and llr. Forney, Sr,, insisted that wo got more paint on our clothes than we did on the mill. He says that Charlie and I both were too much like Seth Ganey to. ever make good painters. And that reminds me of the other story that llr, Forney tells on me about Sun day School there at Lawndale,. when llr, Forney was Superintendent, One year the Sunp day School came up with a little deficit in its funds, and in a meeting, he asked yjhat we should do about it. He'tells that I stood up and said, "Suppose we give it to the Church." For all I know, this was about the same year that I came running in rto llr, Forney's one afternoon, telling him that Professor Burns had complimented Charlie and me very highly, and had^ mde' the prediction that we bid farewell to be coming great orators, I had the honor, as v/ell as some of you other boys who are now in the Service, of playing on that football team at Piedmont that never scored the entire year, I am sure that Ira V/eaver, Leonard VJallace, Joe Villiisnant, Hazel Brackett, and a lot of you other boys, will never forget the" famous Hudson and Jim Cline team, I have a prize joke that I Avould like to tell you un Jim Osborne, but naybe I had bettor v;ait and tell this to you when you get home, as it sounds better when I tell it in front of.Jim. And, then, too, I hope to be able to write another letter for THE HOOVER RAIL sometime, and if I put this joke in here, I aia sure that I would never be asked to write you boys another word, V/e are all longing for the day vtfhon you boys can return hone. Very sincerely,. Tod Caldwell

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