m r'- H r“* D r r" jN aroumd towm By: Iklrs, f^ed Rich^ds aozc. HUGH V/ALLACE warming himself "by thfe 'stove in the store • , , DORIS RAlvISAUR leaving for a visit mth her husband-, ”Shuf," in Georgia* , .'”MON” BRACK ETT killing hogs , . . The beautiful'floral offerings at the funerals of tvjo of Lawndale’s grandest ladies, MRS. CALDVffiLL and I:lRo SM/uTLEY'. , . THURI^’SPANGLER’S small daughter going to the store with a dollar tightl; clutched in her fat little hand . , SUll/HE EAKER threatening to make FRED BE/UI drunk so he would write his (SUliUES) Father-of-the~Mdnth letter, for him, PIERCE RICHi'i^S fuming because he failed to get a copy of the ''HOOVER Ri\IL.'« . . JIW CH/iM- 30N,JACK ESKRIDGE, TOIJMY and ODUS V/EASE 5d around the piano,- singing,’*PISTOL PACKIl^’ .lIAMiV . .• .IIRS. SCHEUCK teasing' a C'ertain person about a-certain glass; bowl. LOU'ISE CLi\Y sitting between tw6- mari^ied men at the basket'ball ganie t’other night'v/hile Tom FORNEY referoed the game, (cheer up, wines. It was her lap robe they v/ere sitting with) . . , BUCK SOUTHARDS with "code in his .JOHNNIE ELMORE bragging that he had late tomatoes so big that a slice would hang over the edge of a dinner plate . , . MRS, EVA LIAUNEY visiting RUTH PATTER SON in Baltimore for a few days ... . JACK ITILLIAl^IS"‘biiyihg a cup of kerosene. , , Dozens of chaps at .the •birthday’- party iiEREDITH- C/iRPEI^TER ALLEN gave for her seven- year old twins, »'PRINCESS8 and "BULJNY.'!- ; .RUBY-:CARPENTER unscrambling coats and caps for the younguns’ at the above'mentioned’partyi '."'.Sfeen in'WALTEH V/INCHELL’S column the other day: (Quote) You can never 'tell about a woman'yoii shouldn' t if you could (unquote) .. , .JOHN fiiKER greeting friends on'his recent visit home . . , BETTY LEE with a nev; boy friend , I don’t know his name, but he has a ”C" on his sweater . . , The nevi METHODIST PRE\CHER and his pretty Mother making many friends here in town, . . MELBA L/\UGHLIN with that"lost-idog look, since Fletcher CLAY left town . . .MRS. TAL TJALUiCE scrubbing out her smoke house, getting ready for those fine hogs , . . Speaking oi! hogsy ..people haye: .been-^oing,' in drove’s;' to *see the huge how owned by VTODIE HAYNES (Col.)-They ;say it v;ill weigh abOO lbs.MARJORY BRACKETT and NELLIE Eil?® coming from the Post Offic’e loaded dowh with packages, . . ROYAL CHi\MPION home on leave lookingrreal: slick in hi's*'’‘Navy'Blue's . •. .'MRS V/ILL POX going into IglS. MIRI/iM BLAIJION’S-house . . MRS-,ESSIE SHUFORt) and her little grand daughter coming out of the Company-Stpre. eating ice creara,-.'. BSRYTE MGINTIRE,STELLA . HORD,”UB" BRIDGES, ”GINNY^» MCF/iRL^iNDiRUTH MTHONY and LDCILLE' HORD having a high ole time at the ball game MIIDAY night, . .- ROSELL/'t. SOUTH/iRDS tea;sing’ '’GUM'" about help ing certain-erT-ladies(?) off -the bus.,; .MRS PEiVRL•'PEELER wrestling with a cold . . . ’ELLii 1/iAUNEY sleeping v;ith her shootin’ rod handy, since LiiXTON is away working in V^ilmington. .(She’s the original; pistol-packing-.Mama) . ’'tEFTY»» BLiiNTON building nev/ steps (not dance steps. I^e Icind you .cliilib) v ,■ . .J4/iBEL'CLONINGER celebrating her fifteenth birthday r;ith a party . . . ELIA VJHISN/JvT in Shelby to get the new teeth she was having made . . . Members of the WOODIIEN CIRCLE collecting money and cloth ing for the family whose home was destroyed by fire . . .ROSE CANIPE telling about falling dovm the steps (She wasn’t hurt, but anybody wanting a job can come and help fill up the hole in the yard) . . .PriYLLIS Ji\NE, my six-year old daughter, asking me v/hat flavor oiu? brand-nmv puppies were—^male or female? . . . RUTH MCKEE rushing home from work.

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