OLD MAIDS ROY/ J Til Brr.ckott, Lib Bridges and Amie Sue Hoyle -vr > / \ I j Boy, ,,ees, you should hr,ve been here Easter Sun- j day for the Ea.ster parade. All the girls and Vv’omen bro3S?^^/8»^^ omed out in new outfits,'crovined'-'.vith things they called hats. There v^ere variations in sL?;es, shapes, and styles. Some favored pickle dishes, pancakes, mushrooms turned upside dovm and some just looked like objects that you would be afraid to stop on if the;/ were lying in .your Pcith, All in all, everyone looked real pretty though and ‘ had a real nice Easter,-- Things have been-kiiida’ lonesome around here cause there haven^t been many of you- boyf5 at home'this past month. Lib got Glenn’s A.P.O, number, and she, has been lost sires.-tliat v»/eekly visit from Camp Mackall is over. But for someone, it isn’t going to be as'lonesome cause V7ilbur Boyles has bought iiim a new car. Reckon us old maids v/ill 6"'-fc?r;Tate a ride'in it???? Prospects looked better this past week-end though GV.US0 Bill SoutKArd^ and-Charles Cloninger, two real fiice lo6king soldiers, v/ere •uiai:.uuvoring abound 'in t'Kis section* IVliat we -aro trying to do right now is figure out vaiich one of the Ward twins has‘that bunch of daises in his hair and why??? ■■ The mjile' situati&n is 3?eally'pathetic around here and v;hen Frances Cordell rated t.v;o boy-friends last •Sunday Mght, ‘she thought she• wa6 doing all right, but things didn’t turtt out hot "after-all. Bill Stamey, the lucky one, had car trouble and obey b6th 'ha;d to'get'out and "hoofit into tcwn from Cobby Hornes home, which is on the Polkville highway, ' We know'her corns and bunions were giving her fits cause she had on her Suhdtiy best shoesV' 'Ifeckori B.iU; will be the lucky guy again?.???? Lst'US' tell you something; , Mrs,- Grady,Rollins was showing'us a picture of her son, Henry, that v/ould knock us for a _ioofi, ‘ Shie says he. will get his wings in May and that he is going to be here;- That' is one time that'"we v;ant to stick close to Jjawndale, -If he looks like hife picture-^ he'is better looking than any movie star we have ever'seen, . ‘ .■ Boys, you- sure missed a treafe’^-by not'being jiere. to'see Mildred Eaker breeze in lvionday:.morning, . She really is' one. more s^vell-lboking Marine, Another tali', good- looking, somebody who has beeh> here recently was 2nd. Lt,, "C'arty" Hart. However, we didn’t get to see much of him. We have been wondering why, but it is rumored around -that. Louise.-Clay monopolized time, Wc'areh’t on speaking terms with Mr, Hart since Carty left cause he didn|t br:mg him around and introduce him* to us, and mostly because he didn’t invite us^ to-dinner-th^.t ni^t. Charlie Forney went away from the•office looking like a rather presentable young man about a month ago, but he came back to/.vork Last week looking like Great Grand father’s picture with a mustache or he swailo^ved a Fuller Brush and left part of it on the outside,,,we haven’t decided which. Please, please^ boys, don’t grow one while 5^ou are away cause we dpn’t lilce our‘kisses straine'd',' ' . Lt, General‘Sorneirvc 11 j' ‘a”fi^ting man, has given these fitting ; ' words to'the-public, in'the hope they will arouse you and me, all of us on the ."Sfc'cond Line" to greater effort .and sacrificp. The Most Expensive’ •Luxury ' • Sir: ' ^ 'V ' 'V.: ' • ‘ ^ ‘' ' , , "I'® ARE FIGHTING FOR LIBERTY, "the most (^xpensi'V'e lii^ry known to iiianT**We can’t win the-war on the ■ assembly line or the' supply line, •but 'wci can. lose it there. The men who will win this war are the fighting men, in the air and in the mud. These are (Contii’iued on the next page)

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