1 ■■ "Ai' ■}, l-r ^ 7' ‘-7- •>> -f v/ernt •GOOPY 'GIMK SAY; r' 'j / • Well, good ole spring, an guano puttin out time is mite ni^_ here, cause today I saw two blue birds a settin on a ole dead snag a, makiii 1 nvp. . T T t Va +".n niTf. n«i+. cinnnn nn ctt+. ^\i^\4^\.\ucksessfull farmer. :.!.y t J Oiiv^X UXLl ^Xu XilclLl uXXw uLluZX^X ^4’''-.7'/V-*read in the Huver Rail what Miz Fitts ••'Vji;', about me. She said she diden care so love, I shore do like to put.out guano an git Jiit all oyer me, so every boc^y will think I am a But I don*t like to put out ole mcnure a'tall hardly, cause hit don*t me 11 nigji as good as guano, an besides I haf 'to wash' my hands before I eat, if I tion’t "Diincie*’ gits sorty mad under the collar, shore did git mad the tuther day when she Rollins said much about what she said about the income tax, but when she called me that nar minded Lee Champion, that was goin a little to fur. She said that she voted fur r;;;U''^iz Rollins fur prezident of the Kolor Back Club '.^;^i0the tuther day, but she said she woud vote fur J>^/j’|umbody else the next time, Miz Effie Parker re- i;', *T'^2;igned cause sura of the members got to kickin enough Kolor Back, I tole Azzie that Miss Macy is the V \\^one that orght to'be the prezident cause she won the prize fur s6ndin in the fur the stuff, Azzie said that after the lectio}i Miss Macy got^up an' ^ made a. little speech, and said, "I didden let gray hair worry me before 60, I aint goin. to ibt hif^wdirry/^e now. But I don't think^the Kolor Back is hardly good as hit used to be, ' ' ' ' * ; Miz Effie slipped an put a little of that Kolor Back .on Mr, Parkers head one nite while he was a sleep. She thot that he mite wake up the next morning and have^ a head ; full-of ;purty,black har, but^stid his head looked like eight ball, Miz‘Macy said .ohe was agpin to try to git Fitts to put' sun' on his hair ^ut- Fitts’said he wernt skee- red of his job, cause they wernt nobody else able to holdjhit feovm. Have you all got eny Kolor Br'ck uzers thar in the seijvice? If you aint, hit shore is a lookin like you mite have before long, cause mite ni^ all of the rest is in thar now, . ' ' . • / I . ' They called me down thar the tuther day to eggsamine/me/for the Army an when they got done, I axed them if I v/as 1-A; an th5y said no that i v/a^* 2-B, An | axed them what that ment and they said 2-B at home when the war is c?y^rBut I ^ore woud like to come an fitch my air rifle and sling shot an hep you fellers, but if they wont let me fite I will stay here and fite crab grass an nats, an hep raize sumpthin fur you •all-to eat and v.’eari : , ; /y I .i:eckin you all herd about Charles Forney Jr, a be'^ sick. He got wet a workin on- anothor bee gum,-an tuck new moanie, I was skeered thar one time that he mite not git well, but novj I am skeered ,he"w ill. He is the fellei^*;that tole me here while back that I was a runnmn the bee bizniss in the ^ound. 'Hie way he is a startin out hit looks like he is. a gona do. that, cause it aint ben no time a tall hardly since his •bees, ffivamed, .1 dontt see why he.fion’t m?.ke the ^ms with’a up stairs, an put 2 er 3 swarms in the same gum .^d save lumber, "• '■ • ‘ - Well till next tine your ole frind Goffy Gink Says so ioAg; ' an as

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