Mrs, J ^4^flJ'AEOM A\Y HAND; C By Fred Richard Hello Fellows and Girls It seems I've been promoted to Ella Marine3r5 s job of writing family histories„ (Ella moved off to Wilirdng'ton and left the family history department high and dry.) Now can you just pict ure me writing history, of all y things? I could never stand the' vile stuff when I went to school, but I’ll try most anything once, I didn*t know I was to do ‘ ■ this subject until'it was too .. late to get any information on another family, so I’ll tell you what I know of the iViauney branch of my family, (That is, I’ll tell you the good tilings) The first Mauney to set foot on American soil came from Holland and settled in the Duuch colony of Pennsylvania. I never knew whether he, along with all those mill- io/i ether souls, came over on the much bragged about Mayflov/er, or the next boat out* Anyway, he got here in time to marry .''jid have throe sons large enough to fii;;^ in the battle of Kings Mountain. Tlie sons were Christian, Jacob and Valentine, I am just a tiny seed th^at grew in an apple, that grew on a twi^, that grew on a limb of the Valentine familj^- tree^ After the war vdth England the three Mooney brothers bought up vast quanities of land in what.used to be known as Tryon Countyp between Cherryville and Gastonia. These three Mooneys'were the forefathers of all the Mooneys in this country today, noticed, .the name was spelled M.-o-o-n'-e-y i.intil about the turn of the cen tury, when someone got fancy and started spo! it M-a-u-n-e-y, It has been told on us that the poor ones were Mooneys, aiid the rich ones were Mauneys, Vfell, be that as it my, its. my story and I’m stuck with it, ' Valentine Mooney was the father of Jacob II, who was my great-great-great gr?nd-’ fatheri'-' He.bought land and built a tannery and inn, vjh'ere st" coaches .used to stop. It ..Wci^’between Lawndale ^aid CasrT, on the,., site where the old Tan Yard-Church used to 'J2-cob il, wa^.,the fathir of Peter, Peter-was in eoveral skirmishes with the Indians;'; He, helped round ap^the Cherokees when the.y were put- oh reservations, Peter ■v/as the' father of-Peter. II,- A.brah.api,'Isaacj'Jacob III, Susan and Mary. Petej?;had*three children,,.-Sally, .who died'many.y^ars-agoc "John-and Cabiness ■( "Cab'O Mooney,' who you. oldet:. boys-may have knownv "Cab’* was the father of Annie May Mauney Jones, -Coleman r.nd Itol^^d Mooney, . . ' .. : . John lived just, across, the river from .grandpa'HoracfS Mooj^ey’s, He-(John) is the father of David Mooney of Colu6ibia, S..• C^, Ann Poteatt of Spart/ nburgrand Pete Mooney of pe-livood,.. , - ' , . 'Abraham (”Abe/*) Mooney'lived with us for awhile? when, we-wore'children. He lived in Illinois'.until he 7;as -old. He was here visitin,g relatives when he-,became too ill to gd home. He-'died here, and.-was buj^ied bo’side his. fa^.he'r and' the Mooney ’cemetery, I never* knew much about Uncle Abe’s family >■ Ke had two sons, , and a daugh— . Margaret 'West, who visited,here v/hen I was a chi.1.d3.-' • • I knew .one .son. of Jac.ob III, He was...Re’vc Alec .of Gre’er,j .S, C, Before his 'death, >12 visited grandpa Ma^aney every summerc ... ” ‘ ’ ' ■ -Susan, married, a .Gille : They had t;vd'gir*ls who married Walter and June Grigg, JUne.cTnd Rossie Grigg the ^drents-of Bessie Hester, TildgYi,' and'Peter Grigg of Shelby* , • • •. *V;.» V- ‘ ^ (Continue,d on-next pa^’b ) ••

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