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Gaoriyi" H.'-Hcrfc
Dear ,Boys:-
This month h^is brought both
joy and sorrow to us, especially
to the writer as-his boy return
ed safely- from Italy after having
made his missions on a B-24i and
we lost'our best friend, Mr. John
Mr, Schenck wa^ more'than
an employer to the 7n:iter, as he
counted him one of his best friend
and looked on him more like a'
second father than a boss man,
and he v/ill miss the pleasant
companionship he has enjoyed ior
the past tv;elve years. To us
Mr, Schenck was Lawndale, for he
■'loved us and the placo, and always had 'a pleasant word and c^bd advice
for us af all times. We will cnrrj’- on as he would have u3 do, but it
111 not seem like the same place with him not here.
The weather we have'been having for the past tv/o weeks is ideal, and makes you'
v;nnt to grab the old hoe, and'go to gardening, but the ground is" not diy encuj^ yet,
so we vd.ll have to be patient, but we hope to have fine Victory gardens this year to
help with the food supply. The fruit trees arc, in full bloom, and are a beautiful '
sight, and we trust there v/ill be no more bad weather cold enough to kill the fruit,
as we ,will need it this year, ' . •
Tlie war news makes us very, very happy, and it seems to us that you boys get bett
er and better as the day« go by. We continue to be so proud of you, and are hoping
that , the day is-not too far in the future when you will all be back with us again, and
v;o can look back on this vjar as a horrible dream.
Our boy scouts and basket ball ti^am continue to win pitlzes, and first place in
tournamentsi and we are certainly proud of them, and wish them continued success,
George, Jr, has some .wonderful stories to tell of his experiences overseas, and
we know that .estch of you will have many interesting things to tell us when you get
back, and v;e hope that’.you will give us all the good stories, as we would love to hear
them, V/e knavi you have done a swell job, and it has been hard, but we are; thankful
th^t the American'soldier can always fimi something funny in every situation, and get
a lau^ out of it, so v/e want to lau^ with you when you return, ' ‘
Our mailing list is certainly changing these'days and the number of copies we
send out-.,of the country increases with e^ch issue, so wo feel that pur boys are gett
ing more. and. more- into the real fightiiig, making us hope and pray Sach day for their
safety, fin'd Safej "return to us, ■ ■ -
You T/ill note, that we are using a colored paper this month instead of the white
we have always'had. This is due to the fact that we are not able to purchase the
white riiy-more, and must take what we cnn, £-et, but feel p.ure. that you do not care
what the color of the paper inay be just''so ,you gcf if promptl;^, and it contains news 1
of the boys in the service and the folks back home. Wo have tried to make it as in
teresting as possible, and tiMst it will b© full of interesting news to you.
We would like MIGHTY WELL^to hear from you if you have not written or another
letter if you have, for that is one of our best features and we depend on the boys in
the service for the material, TOITE V/HEN YOU C/iN,
Keep up the good work, boys,\ We are behind you and wishing you all kinds of luck
and good going,
Geo, H, Hart,

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