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    1. In the motion pictu^ "Kismet” what is the meaning of the word‘kismet?
2, What is air in an advertisement?
3« What is the difference between the v^ords indigent and indi^nous?
4. What is reinsurance?
5* In'peacetime> how much gasoline did the average motorist use per month; nearer
.22, .42,. or 102 gallons? . . , .
6. What is a lally column?
’7« said it; "If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you
can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may^fool all of
the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people n.11 the time;
but you can*t fool all of the people all the time,"
l'3hat percentage of those in service (women as well as men) are injured by Nat
ional Service Life Insurance; nearer 50^> 75% or 95%»,
9* What is'a setter in a luiribcr mill?
10* Which group is more intelligent up to 10 years of age boys or girls?
(The answers to the "HAWKV’JIZ" questions, will bo « •
found on the reverse side of this page,)
•JJ- 4C- 4
Wait a minute, don^t turn'the page to find something more interesting - this
message is a personal one, intended for each person in Lawndale, for each per
son in Cleveland County, and for each person in the entire U.S.A, Its more im
portant than ever that v/e buy bonds and back our bojrs in the Pacific - the war
is half'finished, lets show the Japs, we don*t quit before our job is done and
v/e mean, well done, toolII
The Seventh War Loan is an '^all out" call to victory.
No /jnerican c§n falter, NOr/imerican can afford not to ansv/or this vital call,
Victoiy comes nigh. Every day it is deliiyed costs us dearly in American blood and
lives. ' ■
■55- Last year there were two War Bond Drives by this time. The Seventh is doubly big it*s two drives in' one, '
•5' That*s why this is'the most urgent war loan of the war. No'matter how many bonds you
bought in'the past, yet must buy more in this great Seventh,
If ynu have any income, from any source-whether fran work, land or capital—you have
a personal quota to’ ma^e in, the
•>5- V/e must ALL BUY B^DS in proportion. Let*s meet our quota-let*s exceed it if we can.

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