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    J J V ] i'-l ’ O M T rJii: D O dEA f
By—Patty Osbome
Hi, Fellows, anybody got a nickel in the crqv;d? There*s seme swell tunes on the '
Juke Box this month, so hurry up Joe and drop a slug in the slot. Hold .everything boys>
the platter to come up is:
EACH LIFE SCSaE RAIN MUST FALL ,,.Heroes one thats stayed on the juke boxes for
quite some time, because its the type of tune that the more you hear it - the more
you want to'hear it. Ella Fitzgerald and the^Inkspots really do a neat job on
this number. "Into each-life-some-rain must fall, but too -muoh-has-*farHen-in- i.dn©-
into'each heart, some tears must fall, but some day the sun will shine”. Very
nice. (Incidentally, this number rates tops with Polly Carpenter- one of the Hoover
RaU Staff.)
2* CANDY ,,, the top tune of the day. Sweet melody and cute words, yum,'yummmm, yumm.'
Johnny Mercer has a swell arrapgement, and he does'the vocal up brown, tooJJ "Candy.
I call my Sugar, Candyi because I*m sweet on Candy, andJJandy»s sweet on me."
Strictly in the groove,
3* ROBIN HOOD ,,, Super duper for Rug Cutters. Sho-nuff cookin* with gas. The story
of Robin Hood (natch) is done up neatly by Tony Pastor. "Mrxiy long years ago'a ,
fellow named Robin Hood, - he used to rob the .rich most every chance he could."
4, I»LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS ... Although’this is on oldie it has been revived in'the
M.G.M. picture, "Keep Your Powder Dry". Maybe the words express your fee3dngs,
anyhoo^ I toow the sentiment speaks for your girls back home. "1*11 see you in my
di*eams, hold you in my dreams. Someone took you out-of jjiy Arms, Still I feel the
thrill of your charms - Lips that once were mine."
'^5* RUtA AND COCA*>COLA ... Yep*] its still on top, the song was supposed to'be banned,
but somehow it slipped by'the'censors. Another kinda* unusual fact is, that it
was written fifteen years ago, seems that it takes a little age to' ripen a tune
sometime. "Drinking Rum and Coca-Cola - Go dovjn Point—Ko6-Mah*4Iah, Both Mother
and Daughter woriing for the Yankee Dollar." ’
1 DON*T iVANT TO LOVE YOU ... Phil Brito does a smooth recording of this number.
Its really a swell song, one of my favorites. "I don*t want to^lpve you, Please
don^t make me care - This heart of miiie is leading me npwherQ
7* GOODNIGHT> SViEET;.DREAMS. ... Another oldie th:it has been revived much to the pleas
ure of All those-millions of couples'who feel "that way" about each other, and we
can all dream, can*t we? "Goodnight, Sweet Dreams,- tomorrows another day, til*
then, sweet di^ams, Sv/eetheart."
Well Fellov;s, I bet everybody is fresh out of nickels, save»em up and meet me
same place, same time, next month. So long and keep singin♦.
SI ever,

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