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    CHARLESTON (Cont'd. from Page 2)
Enjoyed visiting with Ken Ross and W.G.
McGee on their recent trips to CHW. Mr.
McGee was the guest speaker for the
Charleston Exchange Club monthly meeting.
CHW's welcome mat is always out!
The ice and snow at CHWoirport have been
heavy the past month and driving to and
from work has been si ick,as McCormick can
tell you ofter walking up the last turn of
the hill when his car stalled. . . .Cash also
participated in a short hike to the airport.
PAI and EAL operated most of their trips
in and out though and the good service be
tween carriers rated front page billing.
The Abshires, Ronnie, Jane and children
have moved into a new home on Lance Drive
second curve leaving the airport. It will
be easy to sleep an extra JO minutes this
summer, Absh ire admits .
For National Engineers Week the local
chapter had quite an interesting display in
the downtown auditorium. They showed
movies of greater engineering fetes to come,
and the movies were shown at the State
Capitol building. One of the highiightsof
the exhibit was a booth setup by Mr. Peter
Esherick, local engineer, which featured
The F-27. Films were shown at theCapitol
building also. A model F-27 was featured
on the display table.
C. R. Blackmon, Jr.
Summer is fast approaching at last-wewill
have our long awaited F-27s .Preparations
for the soon coming new Pacemakers have
started by the installation of the fueling
facil ity.
Vacation time has started here in FAY.
Horace Bryant just recently returned from
a part "fly" and part "drive" vacation to
DCA and NYC. Gene Sykes and Opal
Taylor are back at work from taking a few
days off around Ye Ole Fayetteville.
Congratulations to Rob^.t Jackson on his
recent promotion to Cliief Agent in FAY.
Everyone here is very happy for you. Bob,
it couldn't have hapr;iend to a more capa -
able and conscientious person.
Carl E. Simpson
Piedmont, CAA and the Airport Resturant
employees held a going-away-party for the
former Chief S. S. (Pappy) Loomis. He has
been transferred to YNG.
All employees interested in fishing forwall-
eye pike, here is a chance to get in some
fishing as wel I as a chance to win some cash.
The Noe's Fishing Dock (near Corbin) has
a fishing contest for the weight of walleye
pike caught. It is possible to Win from $10
up to $500. This contest ends April 15,1958.
All you fishermen and ladies come up and
try your luck. Let us know by Memo when
you can come and we will make arrange -
ments for transportation.
Piedmont will be well represented at the
$50,000 robbery case here. We will have
Ted Arnold-BLF, Jim Bradley-INT, and
Jim M innix-LOZ, as witnesses. This rob
bery took place at the London airport just
before Ted was transferred to BLF.
Congratulations to PAI on their tenth
anniversary I
We doubt if anyone enjoys receiving the
Pledmonitor more than we do in PKB, and
yet we have made no contributions In its
publications. Our hats are off to the Staff,
the few stations and the individuals who have
kept the presses rolling. We can think of
no other single source we have that keeps
us informed on what is going on in the other
stations and departments of our Company .
Let's all pitch in and help, it's a good
paper. (Editor's Note: Thanks.)
February was a cold and snowy month here
in PKB. Poor flying conditions and the usual
number of passenger problems.
Visitors for the month were Forest Bates,
Ed Land, Ken Ross and Paul Loar.
March 18 we will start our fourth year of
operations in Parkersburg and we are look
ing forward to a good year. Our goal is to
break 1,000 passengers per month.
Don Shanks
Ht seems that Spring has finally sprung In the
hills of Tenn. Everyone has spring fever
and annual cleaning is only a few days off.
We should start our spring practice on our
Championship Softball team. Usually we
play in a local league and, if we say so
ourselves, have done pretty fair in the past.
If any of you other stations have a softball
or basebal 1 team, let us know and we might
drop in on you for a game.
Holidays have been completed here and
vacations are about ready to begin. With
23 agents to take holidays and vacations,
there is no beginning or ending. It takes a
complete year to complete the cycle.
Speaking of statistics,these popped up the
other day. The 25 personnel located at
TRI have a combined total of approximately
115 years, which gives an average of a-
bout 4-1/2 years per agent and an annual
salary of about $75,000.
We would like to compliment Al Shulley
on his very nice CLT articles and his method
of presenting the CLT personnel. With his
permission and the Staff of the Piedmonitor,
I hope to present to you, within the near
future, the TRI personnel,so that you may
get to know us better.
This year of 1958 should be an interesting
one to everyone with the coming of the
new TT equipment and most of al 1 the anxious
ly awaited arrival of the F-27. We continue
to get compi iments and many remarks about
it each day and it seems the passengers are
as anxious as we are. Also,TRI will have
started their new 6500 foot runway. Capital
Airl ines may or may not pull out of TRI..
Southeast Airlines may or may not make a
go of the airline business. .Piedmont may
or may not get the new route extension
they have applied for.. Many old records,
we hope, will certainly be broken. . Pro
motions may or may not come as expected. .
All of these things may come in 1958 and
I suppose we will have to wait and hope
that each turns out to suit our needs.
An Irishman, after paying his respects in
the cemetery, walked about looking over
some of the old tombstones. He stopped
before one which was engraved:" H ere
lies Sandy MacGregor - A Generous Father
and a Pious Man. " "Huh 1" exclaimed the
Irishman. "Just like the Scotch - three
men in one grave I "
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