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VOL. 11 - NO. 4
Published By And For The Employees Of Piedmont Aviation, Inc.
APRIL, 1959
Annual Shareholders
The annual meeting of the
shareholders of Piedmont Avia
tion, Inc., was held April 15, in
Winston-Salem. There was rec
ord attendance with 75% of the
outstanding common stock
shares represented at the meet
ing either by person or proxy.
During the meeting a resolu
tion was passed to amend the
charter to increase the author
ized stock from 1,500,000 to 2,-
000,000 shares. Members also
approved a recommendation of
the Board of Directors to revise
and rewrite the by-laws of the
corporation in view of the re
vision of the North Carolina
corporation laws effective July
1, 1957.
During the course of the
meeting, Mr. T. H. Davis pre
sented a general company re
port; Mr. C. G. Brown reviewed
traffic outlook and route case
progress; and Mr. R. S. North-
ington gave a report on the
Fixed Base Division of Pied
mont Aviation, Inc.
The twelve members of the
Board of Directors were re
elected by the stockholders to
serve another year. The officers
of the company also remained
the same, being re-elected by
the Board of Directors.
Azalea Queen Debra Paget, and Maid of Honor, “Miss North Carolina”, Betty Lane
Evans add beauty to the parade at Wilmington’s Azalea Festival. Feature Story on page 3.
ioute Cass Status
Great Lakes Local Service Case
No new development; still
waiting for Examiner’s initial
decision. I
Southeastern Area Local
Service Investigation
Oral argument before the
' ■' * •-■■‘ir? Boar'^ last
procedural step in this case) was
held May 31 through April 2,
1959. This case, involves our
route applications in Tennessee.
Final decision by tke Board
should be handed down in the
near future.
Piedmont Area Case
The first hearing in this case
was held in Charlotte April 6
through April 9 before Examiner
James Keith. More than one
hundred witnesses were heard
representing various cities in
Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia,
South Carolina, and North Caro
lina. Hearings in this case will
resume before the Examiner
April 27 in Washington.
Cincinnati/Detriot Case
Our application proposing ex
tension of our routes from Cin
cinnati and Columbus to Detriot
via Dayton and Toledo has been
consolidated in this proceeding.
Direct exhibits are to be ex
changed May 11, 1959, rebuttal
exhibits June 1, hearing schedul
ed to begin June 15. This case
has been reassigned from Ex
aminer Madden to Examiner
Paul N. Pfeiffer.
Exemption Request
We are still awaiting the
Board’s decision in connection
with our request to operate the
portion of Capital’s Route 51 be
tween Norfolk and Knoxville.
A decision in this matter may
be expected within the month.
We have also reapplied for ex
tension of the exemption author
ity which permits us to operate
through-plane service between
Winston-Salem and Washington.
The original exemption authority
granted by the Board was for a
six-month period, which will
expire the middle of May.
Shows Success
Revenue passenger traffic for
the first quarter of 1959 is up
25% above the same period last
year. During January the in
crease was 14.56%, February
|23.26%, March 37%. As most of
jjau lio douDL realize, i'ebruary,
[1959, was the first month during
which we operated F-27 flights
without the existence of one or
more airline strikes and for this
reason, we felt that any F-27
traffic data prior to that month
might be distorted. During Feb
ruary an analysis of the flights
operated shows that the traffic
on these trips is up 41V2% over
the traffic carried on the same
flights with DC-3 equipment dur
ing February, 1958. We feel that
this is a most gratifying indica
tion of the public acceptance and
approval of the F-27.
Orld Congress Route Hearing In Charlotte
of the needs of that city and
called his first witness to the
stand. The witness was sworn
in and stated his name and
address. Prior to his taking the
stand, a written statement of
his testimony had been distri-
_ The progress and success of
B route cases are of vital con-
O cern to all of us. There are
m XI -j * . many steps involved in the
Mr. T. H. Davis, President of , , , ,,
actual procedure, but one of the
Piedmont, recently attended theUost interesting is the presenta-
“World Congress of Flight” inltion and evaluation of evidence
jLas Vegas, Nevada. The Worldjby cities and airline carriers atlbuted and, after being sworn in
Congress of Flight is a newl^^^ hearings. The first hearing I he was asked to adopt this state-
program sponsored by the Air f ^ase was'ment as submitted or to correct
held in Charlotte during the,it. After this routine procedure
week of April 6. At this hear- takes place, the airline attorneys
ing the cities involved in the are free to cross-examine the
case presented evidence support- witness on the basis of his sub-
ing their need for additional or mitted testimony. If there are
new air service. I no objections after the cross-
Piedmont participated recently
in a program aimed toward in
creasing our teacher’s under
standing of America’s economic
system. The Winston-Salem
Chamber of Commerce sponsor
ed a “Business-Education Week”
for Forsyth County and Winston-
Salem City teachers. The week
included visits at several com
munity business firms represent
ing productive, distributive and
service agencies.
As guests at Piedmont’s home
office, the groups were welcomed
by Mr. Northington, Vice Presi
dent, and were given material
and explanations as to Pied
mont’s history, place in the local
community and nation. After a
complete tour of our Winston-
Salem facilities, the educators
enjoyed a short flight and tea.
Force Association and various
other leading air organizations,
and is an endeavor to have an
annual “Showcase” of American
air power, both civic and mili
Over 5,000 people from all seg
ments of aviation attended the
program to witness the exhibits
and flight demonstrations and to
take part in the meetings and
forums. The display of aircraft
included: North America’s Space
ship X-15, different types of
missies, the latest transport ships
(F-27, Electra, and DC-8), and
all types of helicopters
Mr. Davis found the program
presented by the Flight Safety
Foundation to be of particular
benefit. Their program was cen
tered on the implementation of
new jet-powered airplanes in
airline fleets.
May 15:
F-27 Service
Beach Season.
IMay 15:
opens Myrtle
First “Fun-Pak” vacationers
will arrive at Virginia Beach
and Asheville. Advance reserva
tions indicate that this will be
Piedmont’s set package tour year.
June 1:
Inauguration of Morehead City
Since most of us do not have
a chance to attend these hear
ings, we believe a brief descrip
tion of what actually takes place
at these hearings will be interest
ing. This was the general order
of events at Charlotte:
The CAB Examiner, Mr. James
S. Keith, called the meeting to
order and introduced the at
torneys for the represented air
lines and cities. The attorney
for the first city to be heard
then made a general statement
examination has been completed,
the testimony is approved and
submitted as evidence in the re
There are, of course, the lighter
moments in the proceedings. In
Charlotte there was one parti
cularly interesting witness for
the city of Louisville, Ky. She
was Miss Susan Smith, Miss
Kentucky for 1958! Mr. Cecil
Beasley, Piedmont’s attorney was
quick to take advantage of the
Capt. Nicholson Serves
On FAA Committee
Piedmont’s chief pilot, Capt.
Frank G. Nicholson, was recent
ly appointed to serve on the
Airline Advisory Group of the
Research and Development Di
vision of the FAA.
Capt. Nicholson, the only local
service man named to the group,
will serve with six other mem
bers in an advisory capacity toj
aid the technical units of the
FAA in developing and mod
ernizing the national system of
navigation and traffic control
facilities for civil and military
The group members were
chosen as airline experts whose
varied experience will make
them valuable consultants. R. Q.
Quesada, Administrator of the
FAA, said that the group had
been appointed because, “in the
course of this effort we are mak
ing a serious attempt to include
the realities of life by obtain--
ing the active assistance of our'
commercial air fleets.” The group
See Committee — Page 2

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