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Piedmont Aviation, Inc.
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Bonnie Hauch, Editor
Austin Morrison, DCA; Ed Whittaker, ATL-O; Bill Evans, GSB;
Vern McCord, MBC; John Lawrence, BLF; Virg Flynn, PKB;
Mark Trail, CHO; LeRoy Benson, GSO; Frank Slone, RMT; Bob
Wylie, ORF-F; Jim Dallas, SHD; J. L. Thompson, RIC-F; Jan
Tuemler, CVG-R; Ray Campbell, CMH; Lamar Burnett, FLO-R;
Fred Classey, HKY; Ruth Shumate, CRW; J. P. Wheeler, RDU;
John Morris, BAL.
It seems we are breaking more records than a berserk disc
jockey these days. Friday, October 23, a record breaker for single
day boardings — 4170. Sunday, October 25, a record breaker —
most passengers boarded on any previous Sunday. Also. Friday,
the 23rd, DCA broke a record — 735 boarded. I can remember
when that was a good day system-wide. CRW looks good for a
record breaker with 3000 possible. There are many others too
numerous to mention. But the real long playing record to be
broken is the 100,000 for the month, and by the time this reaches
you, I am sure we will have smashed it to piece.s.
The ATL Incentive Party was a big success. In addition to
all personnel attending, we had an uninvited guest that night—
Hurricane Isabell, but she didn’t dampen our spirits. At this
time, I would like to thank Don "Edmondson and his crew at
ATL-CTO for their part in helping ATL win.
We’re changing the name of Ken Ross to KING ROSS, as he
is living like one these days — each morning when he arrives
for work, there is a cup of hot coffee setting on his desk — and
it’s not his secretary either!
I hope you voted November 3, and that your candidate won,
Sheri Folger is on vacation out in Montana, and I hear by the
grapevine that he shot another antelope when it got caught in
a barbed wire fence. He actually didn’t shoot the animal, but it
died of fright when it saw Folger.
INSTALLMENTS — Dolling up on a dollar down.
HORSE SENSE — That sense that a horse has which a
.iackass can never acquire.
She is the kind of a girl you would like to bring home to
mother if you could trust father.
I want you to know of the ap
preciation I have for the accom
modating team you have at the
Asheville Airport and the man
ner in which they give person
alized service beyond the “call
of duty.”
Last Wednesday, the lf)th, I
called in the afternoon to check
the chances of a seat on Flight
106 for a C-3 pass holder. I was
told the chances were favorable
at that time, and that Wednes
days ordinarily were good days
for pass riders. I did not call
again but went to the airport,
a distance of 18 miles from my
house, to board the plane. Some
thing had occurred which caused
Flight 196 to be completely fill
ed, so I was eliminated that
night. Both Mr. Gentry and the
blonde young lady, whose name
I did not get, were so pleasant.
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Music Is Strictly A Hobby
\)\Km TO Ma \dU\TKVCtK.
\ "ORF
“. . . caught a ride with a
trucker just this morning . .
one is likely to hear over WPEG
Radio in Winston-Salem almost
any Saturday morning around
9:30. And it is Piedmont’s Reid
Cook who’s likely to be singing.
Cook, who is foreman at INT’s
maintenance base has been a
member of the Piedmont Enter
tainers for 2% years.
The group has a half-hour ra
dio show each Saturday morning
playing what Cook terms “mod
ern country music , , . you know.
Grand Ole’ Opry style.” Reid is
MC for the band in addition to
singing tenor and playing rythm
Last summer, a degree of fame
came to the Piedmont Entertain
ers when “Little Joe,” written by
Reid Cook, first came over the
radio. Response was so great
that the Entertainers made a re
cording of “Little Joe." The song,
which concerns a truck driver,
drew over 1000 requests, setting
a record at WPEG.
For Cook, it all began with a
band he and his four brothers
organized. The brothers were all
older than he, and Reid had to
learn to play in order to “be
long.” Then, some fifteen years
ago. Cook and some other boys,
including George Hamilton, IV,
began an hour long T.V. show,
the Johnny Miller Jamboree.
Andy Griffith was their
guest star.
Cook quit the guitar soon aft
er that, and did not do any se
rious picking until he joined with
.he Piedmont Entertainers. In
addition to their radio show, the
band also plays for various pub
lic and private functions. Al
though their specialty is good
old rooster crowin’ country style,
the band is versatile and plays
popular and combo music too.
Cook says the variety “keeps
Reid Cook picks out a lively country tune -tor some friends at INT
things from getting in a rut. It's
fun to change.”
What does Cook's wife, Wilma,
who is secretary to R. E. Turbi-
ville, R. W. Kadlec, Ken Ross,
and Tom Cowen, INT, think of
all this? “It’s fine. I really enjoy
his playing,” she says. Mrs.
Cook used to attend most of the
functions where her husband en
tertained, but her attendance is
now limited by a teen-age
daughter, Sandra, and two active
sons. Lance, 7, wants to be a
drummer some day. Danny, 15,
is enthusiastic about learning to
play the guitar like his father.
“But,” says Reid, “all he wants
to play is rock n’ roll,”
The success of his first re
cording has encouraged Reid to
write an answer to “Little Joe,’'
Neverthless, although RCA is
currently holding “Little Joe’'
and two other records for release
at an opportune time. Cook plans
no future in show business. Mu
sic is strictly a hobby with him.
Jerrie Cox, AVL 16
Iris Gillikin, CLN-JAMTO 16
Cynthia Modlin, Stewardess,
■ ATL 16
R. P. Hartsell, INT 17
D. G. Brown, INT 17
W. N. Horn, INT 17
C. E. Joyner, INT-M 17
Linda Mellons, Stewardess, ATL ..17
B. J. Parker, F/0, TYS 17
Dottie Rothroclc, INT-M 17
J. A. Seats, INT-FB 17
J. E. Webster, INT 17
Marv Eaton, SDF 18
D, A. Griffin, INT 18
F. R. Pilley, Sr., ORF 18
Patricia Robertson, DCA 18
R. D. Gordon, INT-FB 19
W. L. Jett, Sta. Mgr., DAN 19
D. E. Berry, GSB 20
E. D. Clement, Div. Chief
Pilot, INT 20
Carol Hewett, Stewardess, INT 20
R, I„ Moser, SDF 20
J, 1/, Paschal, INT-M 20
J. L. Willes, Div. Chief
Pilot, ILM 20
X. A. Coiner, City Sales
Mgr., RDU 21
P. R. Gustafson, CMH 21
Faye Hiitsenpiller, DCA 22
C. N. King, INT-M 22
Sue Self, INT-E 22
A. .M. Whittaker, Sta. Mgr.. ORF 22
A. A. Mabe, INT 23
K. W. May, LYH 23
B. E. Parrish, Sta. Mgr., ATIy 23
E. C. Sample, Jr., ECG ....23
J. E. Way, PHF 23
P. R. White, INT 23
K. L. Wood, RCA 23
C. T. Ayers, INT 24
J. L. Baker, INT 24
J. M. Bruton, ILM 25
J. G. Conatzer, INT-A 25
J. W, Norman, INT-M 25
W. H, Poindexter, INT 25
C. B. Rehder, Jr., Capt., ILM 25
R. C. Dampier, INT-M ?6
Sandra Johnson, CVG 26
Janice Kinney, INT 26
H. P. Van Horn, F/0, DCA 26
B. A. Wolff, INT 26
Everybody’s Money
by Freda Zappia
Your credit union is happy to announce
the opening of a Junior Savings Account.
Many of us today find it extremely difficult to save money.
One of the basic reasons is that we have never developed the
savings habit.
Our young years are our habit forming years. For this reason
your Credit Union is announcing its Junior Savings Plan. If your
children are taught the savings habit today, it will help them
greatly in planning their financial future. At this point we are
not speaking of large amounts of money, but rather of saving a
portion of what is received for future use. This could mean a
portion of an allowance, part of a paper route income or baby
sitting income.
A Pass Book will be sent to all children who currently have
accounts with our Credit Union. All parents, who children are
not currently saving money, are urgerl to contact the Credit
accounts with our Credit Union, All parents, whose children are
coimts will earn the same big dividend as your own account.
Remember as Ben Franklin said, “,A ppnny .siivpd is a i>enny
A, M. DavLs, CLT 27
W, D, Love, PSI-C 27
J, B, Snyder, INT-M 27
J, Booker, INT 28
B, A, Golden, INT 28
J. L, Hester, INT-FB 28
R, H. Kitchen, INT-F 28
J. S. Faucette, DCA 29
T. R. Cowen, Dir.-Res. and
Ticketing Services, INT L..30
C. E. Culler, INT-FB 30
J. L. Flowers, INT-FB 30
R. W. Kelley, RCA 30
D. H. Lyle, TRI '. 30
J. A. Nemeroff, Sales, CPA 30
J. L. Richardson, F/0, ORF 30
Mary Fairchild, INT-A 31
W. .1. Forcum, Jr.. INT-A 31
A. H. Holland, Asst.
Purchasing Agt., INT-P 31
J. M. Blackwood, Jr., ROA 1
I.. E. Cottrell, Capt., ATL 1
J. H. Craig, F/O, ILM 1
J. R. Rohling, CVG-F 1
N. G. Smith, INT 1
J. L. Tate, F/O, ATI, 1
J. M. Tingler, ROA 1
J. K. Combs, F/O, INT 2
G. N. Irwin, F/O, ATL 2
A. A. Lenderman, INT 2
('. B. Nutt, Di\^ Sta.
Supv., RDU 2
H. .T. Rowe, MBC 2
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