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APRIL, 1966
Board Declares
Fourth Semiannual
Cash Dividend
Another cash dividend was de
clared April 20th by the Board
of Directors of Piedmont Avia
tion, Inc., at the Board’s annual
meeting held in Winston-Salem.
The dividend, amounting to 10
:;ents per share on the com-
^pany’s common stock, is to be
paid June 1 to shareholders of
record on May 16. This marks
the fourth consecutive semi-an
nual cash dividend declared by
Report to Stockholders
Preceding the Directors’ meet
ing was the annual meeting of
the company’s stockholders,
where President T. H. Davis out
lined the company’s progress in
1965, which he labeled an un
usually gratifying year from
every standpoint. He listed ne-
earnings of $1,703,770, or 94 cents
per share, for 1965, and he at
tributed much of the success of
the company to the loyalty and
interest of its stockholders.
Mr. Davis also reported that
the unaudited net income from
operations for the first quarter
of 1966 was $256,274 as compar
ed to $244,210 for the same quar
ter last year. The earnings from
operations for the first quarter
in each year amounted tO' 14
cents per share based on the out
standing shares at the end of
each period. Retroactive adjust
ment for 1961 public service reve
nue and related tax effect was
recorded as a special debit re
ducing first quarter earnings by
$123,280 pursuant to the profit-
sharing provisions of the sub
sidy Class Rate. The net earn
ings for the 1966 quarter after
the special debit were $132,994.
Increases Noted
Revenue passenger miles for
the quarter increased to 74,234,-
000 from 57,615,000 a year ago, a
gain of 29 per cent over the first
quarter of 1965.
, Also at the Directors’ meeting,
all of Piedmont’s officers were
Directors re-elected by the
Order Placed For 10 FH-227B Aircraft
Piedmont Airlines has an
nounced the purchase of ten new
Fairchild Hiller FH-227B twin-
propjet airliners.
The announcement was made
by President T. H. Davis at the
annual meeting held April 20th
of the company’s stockholders.
“Selection of the FH-227B fol
lows many months of aircraft
evaluation to determine the best
aircraft available to complement
Piedmont’s fleet of six Boeing
737 jetliners ordered in January
and provide better and more effi
cient service to the many moder
ate size communities on our sys
tem,” commented Davis.
Traditionally Dependable
“The FH-227B, following in the
tradition of the dependable F-27,
also built by Fairchild and serv
ing us so well since 1958, is ideal
ly suited for the airport and
traffic requirements in these
smaller communities.”
The FH-227B, similar in ap
pearance to Piedmont’s present
F-27 propjet airplane of which
eight are now in the airline’s
fleet, will be six feet longer than
providing cabin heating and air-
conditioning on the ground as
well as in the air and permitting
the aircraft to start engines with
out exterior power, instrumenta
tion for low landing minimums,
an advanced cabin pressurization
system enabling sea level pres
sure to 12,000 feet of altitude,
larger propellers, and a 15 per
cent increase in useful load over
the regular FH-227. Cruising
speed of the FH-227B is 300 miles
per hour. Like the F-27, the FH-
227B has a high wing design,
enabling every passenger to have
stockholders were: President
Davis; Vice Presidents Brown,
Saunders, Fare, and Northington;
Bowman Gray, E. L. Davis, Jr.,
Charles E. Norfleet, E. L. Davis,
Sr., and John F. Watlington, all
of Winston-Salem; Glen E. An
derson of Raleigh; Frank Dowd,
Sr., of Charlotte; and Ralph W.
Gardner of Shelby.
Stockholders pictured at the recent annual meeting are, from left, Egbert
Davis, Sr., Deems Clifton of Clinton, North Carolina and Mrs. Bynum
Shaw of Winston-Salem, N. C.
Special Version
“The new version incorporates
many designs and performance
improvements resulting from
Piedmont and Fairchild Hiller
collaboration during the past
several months resulting in the
‘B’ model designation. Structure
has been strengthened to permit
higher gross weight,and payload
capability, speed and climb per
formance has been improved,
and its ability to operate at small
airports with full load is much
greater than the earlier model.”
Other features of the new air
plane listed by Saunders include
a built-in auxiliary power unit
an unobstructed view from his
window. The high wing and re
sulting lower fuselage also per
mit rapid passenger and cargo
loading at intermediate stops.
Fairchild Hiller's propjet FH-227B is shown here as it will look with Piedmont markings.
its predecessor and will have 44-
passenger seating arrangement.
The new airplane will be power
ed by two Rolls-Royce engines,
each rated at 2050 horsepower
with 525 pounds of additional
jet thrust. Gross weight of the
aircraft will be 45,000 pounds.
Vice President H. K. Saunders
pointed out that “the FH-227B
represents a still more capable
version of the FH-227 which was
introduced by Fairchild Hiller
last year.
Fairchild Comments
James T. Dresher, senior vice
president and general manager
of Fairchild Hiller’s Transport
Group, in responding to Pied
mont’s purchase announcement,
stated that “the FH-227B, the
latest in Fairchild Hiller’s family
of transport aircraft tailored to
the needs of growing regional
airlines, brings jet age service
to smaller communities. We sa
lute Piedmont on this significant
forward step and we expect the
FH-227B to be the perfect com
panion airplane to the jets order
ed earlier by Piedmont.”
Piedmont’s purchase, repre
senting a total investment of
$14,000,000, brings to 66 the num
ber of transport aircraft ordered
so far this year from Fairchild
Hiller, based in Hagerstown,
Delivery Date
The first FH-227B will be de
livered in December of this year
Vital Statistics
Of Piedmont's
New FH - 227B
The following statistical table
is a composite Fact and Figure
sheet on the recently ordered
FH-227 B.
Seat Configuration 44
Cabin Width: 8' 4Vi"
Cabin Height: 6' 8"
Lavatories: 1, rear
Galley; 1 rear
Passenger Loading: Rear, left
Wing Span: 95' 2"
Length: 83' 2"
Gross Weight: 45,500
Maximum Payload: 13,400
Cargo Capacity: 3,750 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 1,364 usable gallons
Engine: Rolls Royce, Wing mounted
Dart 7 MK. 532-7
Shaft Horsepower: 2,050 525 lbs.
Cruise Speed: 300 mph @ 20,000
Nominal Design Gross Weight:
45.500 lbs.
Maximum Flight Gross Weight:
45.500 lbs.
Maximum Taxi Gross Weight:
45,700 lbs.
Maximum Landing Weight: 45,000
Zero Fuel Weight: 41,000 lbs.
Operating Weight Empty: 27,622
and it is expected that all ten of
the airplanes will be a part of
the company’s fleet by August
of 1967. The company now has,
in addition to eight F-27’s, a fleet
of 29 Martin 404 aircraft.
“We are confident that the
FH-227B, based on our gratify
ing experience with the F-27’s,
will have even greater earning
capability, will provide improved
transportation to the communi
ties we serve, and will have wide
passenger acceptance as has the
F-27,” added President Davis.
Company Awards
Computer Contract
The company has awarded a
contract to the Univac Division
of the Sperry Rand Corporation
for a Univac 1004 Computer and
1001 Card Controller. The equip
ment is scheduled for delivery
on or about June 15.
The Univac card computer sys
tem will replace the IBM 407 and
609 equipment currently being
used. Studies leading to the selec
tion of the Univac computer
have been underway for approxi
mately eighteen months. The
company was assisted in this en
deavor by the Management Ser
vices Division of Ernst & Ernst.
Training began on April 26
for converting the data proces
sing operations to the Univac
equipment. It is estimated that
the conversion will be completed
around the middle of the year.

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