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VOL. XI, NO. 1
Walter A. Rollins
PR Director
Assumes Duties
At Home Office
Walter A. Rollins has been
named Director of Public Relations
for the Company. Rollins has as
sumed the responsibility for all
press relations, community rela
tions and public affairs activities.
His office is in the general office
building in Winston-Salem. He re
places former director—informa
tion services John Hogan who has
transferred to the Sales Depart
ment based in Atlanta.
Rollins is a veteran of over 20
years in the airline industry. Prior
to joining Piedmont, he w^as direc
tor of marketing for Frontier Air
lines in Denver. He was previously
vice president—marketing for Paci
fic Airlines on the West Coast, and
director of public relations and ad
vertising for Seaboard World Air
lines in New York.
A native of Dallas, Texas, Rol
lins attended Southern Methodist
University. He is a former mem
ber of the board of directors of the
Aviation/Space Writers Associa
tion. A sports enthusiast, both Rol
lins and his son have recently be
come interested in soaring, flying
powerless gliders as a hobby.
Mrs. Rollins and their son Mark,
will join him in Winston-Salem the
early part of the summer.
Pilot Robert Mishler and Larry Lee with the Ford Trimotor.
For Some
Old Plane Brings Back Memories
When someone mentioned the
other day that there was a grand
old three engine airplane down in
the corporate hangar at INT, we
didn’t get too excited. Our first
thought was that some prosperous
company somewhere probably had
a Boeing 727 in to be configured for
executive use, not that that
wouldn’t be exciting. It’s just that
we were busy at the time.
Later in the day we wandered
into the hangar on some now for
gotten errand we found a mon
strous conglomeration of metal
with three very recognizable en
gines. It obviously wasn’t a Boeing
But what other flying machine
has three engines? Not sure we
were ready to admit total ignor
ance, especially to such a knowl-
edgable audience as Piedmont’s
mechanics, phrasing a first ques
tion wasn’t easy.
Then someone pointed out a tall,
blonde gentleman with broad shoul
ders. They said he was the pilot.
We thought he looked awfully
young. Maybe he wouldn’t realize
how little we knew about an evi
dently very exciting airplane.
So we asked, “Is it hard to fly?”
“Well, you have to be strong,”
he admitted.
He went on to explain that the
controls are all manual. There are
Credit Union Has Annual Meeting
Declares Dividend, Elects Officers
the end of each year as directed by
Examiner Favors
Piedmont In
Chicago Case
The initial examiner’s decision
in t h e Piedmont Chicago Entry
Case recommends approval of
Piedmont’s application exactly as
filed by the Company.
In announcing the release of the
decision. Senior Vice President, C.
G. Brown, Jr. said, “We are
naturally delighted with this pro
gress in the Chicago case. 'This
route will provide urgently needed
single plane service from many of
the cities on Piedmont’s system
to Chicago. We hope it will be
possible for the Board to move
rapidly to finalize this action taken
by the examiner.”
Piedmont’s application requested
amendment of the certificate for
Route 87 to authorize service over
a new segment between Chicago,
Ashland-Huntington, beyond Ash-
The 20th annual meeting of the
Piedmont Aviation Credit Union
was held the latter part of January
in the general office cafeteria. Va
rious reports were given by the
Board of Directors and Credit
Union committees concerning the
activities during the past year.
Also at this meeting elections were
held to fill offices vacated on the
Board of Directors and the Credit
Directors Named
A. F. Long and G. E. Price were
re-elected to the Board of Direc
tors, Long is Vice President and
Price is Treasurer. Jim Taylor was
also elected to serve a two-year
term. Other members of the
Board include R. H. Reed, H. K.
Scott, Secretary, R. W. Kadlec and
J. M. Riggs.
Members of the Credit Commit
tee elected were Bob Griffin and
Frank Barnes who will serve with
W. H. Craver. Credit Committee
alternates elected were Mrs. Wil
ma Cook, Ken Whapham and
Wayne Pope.
The Piedmont Aviation Credit
Union has again declared a six per
cent dividend on savings accounts,
marking the eleventh consecutive
year that this rate has been paid.
Dividends are paid on savings at
no electric motors to pull the rud
der and ailerons, no hydraulic
equipment to take the place of
The pilot has to have the strength
to haul on those steel cables and
hold the plane steady as the winds
buffet it.
Airline pilots in the old days
were no weaklings, we decided, not
that we’d ever thought they were
of course.
This particular Ford Trimotor
flew 41 years for Pan American.
For 23,000 hours, it stayed in the
air, swooping down into air fields,
some of which weren’t much better
than pastures.
Its three Pratt and Whitney en
gines, each 450 horsepower, would
See TRIMOTOR Page Three
MARCH, 1969
Application Filed
For Service
To St. Louis
The Company has filed an ap
plication with the Civil Aeronautics
Board for extension of service west
to St. Louis, Missouri.
Improved Service
“Authorization to operate into St.
Louis, as proposed by Piedmont
Airlines, will mean vastly im
proved service to over 67,000 pas
sengers annually,” President Davis
said. “Many communities in North
Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee
will benefit with single plane and
more direct service for the first
year,” he added. He pointed out
that the proposed service will pro
vide jet service to St. Louis from
Louisville, Norfolk, Richmond,
Greensboro and Raleigh-Durham,
and single plane service for Roa
noke, Asheville, Knoxville, Charles
ton, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Fayette
ville, and Wilmington.
Case Consolidated
In an effort to expedite Board
consideration of Piedmont’s appli-'
cation, the airline concurrently
filed a request to have its applica
tion consolidated into a pending
case now before the Board.
The case now pending is as yet
unnamed. It was started by Ozark
Airlines. A number of technical
and legal procedures must be dealt
with before a date will be set for
the initial hearing in the case.
the board of directors. The divi
dend is computed on the balance
in each member’s account at the
end of the year based on the length
of time this balance has been on
Dividend Increases
The dividend paid on accounts
during 1968 amounted to $75,178.00
as compared to $65,604.00 during
1967, or a 15% increase. Members’
savings at the end of 1968 amounted
to $1,589,065.58 as compared to $1,-
369,884.08 at the beginning of the
year, or a 16% increase. Dividends
are credited to individual accounts.
A total of 371 new accounts were
added last year, bringing the total
number of accounts or members in
the Credit Union to 2,239. There
were 2,364 loans approved for
members totalling $3,100,903.00.
The interest rate on all loans has
been increased to six per cent.
The Piedmont Aviation Credit
Union is a co-operative employee’s
organization owned and operated
by the employees of Piedmont
Aviation, Inc. The cost of operating
the Credit Union is shared with
Piedmont Aviation, Inc. and is op
erated for the benefit of its mem
bers. The purpose of the Credit
Union is to provide a convenient
method for members to save
money and secure loans.
JUST IN CASE it isn't obvious at first glance, the purpose of this picture
is the "FLY PI" license plate. It belongs to General Sales Manager Sherl
Folger. If the girls, from left, Judy Clark, Carol Beeson and Dianne
Pfefferkorn rode along on the bumper there's little doubt about the
amount of attention that would be attracted. Several years ago the
State of North Carolina instituted a program of personalized license
plates. The “FLY PI" is Folger's new personalized advertising tor 1969.

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