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VOL. XI, NO. 5
New Uniforms
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St. Louis Requested
Round Up of Pending Route
Applications By Piedmont
Piedmont has filed an application with the Civil Aeronautics Board
for authority to operate non-stop service between St. Louis, Missouri
and Greensboro-High Point, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte, North
Carolina and Richmond, Virginia.
In support of this application the
impany proposed tlirough flights
ween St. Louis and Fayetteville,
orfolk and Newport News. Also,
dependent upon the granting of
authority at issue in the Southern
Route realignment Case, Piedmont
is proposing service between St.
Louis and Columbia and Charles
ton, South Carolina.
This proposal was requested to
be heard in conjunction with a
similar proposal by Eastern Air
Lines. It will be heard under Sub
part N of the Boards regulations,
which is an expedited procedure
for trunk carriers. Eastern is the
trunk carrier involved with Pied
mont in this case, which is still
in the initial stages. The concept
of service between the Piedmont
area and St. Louis was originally
developed by Piedmont in its pro
posal for an extension beyond
Louisville to St. Louis.
Southern Route Realignment
In the Southern Route Realign
ment Case Piedmont, along with
Delta and Southern Airways, has
asked for an extension of service
from Charlotte to Columbia and
Charleston, South Carolina. All the
procedures in this case have been
completed and the Board’s decision
is expected at any time.
Norfolk-New York Non-Stop
Another application currently on
file with the Board is Piedmont’s
request for authority to provide
non-stop service between Norfolk,
Virginia and New York City. This
particular application has been
consolidated with similar proposals
by Allegheny and Mohawk under
the Subpart M regulation. Subpart
M designates an expedited proce
dure as requested by local service
This service will entail extension
beyond Norfolk into the heart of
Piedmont’s system. The date for
the examiner’s hearing should be
set soon.
Norfolk-Baltimore Non-Stop
Piedmont has applied for non
stop authority between Norfolk and
Baltimore. In this request the Com
pany is proposing to overfly Wash
ington National Airport and go di
rectly into Baltimore. Such au
thority is especially desirable be
cause of the pressure of traffic
rowth being exerted on our ca-
lacity at Washington National.
Allegheny is also an applicant
in this case which will be heard
under the Subpart M rule. This
case, too, is still in its initial
Additional Service
In the Additional Service to Co
lumbia and Augusta Case Pied
mont is proposing to provide all
jet non-stop service between Co
lumbia and Augusta on the one
hand and Washington and New
York on the other hand.
The Examiner’s hearing was
completed in July with final briefs
to be filed the latter part of Sep
tember. Other applicants for this
service are Delta and Southern.
Eastern is presently the only car
rier with this authority.
N. C. Points Investigation
In the North Carolina Points
Case Piedmont is requesting
authority to provide non-stop ser
vice between Greensboro-H i g h
Point, Raleigh-Durham and Char
lotte, North Carolina and Chicago,
New York and Miami.
The Examiner’s briefs for this
case were filed this summer. The
Company is currently awaiting the
Examiner’s decision which is ex
pected in about a month.
A number of other carriers are
involved in this particular case.
Among the other local service car
riers are North Central, Southern
and Mohawk. The trunks are
Delta, Northeast, Northwest,
United and Eastern.
Piedmont’s proposal in this case
is predicated on the Company’s
ability to provide service beyond
the segments (city pairs) at issue.
For example, Piedmont proposed a
pattern of service between Miami,
Norfolk and Richmond via Raleigh-
Greenbrier Request
At the request of various Green
brier, West Virginia area parties
the Civil Aeronautics Board has
issued an order indicating they
will investigate the desirability
and feasability of certificating
Greenbrier as an additional point
on Piedmont’s system.
Chicago Delay Granted
The Board has just issued an
order, as requested by Piedmont,
authorizing delay of the inaugura
tion of service by Piedmont into
Chicago until December 1 this
year. The Piedmonitor will have
further details on Piedmont’s plans
for Chicago service as they are
Hearing Set October 2nd
Early in October the Virginia
State Corporation Commission will
hear a case where Piedmont is
requesting amendment of its intra
state certificate to include Dulles
(Chantilly, Virginia). Piedmont’s
present intra-state service between
Dulles and other points in Virginia
is being provided under temporary
authority pending the outcome of
this hearing.
Louisville-Washington Non-Stop
Another application recently filed
by Piedmont is a request for au
thority to provide non-stop service
between Louisville and Washing
ton, D. C. This application will be
heard in an investigation of the
need for an additional Louisville-
Washington non-stop carrier. The
investigation is still in the forma
tive stages and will be handled
under normal Board procedure. At
this point in the case the only car
rier applicants other than Pied
mont are Allegheny and Ozark.
Cincinnati Investigation
Piedmont is also an applicant in
the Atlanta-Detroit/Cleveland/Cin-
cinnati Investigation. The Company
is requesting authority to provide
non-stop service between Cincin
nati and Atlanta. This case is also
still in the initial stages with sev
eral trunk and local carriers pres
ently involved.
The Pacemaker
Is Customer's
New Publication
The first issue of a new publi
cation designed strictly for Pied
mont’s passengers is now in the
seat back pockets of all aircraft.
The Pacemaker is a monthly in
flight magazine.
Designed and produced by Color
Productions, Inc. of Nashville,
Tennessee, The Pacemaker fea
tures glossy four-color photographs
with stories of interest about dif
ferent points on Piedmont’s sys
The current September issue is
highlighted with detailed features
on Pinehurst and High Point, North
Carolina and a story on The Lore
and Lure of Lighthouses along the
Carolina and Georgia coasts.
The writing for The Pacemaker
is done primarily by professional
free lance writers. The Pacemaker
will be published the 26th of each
month and will distributed on the
Nixon Names
New Member
To The Board
President Richard Nixon has an
nounced the appointment of Secor
D. Browne as a Member of the
Civil Aeronautics Board and the in
tention to designate Mr. Browne,
subsequent to Senate confirmation
of the appointment, as CAB Chair
Browne has been Assistant Secre
tary for Research and Technology
of the Department of Transporta
tion since March, 1969.
A widely recognized authority on
transportation, particularly civil
aircraft and aircraft engineering,
he has been, as Assistant Secre
tary, the principal advisor to the
Secretary of Transportation for the
management of basic and applied
research and for the improved
utilization of scientific and techni
cal knowledge in the planning, de
velopment, operation and safety of
transportation systems. He has al
so assisted the Secretary in carry
ing out his responsibility as the
focal point of government-wide ac
tivity in aircraft noise abatement.
Prior to his Department of Trans
portation appointment, Mr. Browne
was a resident of Lincoln, Mass.,
and served as Associate Professor
of Air Transport at the Massachu
setts Institute o f Technology,
whose faculty he joined in 1958.
Before joining the Department
of Transportation, Browne also
was Vice President of the Inter
national Studies Division of Bolt
Beranek and Newman, Inc., a
Cambridge, Massachusetts re
search and development firm. He
was also President of Browne and
Shaw Company, Inc. of Waltham,
Massachusetts, a mechanical engi
neering firm.
Born in Chicago, Illinois on July
22, 1916, he was graduated from
Harvard College. He is fluent in
four foreign languages. He served
in the Army Air Corps during
World War II, enlisting as an
Aviation Cadet and returning to
inactive duty as a Major. He re
ceived two Presidential Unit Cita
tions, the Bronze Star Medal, and
eight battle Stars for service in
the European and North African
New Employee Benefits
Pass Polides
Are Revised
And Improved
The Company has announced sev
eral major changes in the Com
pany’s pass policies for employees.
The first of the new regulations
provides that all Piedmont em
ployees with ten or more years of
service, as of January 1, 1969, will
be issued term passes valid for
unlimited space available (Class
C) transportation over the Pied
mont system. This term pass will
be valid for a period not to exceed
three years and will be re-issued
Retired Employees
Retired employees will be grant
ed Class C space available trans
portation or reduced rate trans
portation privileges under the fol
lowing conditions: The employee
must attain normal or early re
tirement age; The employee must
be eligible to receive benefits un
der the provisions of the Com
pany’s retirement plan; The em
ployee must have been actively
employed by Piedmont until date
of actual retirement; Free and re
duced rate transportation priv
ileges provided by the issuance
of single trip passes or authoriza
tions, annual or term passes may
be withheld, suspended or revoked
at the discretion of the Company.
In the event an employee is re
tired due to disability prior to
reaching retirement age, he must
have had ten years service with
the Company in order to be con
sidered as an eligible retired em
ployee for free (Class C) and/or
reduced rate transportation pur
poses. All retired employees and
their spouse will be issued an an
nual space available (Class C)
pass, good for unlimited travel
over the system. Other members of
a retired employee’s family will be
issued space available trip passes
upon request. Eligible persons in
this category will be the same as
for active employees.
Widows and widowers of deceas
ed employees or of deceased re
tired employees, will be eligible for
free and reduced rate transporta
tion for one year following the
death of the employee or retired
employee, or until remarriage,
whichever may occur first.
These new policies have been
added to the Standard Practices
Manual. If you have any questions
please contact your supervisor.
Savings Bond Donors
Increase To 20.4%
The recent drive for U. S. Sav
ings Bonds involved all 3,071 em
ployees. Prior to this year’s cam
paign there were only 130 employ
ees or 4.3% buying bonds through
the payroll deduction plan.
At the end of the recent drive the
total employees signed up for
Bonds was up to 20.4% or 628.
The campaign itself was con
ducted by departments. Piedmont
Fabricators post an impressive
100% contributing. Several other
departments also had high per
centages as did a number of the
stations. If there were other 100%
groups please let us know.
All Employees
Insurance Plans
Are Broadened
After an extensive investigation
and analysis of different insurance
programs the Company has made
new arrangements for comprehen
sive medical plan to be under
written by the Aetna Life and
Casualty Company.
The Comprehensive Plan will
provide improved coverage for
employees and their dependents
(including all children to age 19,
or to age 23 if in school and solely
dependent upon employee).
The wide range of medical ex
penses covered by this plan include
payment of hospital charges for
room and board and miscellaneous
extras. Ward and semi-private ac
commodations are paid in full.
If a private room is used, the hos
pital’s average semi-private rate
plus $4 becomes a covered ex
$50 Deductible
After a $50 (or $150 per family)
deductible, “other” medical ex
penses such as physicians and
surgeons bills, private duty nurses,
prescription drugs, x-rays, labora
tory examinations and ambulance
service are reimbursed at 80%.
(Routine physical examinations
are not included).
Piedmont pays a substantial
portion of the cost. Employees con
tributions are made through month
ly payroll deductions. If you re
quest single coverage, you pay
$3.05 a month. If you insure your
self and your dependents, you pay
$7.50 a month.
Dependent Coverage
If your dependents are entitled to
benefits from any other plan pro
viding medical insurance on a
group basis, the benefits under
this plan may be reduced so that
your total benefits under all plans
are not more than your total ex
Payment for hospital expenses,
including emergency room acci
dent expenses, is 100% of the first
$1,000 in any calendar year for
room and board and other neces
sary hospital services for each
insured employee and dependent.
It covers 80% of any costs in ex
cess of $1,000 in any calendar year.
For surgical and other medical
expenses the plan pays 80% of all
Maternity coverage pays for
normal delivery (for all charges)
— $400.00. For a Caesarean or
Ectopic it pays $800.00 and $200.00
for miscarriage.
Your Medical Insurance as well
as your dependents’ Medical In
surance will cease upon termina
tion of employment. However, if
total disability then exists, and
you have not used up your Maxi
mum Benefit, Comprehensive Med
ical Benefits will continue, as long
as you are totally disabled for up
to 12 months following the date of
your termination.
Medical Conversion
If you terminate employment,
you may convert your Medical In
surance to an individual policy of
insurance of a kind then being
issued by the Aetna Life and
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