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AUGUST, 1970
ICAB To Review
Fare Proposals
For October 15
The Civil Aeronautics Board is
reviewing new domestic fare pro
posals, marked for October 15
effectiveness, filed by the trunk-
line and local service carriers.
The fare proposals have been
filed as a means of beginning a
process for establishing new
lawful fares to replace those held
invalid by the Court of Appeals
for the District of Columbia.
Complaints were due August
26, 1970, and replies to the com
plaints on September 3, 1970. The
Board’s review will determine
which, if any, of the proposed
fares will become effective Octo
ber 15, 1970.
Of the local service carriers.
Piedmont would maintain present
fares, as would three others, and
the remaining propose varying
structure changes which would
produce overall revenue increases.
In all instances- the fare plus tax
is rounded up to the next higher
The present domestic fare struc
ture will remain in effect to
October 15th while new lawful
fares are being established.
Piedmont Airlines has signed a letter of intent with Mutual
Computer Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Continental Airlines, to pro
vide an automated passenger name record system.
The system, called SHARES, for SHared Airline REservation Sys
tem, is based on the widely used and highly accepted IBM Pro
grammed Airline Reservation System (PARS).
The functions performed by
SHARES include maintenance and
display of both on-line and inter
line availabilities and schedules;
maintenance of flight inventories;
recording of passenger data; re
cording and verifying itinerary
data; filing, retrieving, modifying
passenger name records; mainten
ance and display of flight informa
tion; interline incoming teletype
name message processing; out
going interline teletype name mes
sage generation; schedule changes;
pre and post departure processing;
meal and beverage counts; auto
matic waitlist processing; dupli
cate booking control; agent train
ing and message switching.
This system will handle 1, 2, 3,
and 4 digit flight numbers, up to
999 flights excluding extra sec
tions, inventory/availability for 340
days, 255 cities, 100 other airlines
and 3-letter city codes.
Contractual negotiations between
Piedmont and Mutual Computer
Services should be completed by
mid-September. Plans are being
made to share the Continental cen
tral site computer with other
Piedmont’s cut over date should
be no later than April 1, 1971.
Airlines Lose $$
In First Half '70
The Air Transport Association
has reported that the U. S. sched
uled airlines recorded a net loss
of $73.2 million during the first half
of 1970, compared with a net loss
of $2.1 million in the same period
of 1969.
During the second quarter of
this year, the airlines posted a net
profit of $6.4 million, an 81% de
cline from the $33.9 million in
profit of the same period last year.
The nine local service airlines
reported a first half loss of $38.8
million, a slight increase from
their $33.9 million loss in the first
half of last year. The second quar
ter loss of the locals declined from
$14.2 million last year to $2.6 mil
lion this year.
A complete report on Piedmont’s
first half and second quarter fi
nancial statistics was in the July
issue of the Piedmonitor.
PI Employee Stock
Purchase Progress
To help you keep up with the
amount you pay for Piedmont
stock every month if you’re buy
ing it through payroll deduction
the Piedmonitor publishes this
periodic report of the number of
shares purchased, average price
per share and total investment in
the previous month.
Amount Invested . $5,217.74
Number of Full
Shares Purchased 852
Average Price Paid
Per Share . $ 6.12
■ IB! H
Code Is LWB
First Flight To Greenbrier
Will Be On September 15th
Piedmont has set September 15th as the date for the
inaugural of service to Greenbrier, West Virginia. This
route was recently given to Piedmont by the Civil Aero
nautics Board following their Service To Greenbrier In
A JOLLY GOOD IDEA with travel to Great Britain
SO;very much “in season" this year, Piedmont Air
lines' (I. to r.) Don Holiday, Sales Rep., Roanoke;
Marty Martinez, City Sales Manager, and O. E.
“Bud" Halsey, DSM, Washington try on for size an
English bowler hat and sample a BOAC VCIO seat.
With BOAC's Marty Tiemann, (Standing left). Sales
Officer, Washington, and Barry Ward, (right) asslst-
Piedmont’s initial schedule lists
four flights daily for service to the
Greenbrier Valley Airport which
is located four miles north of
t h e community o f Lewisburg,
West Virginia.
The first moring flight, 200, will
arrive Greenbrier at 8:47 a.m.
from Cincinnati and Charleston.
It will depart immediately for
Roanoke, Lynchburg, Richmond,
Newport News and Norfolk. Ex
cellent connections are available
at Roanoke for flights to Wash
ington, D.C.
Flight 951 westbound from Char
lotte, Greensboro and Roanoke
will land at Greenbrier at 11:22
a.m., departing thirteen minutes
later for Charleston, Parkersburg
and Columbus. This flight will
meet connections a t Roanoke
from Washington. D C
There will be another arrival at
8.12 p.m.. Flight 994, from Col
umbus and Charleston. This flight
will depart immediately f o r
Roanoke, Greensboro and Char
lotte, offering connections a t
Roanoke for Washington and New
The final evening flight, 200,
is scheduled to arrive Greenbrier
at 8:52 p.m. from Norfolk, New
port News, Richmond, Lynchburg
and Roanoke. It continues on to
Charleston, Huntington and Cincin
nati. Passengers from Washington
and New York will have good con
nections with this flight at Roan
Piedmont’s operation at Green
brier will be directed by Hot
Springs Manager Frank Woodruff.
Transferring to the new station as
agents are Mike Patterson of
Washington - National and Carl
Canterbury from Charleston, West
Virginia. The Chief Agent who
will be in charge locally is Allen
W. Ptrry of Charleston, W. Va.
The Greenbrier - While Sulphur
Springs - Lewisburg area is in
P(.‘iitio'/i!? City
Saies Manager Don Holliday.
Plans lor the inaugural cei'e-
monies are incomplete at this
Piedmont Awaits Board Action
Route cases involving Piedmont
that are currently before the
Board include applications filed by
the Company requesting suspension
of service at three different points
on the system.
In each case the Company re
quested permission for both im
mediate temporary suspension and
permanent deletion of service.
The New River Valley Airport
representatives have filed an an
swer to Piedmont’s request for the
temporary suspension of flights to
t h e Pulaski/Radford/Blacksburg
area. They objected to the Com
pany’s proposal.
No decision has been issued by
the Board on either the temporary
or permanent request for ending
service to that area.
Officials of Moore County, North
Carolina, have also objected to
Piedmont’s request for temporary
deletion of the normally seasonal
service to Southern Pines/Pine-
hurst/Aberdeen. The Board has
denied this request by the Com
pany but has taken no action on
Piedmont’s application for author
ity to permanently delete service
to this area of Eastern North
Elizabeth City has been granted
an extension of time, until the
end of August, for filing an an
swer to Piedmont’s request for a
temporary end of service to that
point. There has been no action on
the request for temporary or per
manent suspension ot service at
Elizabeth City.
All procedural steps have been
completed in the Columbia'
August a-Washington/New York
Case, the Norfolk-New York Non-
Stop Application and the St. Louis
Case. Final decisions by the Board
are the only missing links in these
CAB investigating Subsidy
ant to agency and interline manager, USA, the Pied-
mont/BOAC force joined together to “blitz" Virginia
travel agencies to promote travel to the UK via
Piedmont's five Virginia gateways: Charlottesville,
Staunton, Roanoke, Richmond, and Lynchburg. Pied
mont's Rolls-Royce powered FH-227 or YS-11 service
links with BOAC's daily Rolls-Royce powered VCIO
jetliner service to London from Dulles International.
In view of the depressed finan
cial position of the local service
carrier industry, the Civil Aero
nautics Board is investigating the
subsidy rate for the nine carriers.
By reopening the existing class
rate as of August 1, 1970, the
Board hopes to “affect a more
equitable distribution of subsidy
among the carriers.”
The Board said its staff has
completed an expedited review of
data submitted by the carriers
for the ongoing subsidy study and
the indications at this time point
to the need for additional subsidy
payments to the local service car
riers as a group.
The Board said: “Over the past
few years the local service indus
try as a whole has been in a
state of depressed earnings. Re
ported results indicate that the
operating break-even need of the
nine local service carriers for the
year ended March 31, 1970, ap
proximates $43 million. During
this same period the nine local
service carriers have received ap
proximately $34 million in subsidy
payments. Thus the disparity be-
(Continued on I’jitie Tlir(‘c)

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