North Carolina Newspapers

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
VffiEKLY TRAFFIC MEKORMDUM #6 August^., 194^
I, It has come to our attention that some of our agents have becora.e very careless
around the propellers of airplanes. Please always follow this golden rules
"Always make your approach and exit under the plane from the rear of the wing—
never from the front» Never walk near propellers even though they are station-
ary„ You never know when someone may hit the wrong button in the cockpit>'*
Please review ramp signaling procedures and follow them to the lettero Be sure
to use the five-finger signal before signaling the Captain to proceed from rampo
We have had several complaints that agents and crews have not been following thesi
procedures at all times.
Now, fellows, if you will follow the above, perhaps you will be able to eliminate
the airplane's pulling away from the ramp with the battery cart still hooked on„
(Only one case of this known.) If the above procedures are follov/ed, it vdll
also help to keep the airplane from taxiing away from the ramp with the station
manager still in the rear baggage compartments (Only one case of this known,)
- II. I have noticed that some stations are issuing a greater percentage of round-trip
tickets than others. I chose the word "issuing" purposely as I know some of you
fellows are selling round-trip tickets. Passengers do not, as a rule, take them
away from you. Selling round-trip tickets is one sure way of increasing your
station's revenue.
I am sure that you would be interested in not only knowing how your station is
doing but how the others are doing, also. It is requested, thereforej, that
after completing each 507, count the number of tickets issued and place this in
the upper right hand corner of the report. The number of round-trip tickets
will also be shown. Example; If you have issued 17 tickets, 4 of which are
round-brips, it would be shown in this manner—17/4. Let's all start this on
the 20th of this month, and from time to time, I will let you know how you are
doing through the Traffic Memorandums.
III. You are all receiving, or will receive in the near future, sales leads; and you
are reouested to contact or telephone these individuals or companies in an effort
to sell them a trip on Piedmont. Now, we all know that you fellows are busy most
of the time; however, I also know that you do have some spare time. If you will
use this to follovj' up on these Leads, I feel sure -that you will derive consider
able benefit from them. Also, please take the time to complete these leads with
the results of your efforts and return them to this office. We all want to know
whether or not they are paying off. Any suggestions that you have along these
lines will be appreciated.
IV. More claims and complaints re damaged baggage are coming in. Let us see if we
can't be a little more careful. Damaging a bag is not only expensive to us but,
in many instances, loses a passenger and a booster for Piedmont, I am asking
again that damaged baggage reports be made and sent to this office promptly with
as much information as you can give us»

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