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VJinston-Salem, North Carolina
>i£EKLY TRilFFIC i-'iEI40RANDUM #15 October 26. 194^
1. STATION PERSONNEL - You fellows who stayed on the job during the managers' meeting
seem to have done a swell job in keeping the airline operating. In fact, in looking
back over the record of those two days, I find that they were the best on-schedule
operation that we have had in some time; and you fellows put on a good amount of
traffic, too. Congratulations to all of you. It was a job well done. I wish we
could have had all station personnel here but, remember, there mil be more meetings
and maybe you will be coming along vidth the managers some day.
2. MANAGERS' I^EETING - Lots of ground was covered and many problems and suggestions were
taken up. Some were settled but many were left open for later solution and decision.
Please don't get impatient. Those left over will be handled as rapidly as possible.
The notes of the meeting are being transcribed and, when complete, all managers will
be furnished a copy with the request that they be gone over v^dth all station personnel,
3. FARE CHANGES - Effective December 1 the CHW-CVG fare will be $9.55 instead of $9.95 as
shown on your New Proposed Fare sheet. Also, the LEX-INT fare will be $20,70 instead
of $19.75 as shown. Please make these corrections on your sheet NOW.
4. PASSENGER TRAFFIC - Just can't resist this one--SOP is our No, 1 station for the first
21 days of this month in that they are the only station v/hich has boarded more passen
gers for the period than they did during the first 21 days of September. That is
mighty good going for the two "B»s"—Best and Bobbitt.
I must add that INT is out in front of GSO by 14 passengers for this 21-day period, A
comparison of the on-line revenue v/ill be interesting for this month. As the grape
vine has it, GSO is making quite a number of round-trip tickets available for their
passengers. Now, Tom, if you and your boys keep it up. I'll bet your passenger revenue
will be up even though the number of passengers is off,
5. LATE OPERATIONS - All managers iidll recall that I requested that each station keep a
record of passengers canceling their reservations account of late operations. This is
to remind you that this is important. This information will be invaluable in our
effort to keep the airline operating on schedule. Please make the reports each seven
days. As you know, this report is to start the 25th of this month,
6. DAMAGE TO AIR MAIL PARCEL POST - Both Air Mail Regional Superintendents have warned
that they are receiving too many complaints of Air Mail Parcel Post being damaged.
Damage to cut flowers is causing considerable concern. Be careful with this traffic.
Watch out for mail bags, too. Treat 'em gently, fellows,
7. TCA AIR FREIGHT AGREEtffiNT - Doubtless all stations have already received a letter from
TCA advising of a recent Air Freight Agreement which we made with them. Should you
have any inquiries in reference to rates or services of Trans-Canada, please request
the information from this office, I felt it advisable to maintain the Air Freight
Rules and Rate Tariff here instead of burdening each station v;ith a Tariff, Should we
find that the demand warrants, all stax-ions vdll be furnished mth the Tariff,
8. NAL MIAffl-KEY WliST FARE - Effective November 13, 1943, this fare vdll be $5.00 plus
tax, in either direction, routing via NAL direct.

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