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    New Requirement for graduation
Exam to be
by Carolyn Hazel
All juniors will be required to take and pass the English
Comprehensive Examination before they will be allowed to
The examination will be administered on Thursday, Nov. 16,
from 8 to 10 a.m., in the Henry Pfeiffer Science Assembly. Dur
ing this time all classes will be cancelled.
Students taking the test will be required to write a theme
from a list of general topics that will be provided for the test.
A minimum of four pages must be written, writing on alter
nate lines of the page and not writing on the back. The paper
must also contain at least four paragraphs.
On the day of the test, students must provide paper, pen and
a dictionary. After completing the test, papers will be folded
and student numbers placed on the outside of the papers. Stu
dents should not place their names on any part of their theme
because papers will be graded without the evaluators knowing
the identity of the authors.
At the end of the test, all papers will be collected and two
members of the English faculty will read each paper. The papers
will be graded on a “pass/fail” basis. If two instructors read a
paper and agree upon a grade, that grade will stand; but if they
should disagree, the theme will be read by a third instructor
and his or her opinion will decide the grade.
If a student should fail the exam, she will be required to
repeat the exam at the regularly scheduled time until she can
pass it. If a student should fail the test in her senior year, she
will not be allowed to graduate. At this point, it has not been
decided whether or not a make-up exam will be administered
second semester to those seniors who have failed the test for the
second time.
If a student should fail the exam, she can prepare herselt
for re-taking it by enrolling in English 217 or 218 (Advanced
English Composition) or by engaging in self-help through com
puter programs on writing skills.
Questions concerning the exam should be directed to the
English faculty. In order to help the junior class understand the
test, the English faculty will meet with all juniors on Thursday
evening, Nov. 9, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., in the Henry Pfeiffer Sci
ence Assembly.
Below is the guideline that will be used to grade each paper.
Evaluators will use the tally sheet below for grading the exam.
Students should study both of these very carefully.
Guidelines and tally sheet on P. 3.
^ ^ Greensboro; N. a
VOL XL, No. 3
Quality of health services questioned
_ . - , I onnV» Q C pVlPff"
by Marion Johnson
A major problem and concern
of Bennett students for several
years has been the quality of ser
vices rendered by the Health Cen
Until recently the health care
services have gone unchallenged.
But Teresa McCalla, a senior ISP-
advertising major from Bridge
port, Conn., feels that based on
her own experience its time for
Bennett students to fight for what
is theirs—good health care ser
Teresa’s experience began on
September 28. “I went down to
the infirmary for some medication
and advice on what I should do
for my illness,” said Teresa. “The
medicine given to me by Nurse
Commission organized to improve
communications skills of students
by Bernetta Hamilton
An increase in concern for the
improvement of communication
skills has led to the organization
of the Commission on the Devel
opment of Communication Skills.
The commission’s goal is to cen
tralize and upgrade the develop
ment of communications skills for
the total student body.
The following are their objec
1.) To improve the communica
tions skills of all students.
2.) To unify the college’s ap
proach to the development of
communications skills.
3.) To develop ways, means, and
atmosphere by which all faculty,
administration and staff might be
come sensitive to and aid with
the improvement of the communi
cations skills of all students.
4.) To improve instruction in
the Department of Communica
tions by determining the body of
knowledge to which every student
should be exposed.
5.) To improve methods of
measuring the mastery of com
munications skills.
6.) To experiment with the pilot
summer freshman program to de
termine its effect on the develop
ment of communications skills.
The commission members, ap
pointed by Dean Chelsea Tipton,
are Dr. Lynn Sadler, chairman of
the Department of Communica
tions and chairperson of the com
mission; Anne Gillespie, instruc
tor of English; and Wilhelmina
Gilbert, associate professor of
business and economics.
Working as resource people on
the commission are Dr. Isaac H.
Miller, Jr., president of the col
lege; Dr. Virginia Tucker, asso
ciate professor of English; Dr.
Georgie Latimer, associate profes
sor of English and Michael Gas-
peny, instructor of English.
Dr. Sadler said, “The main task
is to get all the faculty members
involved in helping students de
velop their communication skills.”
A&T Student Government Association
sponsors 'Aggie Essence' tiomecoming
by Deborah Tillman
“Aggie Essence: A Super
ior Quality” is the theme for
this weekend’s homecoming
activities sponsored by the
A&T Student Government As
Tonight’s show includes
Cameo, Mass Production, and
Green Ice. Funkadelic and the
Brides of Funkenstein are the
guests for tomorrow night’s
In addition to the shows,
the Aggie football team will
host the Morgan State Bears
tomorrow afternoon at 1:30
p.m. at Memorial Stadium.
Performances for tonight
and Saturday night are $4
with ID and $6 without ID.
Hayes made me sicker, so I went
back to the infirmary. Nurse
Hayes said the ill effect I was ex
periencing was due to bad eating
habits. She gave me some more
medicine and I went to my room.”
Teresa returned to the infirmary
and was treated by Nurse Alsie
Trammel this time. She was
given medication without Nurse
Trammel examining her records
before prescribing the medication.
On October 2, 3, 4 and 5, Teresa
went to the infirmary for an ex
amination to be administered by
Dr. Charles Frazier. However, on
those four days the doctor did not
show up during his designated
On October 7, Teresa entered
Cone Hospital. Upon examination
at the hospital it was discovered
that Teresa had pneumonia of the
left lobe.
According to Teresa, the doctor
on duty stated that anyone with
any type of medical education
could tell that Teresa was suffer
ing from serious congestion in her
lungs. He prescribed 500 mg. of
penicillin pills and Robitussin to
be taken every four hours.
Upon returning to campus Te-
reas moved into the infirmary and
finally saw Dr. Frazier on Oct. 9.
He did not administer any type
of examination or medication.
Teresa remained in the infirm
ary for five days at which time
she experienced a number of de
ficiencies in services rendered by
both Nurse Hayes and Nurse
Trammel. “Nurse Trammel acted
as if staying in the infirmary was
a luxury compared to staying in
a hospital,” said Teresa. “I feel
that as a person Nurse Trammel
is nice, but when the life of a
student is in question, niceness
cannot replace efficiency.”
In the recent Self-Study report
the section on the Health Center
states: “The nurse is in residence
and on twenty-four hour call.”
“This is not true,” said Teresa.
“The day before I went to the
hospital, I went to see Nurse
Trammel, late Sunday evening,
and she wasn’t in. Nor was there
a note saying where she could be
The self study also states: “De
partmental services such as chest
X-rays, immunizations, labora
tory work, and hospitalization are
arranged for by the Health Cen
Ellen Warren, a junior pre-med
major from Detroit, Michigan, was
recently released from L. Rich
ardson Hospital. She was referred
there for an operation by the
campus doctor, Dr. Frazier.
Upon entering her room, Ellen
noticed roaches scrambling across
the floor. Not only were there un
invited animal guests but there
were three elderly ladies in her
room also. Ellen said, “I am cov
ered by Blue Cross and Blue
Shield. This medical service cov
ers semi-private to private rooms.
I do not consider a four-bed room
as semi-private. The inefficiency
displayed at L. Richardson leads
me to wonder why it was recom
mended by Dr, Frazier to any stu
Ellen also said that “Nurse
Trammel wasn’t in the infirmary
the day before I went to the hos
pital. It was Sunday evening
around 4:30 or 5 p.m.”
Dr. Mattie Moss chats with parents during faculty-parent mini-conference period on Parents’ Weekejid.

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