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VOL XL, No. 9
Placement Center welcomes all students
by Deborah Tillman
Since the existence of the Place
ment Office and Cooperative Edu
cation, many students have found
successful employment before and
after graduation. Thelma Miller
serves as coordinator of the Career
Placement Center.
Through the Career Placement
Center, recruiters are invited to
the campus to interview seniors
for prospective employment.
Graduate school usually recruits
during the first semester whUe
businesses recruit highly during
the second semester. The bulk of
education recruiters is high also
during the second semester.
This school year, about 80% of
the seniors have responded weU
to recruitment efforts. However,
little participation comes from
the social science majors. Mrs.
Miller commented, “Often seniors
do not visit the Placement Center
to check on job vacancies. Many
times recruiters are unable to visit
the campus; therefore, they send
job vacancy notices and applica
tions and many seniors fail to in
quire about these positions.” Liter
ature is also placed outside of the
office to inform students of job
Among seniors who have al
ready received admittance to
graduate schools and offers for
employment are: Doris Davis,
Atlanta University; Kay Dolberry,
School of Law, Temple University,
and the University of Virginia;
Vanessa Bartley, Tulane Univer
sity; Belinda Foster, Ohio State
University; Joni Morman, Greens
boro Police Department; Marcelle
Miranda, School of Dentistry,
University of North Carolina—
Chapel Hill; Laureen Gay, Kittrel
Job Corps; Marian Johnson, Univ.
of Cincinnati Law School; and
Vanessa Lane, School of Medicine,
East Carolina University.
A major success story is that of
Karen Ferguson, chemistry major
from Charleston, South Carolina.
So far, Karen has interviewed
with twenty-two businesses on
campus, made ten trips for further
interviews, is considering seven
job offers, and has turned down
She is considering employment
with Dow Chemical, San Francis
co; Diamond Shamrock, Cleveland;
Proctor and Gamble, Cincinnati;
Polaroid, Boston; Dupont, Phila
delphia; Union Carbide, Oak
Ridge, Tennessee; and 3-M, St.
Paul. In addition, Karen has an
open invitation to rejoin the De
partment of Defense where she
was placed on a Co-op assignment.
“I stiU have not decided who I
wish to work for, but Proctor and
Gamble is high on my list;” stated
Recently the demand for chem
A ti "
r. «i It
Photo by Terrence Marable
SGA president elect Ellen Brinkley states her platform during campaign week.
Vice-president of the SGA will be Sharonlyn Jones.
Brinkley elected SGA president
by Deborah Tillman
Friendliness, frankness and
responsibility are characteris
tics of the newly elected Stu
dent Government Association
president Ellen Brinkley.
Hailing from Trenton, North
Carolina, Ellen is a junior
social welfare major who is
very active in campus organ
izations. She is a member of
the Social Welfare Club, Judi
cial Board, Delta Sigma Theta
Sorority, Inc.; resident as
sistant in Jones Hall, and
president of the Junior Class.
Ellen became interested in
running for SGA president
because she wanted to get in
volved in activities that can
make the campus better. “Ev
eryone wants changes but no
one ever runs for the offices
that help bring about
change,” stated Ellen. “At
first, I was the only candidate
for president but as I gained
more competition, I cam
paigned harder and prayed
for the best.”
In her new office, Ellen
cannot work effectively unless
she gains support from the
student body. “I am here to
represent all students,” com
mented Ellen.
She would like to see a bet
ter class attendance policy,
better facilities, a wider vari
ety in the cafeteria, and more
programs to enhance student
“I think that Ellen will
make a good president and I
hope that she can gain 100%
support from the student
body. We (the SGA officers)
plan to have a workshop to
train the new members,” stat
ed Debra Perkins, present
SGA president.
Ellen concluded, “Next year
will be a good year only if we
gain the support of the entire
student body.”
ists is high, but numbers of per
sons entering this field are low.
Karen tries to encourage science
majors to enter chemistry because
there is high financial reward in
technical science. “Bennett has a
well-equipped science department
for such a small school,” said
Although she plans to seek em
ployment upon graduation, Karen
by acquiring another B.S. degree
plans to continue her education
in engineering, thus preparing her
self to become a chemical
“During one of my interviews,
the recruiter stated that if he had
applications from two chemists
with similar qualifications and
one had Co-op experience and the
other didn’t, he would accept the
applicant with the Co-op experi
ence. As the first pre-Co-op stu
dent, I would like to see more
students venture into the program
because it is very beneficial to job
placement,” stated Karen.
Recently, more underclassmen
are inquiring about the Co-op
program and are gaining informa
tion about prospective placement.
Plans for a Career Day in the fall
are being made.
Mrs. Miller concluded, “We are
here to help the students. I hope
that more of them will visit our
office to see what we can offer.”
Photo by Terrence Marable
The Career Placement Center is a good place to start looking for a job.
views are arranged with recruiters on campus, like this one with senior
Lucinda Brunson.
New campus officers will assume responsibilities
by Debbie Hodges
“I’m looking forward to
working with Ellen and I hope
we can do a lot to better Ben
nett next year,” says Sharon
lyn Jones, newly elected SGA
vice-president for ’79-80. Al
though this is the first office
in the student senate that the
sophomore Early Childhood
major has held at B.C., she
expresses great enthuasiasm
and concern for her new du
Working with Sharonlyn
and Ellen Brinkley, the newly
elected SGA president, is
Sharon Sanders, newly elected
secretary, a sophomore ISP
communications student from
Washington, D. C. Sharon
held the office of parliamen
tarian during the ’18-19
school year. Taking Sharon’s
place as parliamentarian is
Shaun Echols, a sophomore
chemistry major from
Edwina Mitchell was elect
ed as the president of the
Student Union Board for ’79-
’80. The Board, is most noted
for its sponsorship of Thurs
day night’s Fun Nite and,
says Edwina, “I’m looking for
ward to the Board reaching
out into new and different
projects next year.”
Edwina is a sophomore
pharmacy student from Mary
Working with Edwina on
the Board is Venus Fallen, a
sophomore psychology major
from Yanceville, N. C. Sherryl
Larry, a freshman psychology
student from Chicago, 111.,
will be the Board’s secretary
and Ollie Sims, a junior bus
iness major from Winston-
Salem, N. C., will act as treas
urer. Veronica Dotson will be
the new parliamentarian. She
is a sophomore business ma
jor from N. Y.
“I hope the Council will be
more involved this year than
last,” says Pam Griffin, new
ly elected president of the
Interdormitory Council. Pam
is a Junior accounting major
from Laurens, S. C. Jackie
Ransom, a junior pre-med
major from Washington, D.C.
will be her vice-president.
Deborah Little, a freshman
communications major from
N. J. will be the Council’s sec
retary. Arlisia Lowe, a fresh
man electrical engineering
major from Greensboro will
be the Council’s parliamen
Crosby reigns as new Miss Bennett
by Barbara E. Jones
Kathy M. Crosby, a junior
early childhood education ma
jor from Charlotte, will begin
her reign as the second Miss
Bennett for the 1979-80 school
Kathy is an active member
of the Zeta Omicron Chapter
of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Inc. Kathy’s first attendant
is Patrice Vailes, a junior
clothing major from Wash
ington, D. C.
Kathy’s main goal for the
year is to improve sisterhood
on campus and to improve
campus life as a whole. Kathy
says, “I’ll pass this way but
once; if there’s anything I
should do then let me do it
now.” That relates to repre
senting Bennett College be
cause she feels that since she
will not be here all of her life,
she wants to fulfill all of her
obligations while she is here.
The members of the student
body wish Kathy and her at
tendant a successful reign for
the 1979-80 school year.
Photo by Terrence Marable
Kathy Crosby is the new Miss Bennett. Kathy is a junior early childhood
education major from Charlotte, North Carolina.

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