may. 1944 THE ECHO PAGE THREE News And Goaip From Our Various Departments Filter Plant News Well, here we are again—an- other month rolls by so quickly, . Everyone over here has J Victory garden, except H. Me- ... He would have one, if the girl would only say ... By the way, how did custa look from the Smokies, . . . J. Winget wants us to ®*Plain just what “crushing rocks” ^ anyway. (See April Echo) . . . vyell, "crushing rocks” is just hit- them with a ten-pound ham- I suppose ... Lathe W. knows fellow who sent for a “sure bug- lUer” for only ten cents. When it was two blocks of wood, Uh these directions: “Place bug ®tween blocks and press” . . . ft. Well, what can one expect for ® little? . . . This month, J. Win- s hobby is fish lures, and Oh, Mother, can he make them! Grass- oppers, worms, larvae and what you greet one on every cor- around here . . . Whatta life! j • • C. Aiken says the best way plant a garden is to throw out seed and let ’er go. He says, jjP I quote: “It’s a mighty poor L^nt that can’t out-grow a weed.” V, ® think that he is plain lazy . . . ”®ygh of this pitter patter . . . So long. Water Dog. ^^chine Room News By John, Goolsby MACHINE ROOM Paper maker knocked at the His f face was scarred and old ®^®od before the man of fate ®^niittance to the fold, ftat have you done?” St. Peter '.ij, ®sked 'ij® Sain admittance here?” ftave worked in the Machine (j J many and many a . Pearly gate was swung open v-Oj harp, ®ave had your taste of hell.” Unknown. Gets Big Hand At Moore General Hospital OFFICE BITS t}j many and many a year.’ Pearly gate was swung Peter touched the bell. 7® in,” he said, “ and choose th, ^eli. six of our boys are on Most the armed forces. chose this navy, and Japan once said they Soing to have half of the Kve • he nice to them and k^’ hut be damn sure it is I Attorn half. f4Voj..,^®termined to pass by his hojjjg ® tavern on his way down ^ approached it, he somewhat shaky, but after up courage he passed going about 50 Self: turned and said to him- Well done, John, my boy; and I will buy you a Supt., J. R. Denton, has from a well-earned vaca- h«a once more to Jersey ^ ^he hustle and bustle of world. you baseball fans are something if you don’t .these ball games they are jjitj^^ving. Ed White knocked Je triples and one home run Jid sw 1 12th. All of them benf manager, J. ® fii? ’ hack you can watch t W ^ \is V hoys, from you. Shown above is Miss Lucille Heffner whose singing was one of the highlights of the Ecusta performance at Moore General Hospital on May 11. She appeared in costume with the Mountain Music Makers in a special program of mountain music and also later in the program sang several of the current popular tunes accompanied by Mary Glass, pianist and John Eversman, violinist. Sparks And Flashes Again we greet you from the Power Department. Spring has ar rived and now Spring fever is raging among us, but don’t know of a case that is of a fatal nature. Obie Willingham has returned from his vacation and from the evidence he brought back, the bass are really biting in Lake Murray; but in spite of his in quiring don’t think he found out why the man was put off the street car . . . Pete Norwood is still wondering what caused his pipe stem to grow up. Honest Abe Hunter and Dorn really had a re union last week-end; think a great time was had by all . . . Smith got in a couple of days fishing at Lake Greenwood last week. He brought back fish but it is thought he bought them. Mathews has his quartet going now and from all advance reports we are going to be hearing lots from them from now on . . . “Booger” Lowry is serenely going his merry way; his only worry is how will he make his “A” book do him. Woody Allen’s wife has gone home for a vacation, also to show the folks theur little “Linda Sue” . . . Dutch Bruner missed a day last week; don’t know if his being seen the day before going toward Frozen Creek with a barrel has anything to do with his being absent or not . . . Mr. Galloway, Robert McCall and Clarence Brown took a trip fishing to Horse Pasture. They say they ate fish while gone ... It is almost the time of year for Clarence Allison to get lost, but he plans to take Daniels, Orr and Evans next time he goes into the cane brake to find him and bring him back. We are glad to welcome back J. R. Nash who has been off for some time . . . Leland George and fam ily recently had a visit in Florida. He thinks he covered the state pretty well . . . Coy Compton has fully recover ed from an attack of pneumonia and seems as good as new. Frank McCrary has started his annual spring fishing tales. We think it is a good idea to bring some evi dence of his powers as a fisher man ... Ed Sentell, if you like rabbits, can really supply your demands. He now has a large num ber on hand and is trying to buy more land for rabbit grazing. He hasn’t been able to get Jackson Holden to go in business with him so far. And that, Ladies and Gen tlemen, in words of Walter Win- chell winds up a “Power Journal” until next month at the very same time. So until then, just keep ’em rolling. June, the month of brides—looks as if Lucile Roberts pulled a fast one on a few people around here. Best wishes to you, “Lucy.” We know you want to stay with that Navy man of yours but we miss you here, too, so do hurry back as that room-mate of yours looks mighty lonesome without a shadow following her. Lilly and Ernest Burch report a nice trip to New York, so do the Shepherd sisters Wonder what all the attraction could be? Then there’s Sonya Col well who has left for the fair city. Carl Stephens is on vacation taking care of that new daughter at his house. Then there’s Jim Jones, who is getting into practice from the beginning. We understand that Jim has been spending his vaca tion walking the floor with that son. How about it, Jim? Ruth Lancaster leaves us for another job in Hendersonville. We will miss you Ruth and do come back to see us. This romance of “Pee Wee” Peden seemed to have come to an abrupt end. Lita Steppe seems to be a little more settled since she finally finished that wed ding dress and saw her roommate’s wedding successfully over. There’s an unusual gleam in “Kay” An derson’s eye; could it be from those five letters she received at once? Felicia Edwards and Gladys Burnette report a wonderful week end in Greensboro. Did Ruby Brookshire have to make all these girls envious of her husband? Johnnie Jackson carries her fa vorite picture nearest ,her heart, that being one Glover when he was three years old. Lucille Heff ner really made a hit over at Moore General Hospital. Reba Rus sell’s better half is now in Yuma, Arizona; those letters she’s getting are better known as “sugar bulle tins.” Pictures seem to be all the rage — there’s M. Carpenter, who received the latest from the South west Pacific. Soldier, sailor or marine? Let us in on it, “Mil.” Yours tir dew drops and June twines toward July. “Sniff and Snoof.” Finishing Touches I think we can be safe in saying that summer is on its way, con sidering the lobster red color of some of our gang.. We wish Charles C. and Charles Sitton, who are going into service, much luck and may they serve our country with the very best of their ability. Someone suggested purple and green as a good color combination for uniforms. Wonder where the idea came from. I’m sure A W.. or M. F. wouldn’t know. We suggest Manson H. should start on a career as a lawyer as he seems to make a very able attorney. He recently had the hon or of signing a document for a couple of clients. Did the “case” go over big, gals? After getting your crew cut, Clark, you can say you were caught in a “hair raid.” Most appropriate name “Half pint” for number two operator. A sure sign of spring is the blossoming of flowers in the girls curls. Annabel wears violets. Gene a pansy and Becky C. has sug- gester clover blossoms. With these little bits of news we leave you ’til next month.

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