The Brevard College Weekly Vol. I Brevard College, Brevard, North Carolina, Wednesday, September 25, 1935. No. 1 Greetings to the New Faculty Members Thk Clarion on behalf of the Sophomores extends cordial greet ings to the new members of the fac ulty who have come to the College this year —to Dean C. E. Buckner- Miss Marjorie Craig, Mr Dean W. Colvard, Miss Nina Gay Dolan, and Miss Charlotte Hatcher. We wel come you. We expect to be your friends, and we want to cooperate with you so that our work will be both pleasant and profitable. Religious Activities Brevard College was established as a Christian institution. Not only does it emphasize courses in relig ious education, but special efforts are made to build a college with a Christian atmosphere. Every student is permitted to at tend any church in town he prefers. On the campus Vesper services are held each Sunday evening at six o’clock. Also a mid-week service is held separately by the boys and girls on each Thursday evening at seven o’clock. Participation in these var ious student religious activities is encouraged. There is a special in vitation extended to all the new stu dents of Brevard College to enter into all of these activities. Chapel Services Each week day, except Saturday, services are held in the chapel at 10:15 A. M. Attendance is required of all students. It is worth ones while to attend these services even if attend ance was not required. It is the best half-hour in the day. President Col- trane will be in charge, and in his ab sence Vice-President Trowbridge. From time to time speakers and artists of various types are brought to the plat form, thereby the program being var ied and enriched. ( Dr. C. C. Weaver, pastor of Centra Methodist Church in Asheville, will be the speaker at our first chapel service Wednesday morning. Next Tuesday morning, October 1st, Rev. D. D. Holt, pastor of Wesley Heights Methodist Church in Char lotte, will be the speaker. Patronize our advertisers! They have made this issue of The Claeion possible by patronizing us. How to Register Registration for the fall quarter of Brevard College will begin Mon day, September 23, and continue through Tuesday, September 24. Classes will start Wednesday morn ing. The town students, both fresh men and sophomores, will register at nine o'clock Monday morning. Freshmen students who are living in the dormitories will be register at one o'clock Monday afternoon. Sophomore students will register at nine o’clock Tuesday morning. In case all freshmen students are not able to register Monday afternoon, they will permitter to register at eight o’clock Monday night. Upon reporting to the college for registration, the students will as semble in the auditorium for in struction as to the procedure. They will be expected to go from the au ditorium to the Business Manager’s office and pay their bills for the first c’j"rtfT. their.bill? havf^ hpprt paid, they will take their receipts to the library where they will be registered and classified. It is necessary that we have the full name of each student on all his records in our offices. You can ex pedite registration very materially if you will enter your full name on the blank which will be given you in the auditorium. Out of Bounds This does not mean that the stu dents of Brevard College are out of Dounds so far as conduct is concern ed. Certainly it does not apply to the faculty in that sense. It does mean that the college has gone out of rounds so far as the possibility of lousing all the students on the cam pus is concerned. Last year some students, other than those who lived at home or with relatives, found it necessary to seek living quarters off the cam pus. This year the ruling is that al students not living at home^or with relatives must live in the dormitor ies, or places under the supervision of the college, or approved by it. In order to accommodate the large num ber of applicants the following places have been secured: Virginia Lodge just west of the campus entrance will be used this winter as a dormitory for young women.' Miss Mira Binford will be in charge of both the home and the thirty-five girls. Meals are servec for those living here and for those rooming in Mr. Coltrane’s home. Between twelve and fifteen other young women will get room and board at the home of Mrs. Sledge on West Jordan Street opposite the Post Office. Ten of the young men will find accommodations at the home of Mrs. English just across the street from the graded school. Last year Mrs. English had several of the col lege girls her in home on South Gas ton Street. Rooms for twenty-five boys will provided by the Wallis House on East Main Street. They will get their meals at Mrs. Aiken’s. Mr. J. A. Carlisle will be in charge of this house. Department or Agriculture Now Being Organized V^ith t'"..') bc?'lnn’Ticj of the second year of Brevard College the farm and a department of agriculture are in the process of being organized. : During the summer ten boys have worked all or part time on the farm and grounds and have contributed materially toward an organization for efficient and scientific farming. All work is to be done by deserving students. The announcement has recently 3een made that, due to a very crowded schedule, no classes in ag riculture will be given the first quar ter. However, beginning with the winter quarter a course dealing with general principles and practices of dairying will be given. A herd of purebred Holstein-Friesian cows have been purchased and will be used both for laboratory study and for the production of milk for the boarding halls. In the spring quar ter a course dealing with the cult ural practices and general adapta tion of some of the common fielc crops will be given. Several young men have already indicated interest in studying agri culture, and arrangements will be made through the Dean’s Office for all those interested to choose this work as elective. All materials covered will be in line with similar agricultural courses given in North Carolina State College and other in stitutions of this type, and complete credit may be transfered to those schools. It is pluck rather than luck that brings success.^ Do You Want A College Paper? The headline of this article is in the form of a question because it is a question that the students of Brevard College must answer. The answer, whatever it may be, must be given without delay. Through the courtesy of the print er who agreed to print two issues of a college paper for just the advertis ing revenue of these issues, we are able to present you with this the first paper upon your arrival for the opening of the fall quarter. This copy shows the size and make up of the four page weekly paper. The matter found in this issue had of necessity to be for the most part an nouncements. It is the intention of those who have promoted the paper to make it a genuine newspaper covering all the college activities. During the summer quarter the temnorary staff whose nanies appear in the first column of the second page.was selected and arrangements made to start the paper. If you vote to continue the paper a permanent staff will be chosen, and you will re ceive the paper each Wednesday. The only way to vote to have the paper is to subscribe for it. It is necessary to have over three hun dred paid subscribers in order that the paper may be continued. Only two sources of revenue are open for financing the paper: subscriptions and advertising. The ‘ ‘Student Ac tivities Fee” provides a subsidy for the annual, but not for this paper. Besides, the only way to get The Clarion is to subscribe for it. Aft er next week there will be no more free copies. Your vote to continue the paper should be given right a- way so the staff and the printer will know what to expect. Without The Clarion you will not be able to keep up with all the things that go on in the college com munity. Everyone who was here realized the need of a paper for this reason. Also see to it that a copy of The Clarion goes to the home folks each week. They are vitally interested in everything that goes on here. Subscribe for them the same as for yourself. The price of The Clarion from September to June has been fixed at one dollar, delivered by carrier; or $1.25 if sent by mail. The differ ence in price is due to a high postal fee. Fill out the subscription blank on page 2 and hand it in at once. It will be a vote for the paper.

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