The Brevard College Weekly Vol. I Brevard College, Brevard, North Carolina, October 9, 1935. No. 3 Students VotejGLEE GLUB to Gontinue 1 ORGANIZING I he Glarion Last Friday at the assembly Miss Ethel Kerr, the Business Manager, made a plain statement conceaning the financial situation of the paper. She showed that, not enoungh sub scriptions by two thirds thad been received, and that The Clarion could not be continued under those condi tions. Tom Graham then presented a plan whereby the entire student body would be formed into clubs by the dormitories in which they live. The day students will form another club. Each of these clubs to have a leader who will distribute the pa pers and make collections. This plan enables the club members to get the paper for twenty-five cents a quarter. This plan was they discussed and on motion was unan imously adopted by a rising vote. The following club leaders have been appointed: Taylor Hall Ellis Frady West Hall Evelyn Cordell Ross Hall Frauk Penland Virginia Lodge Emma Martin Sledge House Emma Leape Town Hall J. J. Atkins English House Mitchell Faulkner Day Students Charlotte Patton With Miss Charlotte Hatcher in charge the Men and Women’s Glee Clubs are going to take a leading part in campus activities. Already, the girls are working on a selection. Miss Hatcher, our capable leader, has announced that an operetta and a concert are to be presented before Christmas. Anyone who is interested in join ing the Glee Clubs may have his 'tryout” this week. Mad ame Vet- What Is This? If you do notknow, you should get out and look around. We are glad to present on the left the print from a wood cut made by one of our gifted stu- bents, Mr. Summers Maugans. Mr. Maugans not only makes cuts on wood and linoleum, but he is also an artist in making pen draw ings. We hope to be able to use a good deal of Mr. Maugans work during the winter. A Magazine Proposed Miss Craig is anxious to have the class in creative writing publish some of their productions. The only way to assure this being done is to publish a magazine. It has been proposed that four or five issues of The Clarion be made magazine num bers. This will likely be done, but at present it is not sure. If this is done the first magazine number will be published in November. It will be printed on a better grade paper the pages being 6X9 inches. Such an arrangement would cartainly make The Clarion more attractive and valuable to all of us. Let us encourage this movement. Old Lady—Can’t you cheer your little brother up and stop his crying? Small Boy—No, he‘s just had five bananas, two hot dogs, and seven ice cream cones. tori Returns President Coltrane announced in Chapel that within a few weeks Brevard College will present a con cert featuring Madame Elda Vettori, famed Metropolitan opera singer. All students who heard Madame Vettori last year when she sang here agree that her marvelous per formance was one of the most en joyable events of the year. jAvon Players The Avon players will present ‘Othello” in the college auditorium Ion the 29th. This is certainly a treat that every student should en joy. The players are brought here by the cooperation of the College and the Brevard High School. Campus Notes Boys’ Opinion of the Girls’ Rat Week Happy” Severs: Very cute, but they could have looked better. Louis Williams: It was 0. K. Mitch Faulkner: It made the gidls look natural. Willis Turner: It was a lot of fun while it lasted. Tom Graham: I think that it was very ludicrous. Bud Gaston: It wasn’t as good as the boys’. “Batwing” Queen: Pretty mes sy looking bunch. Ernest Pruett: Not much of a rat week. Yesterday was President Col trane’s birthday. We extend to him our heartiest greetings. Sinclair Deal and John Council were visiting away from the College last Sunday. Mr. Deal was with Mr. Charles Stackhouse at Tryon, and Mr. Council with Messers Guy and Carol Crawford in Asheville. We are sorry that Miss Alice 1 Scott is leaving because of illness. She will be greatly missed. We wish for her a speedy recovery. Monday evening Boyce Helms was taken to the hospital for an ap pendix operation. We hope that he will soon recover and be with us 1 again. Two attractive assistants: Miss Edith Beard, enthusiastic over her biological duties. Miss Louise Ward may be seen industriously dusting the shelves in the chemistry labora tory. [Girls’ Opinion of the Boys’ Rat Week Rachel Orr: A little bit of lip. I stick and a little bit of paint makes 1 a boy that’s ugly look as if he ain’t. Vivian Moore: I think the fresh men boys are cute. Why don’t they wear make-up all the time? Ida Whisnant: I think it’s being properly enforced, I heard several rats confess that they know now why a girl is always late. It takes a heap of time to get beautiful. Ruth Coltrane: Boys, here is a 1 hint to you. All the girls think you I are handsomer with lots of make-up; so take my advice and continue your I facial treatment! Luck to you! Sara King: If you want to know how cold it is, just ask a freshman with pants leg rolled up. Continued from previovs column. A few girls at Virginia Lodge, [perhaps, would be interested in knowing that Mr. Dendy is a mem_ jber of the faculty, and not a mere freshman. Freshmen are having a time try ing to get organized. Last week they elected officers, but some of them kicked about it. Yesterday [they held a meeting under the supervision of Dean Buckner and decided to hold another election. We go to press before the results of I the second election is known. We recommend that Ferrell Young 1 be appointed to fix the moon. “Little’' Audrey has a hard time getting enough to eat in the dining room. The waiter at his table has 1 to borrow around to get something to fill the boy. Mrs. Trammel says that she is going to start a faculty German class with Mr. Buckner and Mr. Cathey as promising pupils. Some of the boys I and girls would like to listen in on one of these classes.

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