The Brevard College Weekly Vol. I .. ; ’ -,1V . :6revard College, .Brevard, North Carolina, December 13, 1935. Taylor. HalKs of the Ghristmas What could,be-greater in the mind of, a Brevard Cojiege student than the thought o.f the 19th of December? , It is the end of exams for the first quar* ter of the school' year and the begiii-^ ning of the Christmas holidays. It is triiie that this “great - dismal swamp’ known as final exams is still before us, -but with thft jiappy realization of our homes And Ipved ones on the other side.1 we should ,do our best, to cms trium phantly this swamp and bring joy to our families as a Christmas gift. Those pf us ^ho have been awake I previously done. an,dhave carefully^trained for the past Our hope^is that ill the young men three paonths will have no trpuble in I in Taylor Hall will choose to make overconiing §and pi^s., Those of usj every hour of their vacation count for who have been a little negligent,, and something worth while, but our hop^ who will probably sink in this, are not ^vill not be realized unless «very boy total failures. V There will:be , another in,oUr group guards his actions;with caupe, and, with a grim deter^ the greatest of care, to be victorious we can redeem our- The “Bull-Session” other by fanciful exaggeraljcin. They , are willing to , accept , the other’s ^ story merely for a chance to tell. ,r Jigger one. Bvery^topic from cur-! ; r^pt events to predestination is ^ jrpught up. A disqussion of girls ’ is excluded since the true buU s|ii- . sion was originally : designed for stags. , Two irooms have been set aside, for theise Session^, Kibler’s and Fox’s. .. Very little studying is done in these rooms. The occupants when study ing is necessary, go to the library or oclt the. door,.,-;, When tlje^e the query is, “study or bull”? The answer jnust be!‘‘study” c(r,elSe no admittance ' Take the “bull session’’ away from the boys of T^ylpr Hall, and you take their pleasure, recreation, means of enlighteninent, and know ledge of liuman natiire; llere’s to more I'bull sessions”, the spice of late momient ,we| serious and make We should do our selye's. ,At this ^uld at least be this week^ count, best. After exams are over and we ,are in our homes again, we' should do our I Dear Shafer, what brought Fate to , best to show to the people of our end your call? , communitjr that we have reaped bene-1 What caused the To Shafer By Arney'Fox to fits in ‘ Brevard College.' We should not in any respect place ourselves too high in our own'esteem. We are not in school to gain for ourselves high social distinction among our friends, but wie are ih'fechool to prepare our' selyes for service in our own commu nities ; and the Christmas holidays is the tiine to begin. Oiir vacation can j be spent profitably if w6 choose to spend it thus. hammer hard fait and crush ^ All hearts that in your sphere did come? We brush Away a burning tear; our spirits fall To deep dejection like a silken shawl That puts away the day. The sing ing thrush Stops listlessly his song; then sad notes rush Him on his way. Much grief C(>mes to apall After 'a period of three ' months ' ini very souls, and.. never shall we flchool, we need a change in our work. find The holidays are just the thing that IA way to overcome this night that we need; we cap. get our minds away dulls from hard arid fast rules of studying. I The somber span upon earth s plane. If we choose to do so, we can get a I Your kind, littl6 rest, arid therefote we will be I Soft way, we all have missed; each able to resume, .qur work in January I heart-throb mulls with a much greater interest. Wei you. Sad should return to Brevard with a re freshed look on our faces, and with a smile that will cheer qjur enemies. We should return ^th ^ feeling that our Christmas holidays have been spent profitably. We should return with a determination to - do a tvoe of work hearts though brave, unwind The scroll that proves Fate void - time only gulls. 1 that is just a little higher than that Year. The Clarion'wi.shes each of you Merry Christmas arid A Happj' New Much has been said this year anc abPut the . inforipal “bull ses sion.” Some of the boys of Taylor Hall favor it; some disapprove of it some do not knovy^ what it is. It is hard thing to define. Hit. Wil lams, Dean of Men, came closest to d#ning it when he said it was man’s way of getting by. It is that and piore. It is one of the few pleasures in, which the boys of Tay or Hall indulge, and these bull ses sions are not. only entertaining aric uplifting but offer opportunity for freshness of ideas and quickening of the wits. Now^a little personal touch might add vivacity to the subject. Exalt ed and mighty on his throne sits verett Kibler, undeniably the fore most leader of more and better, bet ter buir sessions. He is ever at hand for one, and nothing delights him' more'than to have a good bed, four or five boys in his room, and a drift in conversation toward his liking. Next in importance comes Arney Fox, who delights in these meetings but insists on some study. Other masters of the art are J. R. Burton, John Reynolds, -D. R. Styles, Gilr bert Smith, Willis Turner, and Bill Ferguson. These boys are all soph-, omores; arid, having given much of their time last year to bull sessions, they are now experts in this line. The bull session serves a two-fold purpose: it is a means of recreation, and it offers opportunity for passing a test. Some one mentions a sub ject; and then all members join in a college boy’s llfej for after all, ^ in later yeairs,will herremeniber' what he learned in some course or his ex periences and. friendship in the well known “bull session,,” , President J Hunter Speaks at Assembly Tuesday morning,' December 10^ the student body enjoyed a very interest ing talk when Dr. Hunter, president of Western Carolina Teachers’ College at Cullo'Whee, spoke at the assembly period. ’ • • ■■ In his talk. President Hunter dis cussed rest pei'iods and stated that they Were changes by God in the life of man to do: away with iriOnotony. Aihong these aire vacations, changes in the season, day arid, night, and in the different stages in the growth of human beings. He also said that we must think land tackle things with our minds or life becoiries dull, and com plete rest is death: In closing Dr. Hunter suggested that bur Christmas vacatiori be a relief froni the life that we have been living for the last three months. We should not think of our selves alorie, however, but liye so • as to give others pleasure also. Mr, Buckner is sufferiug slight in juries from a fall he had late Thurs day afternoon. Mr. Buckner was in the attic when his foot, slipped and went through the plaster, badly dam- to argue, jest, to strive to excel the'aging the appearance of room 221.

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