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Wednesday April 27. 1994
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Teacher Feature
Van Zant has a lot to offer Brevard College students
by Christopher Theokas
Clarion Staff Writer
You may have her for Public
Speaking. Or maybe for English. You
may have been in her film class last
semester, or you may be waiting for the
chance to take that particular subject.
However you know her, she’s Rita Van
Zant, and she’s been with Brevard
College for four years and BC students
hope she will be here for a lot longer.
She lives in Hendersonville and
drives here every day. She gets to her
office at around nine thirty and leaves
almost everyday around five. She’s
hosted two talk shows (Decatur Focus
Rita Van Zant
and Variety) and met a good number of
celebrities including Bob Cain, Mickey
Rooney, Ginger Rogers, and even
Jimmy Carter before he was elected.
She went to college at East Illinois
University where she received a Master’s
Degree in Speech. She now attends
UNC-Chapel Hill in the summer.
In Van Zant’s Public Speaking class
the students study speeches by great
people such as Martin Luther King Jr.,
Ronald Reagan, Barbara Bush, and even
Adolf Hitler. The students have to give
three speeches throughout the course,
one being informative, one
argumentative and the final being either
of the first two.
The students get to be very good at
speaking, for everyone has to go up to
the podium and do their best. The best
speeches are when you have visuals, so
the audience is included in the speech.
The film classes met once a week
for three hours, so the students could
watch a movie and then analyze the
contents. There is more to a movie than
one would think. Students come in
having seen many movies, and then see
things about them that they never saw
Van Zant often gets calls from
students she has taught over last few
semesters. She says she’s happy with
Brevard College because she likes the
faculty, the students and the fact that
Brevard is a private Christian school.
Life after Brevard College: what’s out there?
by Michael Knox
Clarion Guest Writer
The function of Brevard College, to
many, is comparable to that of an
academic boot camp. Brevard’s primary
purpose is to prepare students for four-
year universities and provide them with
the opportunity of fulfilling basic
course requirements. For many, Brevard
is just a stepping stone from which life
long goals might be more easily
Daniel Bowman Greg Lambert
Chris Hall John Ostendorff
attained. But what are students to do in
making the transition from small
college life to the harshness of society’s
work force?
Most Brevard graduates pursue a
higher degree of education from four-
year institutions. Once transferred,
however, graduates find that they are in
a vastly different realm of living; while
there may be parties open nearly every
night, course loads seem to increase
exponentially. Students can no longer
East Jones:
Lara Sweet Megan Remick
Jo Woodruff Kimberly Button
take for granted the ease of a 16-hour
load of “fun” classes. In actuality,
students must be prepared to put in
considerably more hours of study for a
considerably lighter load just to hold
their place.
While the transition from two to
four-year institutions may be rather
abrupt for some, it can be, for those
joining the work force, shocking to say
the least. Enough money must be earned
in order to maintain a decent standard of
Nicole Gilbert Beth Cordell
LaGair Pendleton i',
living while preparing for the financial
burden of successive education or for the
burden of life-long investments. There
are an inordinate number of jobs
available to those who are willing to
strive in order to achieve their dreams.
Employment within the U.S. is only
one of the countless locations available
to the more adventurous. For these
individuals, there lies innumerable
opportunities all over the world for
employment, adventure, and education.
From cultures as exotic as Hong Kong
to that of France, there are employment
and learning possibilities ranging
anywhere from art and design to
environmental studies. Additionally,
these opportunities allow for the benefit
of learning a second language, which is
becoming more crucial with each
passing day. For those who are in hopes
of pursuing an infallible career, the
opportunities open to those with
significant experience in either Spanish
or Japanese are literally endless.
One of the most sought-after
occupations for summer employment is
camp counseling. There are nearly a
dozen camps within an hour or so of
campus. And for those who are in need
of an “extra hand,” the ROTC program
provides money and basic living for any
individual with the intention of
continuing his education. Further
information on foreign exchange
programs or regional employment
opportunities may be obtained from the
Transfer Office or the Alumni House.
If any individual is to succeed in his
or aspirations, however, he must be
willing to reach out and grab onto any
opportunities that may present'
themselves. “Never let an opportunity
slide” is a phrase I have had iterated to
me time and time again. Perseverance
and determination are the keys to
success, no matter what the field or
.... interest. , . j .
Student Spotlight
Baldwin is a leader at the Complex
by Kelly Wright
Clarion Staff Writer
There are so many way to describe
Stephen “Douglass” Baldwin. Walter
Kuhn went to high school with Baldwin
and stated that, “I have known him for
six years, he has always been there for
me and has become a father figure to
Baldwin was born on July 27,
1974, in Franklin, North Carolina. He
is the son of Johnny Baldwin and Pam
Hanak. He graduated from Franklin
High School in 1992. He is now in his
second year at Brevard College.
Baldwin’s favorite thing about BC is his
During his time at BC, Baldwin has
been involved in many activities
including Cross Country, Track, Indoor
Track, Judical Board and he is the
Resident Assistant at the complex where
the men’s Cross Country and Track
teams live. James Clanton, Baldwin’s
roommate stated, “He cares about
evayone’s problems and he takes care of
everyone at the complex.”
Baldwin has many plans for the
future. He has decided to attend the
University of North Carolina at
Greensboro next year. His major is
Sports Science.
Chuck Miller is a resident of the
complex and friend of Baldwin’s. He
stated, “I appreciate the times that
Stephen has taken me back to the
complex after Spanish class so I would
not have to walk. I treat him just like
Ike treated Tina.”
Baldwin is definitely unforgettable
around the BC campus. He is a bright
person who will do well in the future.
RHAs named for next school year
The new Resident Hall Assistants
for the 1994-1995 school year have been
Tenatively, the new RHAs are:
Wtst Beam:
Bryan Bradner Carl Gaines
Randy Brown Chris Ford
Taylor Luthem
Thomas Weber
Thomas Pittard
Dustin Calhoun
Josh Poindexter
Kevin Weiss
Ben Voegele
John Smith
Gary Lambert
Mark J. Casson
West Jones:
Elizabeth Lynn
Jennifer Cook
East Beam:
Twana Mazyck
Tanya Costa
Heather Waitman
Nancy Genes
'11' y'l'

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