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TheHilarion \ April 1,2014
Math is
By Mam Sarlow
M ath is like the kid who sits in front of
the class and answers every question
The very nature of math lends to infallible
arrogance as Roger Bacon wrote centuries
ago; “If in other sciences we should arrive
at certainty without doubt and truth without
error, it behooves us to place the foundations
of knowledge in mathematics”.
Math’s ego has far outlived its welcome.
The so called “laws” are just the tip of the
iceberg. Even theorems, which in most science
is a highly educated guess, produce only one
possible answer.
The idea of significant figures or margins of
error only exacerbate ones shortcomings in
mathematics. Math is merely saying that one
cannot even extrapolate the correct answer
and by admitting the answer is within a certain
range one only accepts defeat.
Math is continuously misspelling words like
“sine” pronounced “sign” which is supposed
to be spelled S-I-G-N. If math is infallible.
Each of us as students has lost points
on assignments for misspelled words. By
showing such disregard for using proper
English Math only adds to its already hated
Random being defined by an algorithm is
completely absurd. Random by definition
means without algorithm. Math continues to
overstep its boundaries into realms where it is
unneeded and unwanted.
Basic algebraic equations take letters and
assign them mathematical values; math is
for numbers and should leave letters out of
Just yesterday 1 was in a local grocery trying
to buy beer, when attempting to pay at the
register the teller stated, “Your math must be
off because this is not enough money.” I tried
to explain that math must be wrong because I
want beer. The teller quoted Roger Bacon and
I went home thirsty.
Life would be much simpler and more
enjoyable without math. Leave math in the
classroom and move toward a better society
without the constraints of mathematics.
Dear Algebra,
Please stop asking us to find
your X. She's never coming
back and don't ask Y.
■J". ■dA^t>''-
|_ 'i
ort ¥ J
BC fulfills wishes, potholes
By Kayleeda
Earth Lover
W ish upon shooting stars. The students
of Brevard College always put a
suggestion in the box, but it never does
an5Thing but rot and deteriorate. This is all
about to change.
Earlier last semester, there was rumor that
over Fall Break the wall in the Dining Hall
would be knocked down, creating a larger
sitting space to accommodate for the large
amount of students BC was collecting. When
Brevard College students returned from
Winter Break, the student body was surprised
with a new lounge, not a broken down wall.
Although our wishes had not been blessed at
that time, we can expect the change very soon
according to higher authority.
The most wanted of projects is, of course, a
new weight room. We have heard groan upon
groan about how prison-like it currently is.
That too will be changed sometime this month
despite any false promises.
As you all may have seen in the earlier
semesters, signs reading, “Filling the Holes
When Weather Permits,” BC has finally
decided that the weather has been permitting
enough to fill in the tragic potholes on campus.
Assuming weather has not been permitting
for almost nine months, those holes will soon
be filled because mother nature has finally
called and promised a permitting week.
All of your wishes are coming true slowly
but surely. Although, keep in mind the date...
Something about April First seems a little
fishy... Oh, yeah, it is April Fools Day! Sorry
about your wishes, I heard Mother Nature was
stealing shooting stars. Better luck next time!
Do you want the Clarion to
run an aiUde on your event? ^
Instead, send your
favorite videos of baby
animals to

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