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    October 30, 2019 | The Clarion
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Athletes, help me to help you
By Julie Carter
Opinion Editor
I am a teaching assistant. I assisted in PLS
210: American Government, for two separate
semesters. Now, I am helping with HIS 101:
Ancient History and Medieval Europe. In
my time as a TA, I have had several ups and
several downs.
The work is a lot if you’re as passionate
about it as I am. The students you normally
take classes with become entirely separate
people to you. To me, they will always be “my
smdents.” I care about them and want them to
succeed. You work as hard as you do, so they
will do just that.
However, one of the biggest pains as a TA
is having to do scheduling gymnastics with
student-athletes when they are in season. To
put it briefly, it is simpler to do my taxes than
finagle a time where I can meet with four
students to help them go over their essays.
Sometimes I wonder how we all managed to
fit into our schedules to meet twice a week for
class alone.
It drives me up the wall when a student
who I know clearly wants to succeed comes
up to me utterly exhausted and just trying to
do the basic tasks of a college student. Things
that are simple tasks to any other student like
writing essays or studying for an exam become
monumental tasks.
I am not an athletic person, never have been.
I would like to be able to say I could at least
catch things well, but most of the time it just
leads to me getting hit with a dry-erase marker
in the face when the professor I assist needs
me to quickly write something on the board. I
cannot begin to fathom what a smdent-athlete
goes through. For the ones who actively want
to be excellent students and athletes, I actively
applaud. I’m exhausted now. Throw me into
your schedule, and I would likely drown. You
are not the cause of the trouble at all.
Frankly, I do not know who to blame or even
What to stream
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real-life paranormal investigators, the Warrens,
as they look into some of their cases of the
supernatural and paranormal.
“It” Chapters 1 and 2 (2017 and 2019):
Also from the mind of Stephen King, what is
believed to be a shapeshifting clown begins his
new cycle of feeding by preying over a small,
fictional town in Maine. It is soon up to a group
of children (and then them as adults) to end this
monster’s cycle of fear feasting once and for all.
“A Quiet Place” (2018):
The world has been overrun by monsters
that hunt by sound, and if they hear you, they
will hunt you down. This family must work for
survival in this new world, and way of living.
A mixture of dystopian and horror and done
entirely with little to no dialogue, this movie
is well executed on many levels.
“Hereditary” (2018):
When the matriarch of a family dies, her
daughter slowly learns of her mother’s secretive
life as the family soon becomes preyed upon
by a demon and the coven that is working for
the demon that the grandmother was a part of
“Suspiria” (2018):
This is a remake of a film that was released in
1977. Set in Cold War era Berlin, an American
girl goes to a world famous dance school that
is soon learned to also be a coven of witches,
but that’s not the only secret that is being kept.
“Us” (2019):
A family goes on vacation, the mother
is haunted by her traumatic past and the
family begins to be hunted down by their
doppelgangers. The family soon figures out
that the rest of the country is dealing with the
same thing as well. Done by the same director
as “Get Out” (2017), this movie definitely plays
off of horror elements more successfully than
his previous one.
There were many other horror movies that
were not able to be mentioned on this list.
Including honorable mentions such as “The
Hills Have Eyes” (1977), “Insidious” (2010),
“Sinister” (2012), “An American Werewolf
in London” (1981), “It Follows” (2014),
“Poltergeist” (1982), others mentioned within
the list and many others that were not listed
because it is such an expansive genre.
Hopefully everyone will enjoy a lot of these
picks on this list and many others. Do yourself
a favor and watch a good scary movie and have
a good scare. Happy Halloween!
if anyone is to blame. All I know is that this
is not working. I see my students scrambling
to get dinner at the last minute before running
to study sessions with people like me. I feel
myself getting so frustrated, but I can only
imagine what they are going through.
Oftentimes, my students don’t feel like they
can stand up for themselves and admit that
they are wholeheartedly exhausted, at least not
to professors, teaching assistants, and maybe
even coaches. This is bullshit. Your mental
health matters just as much as your physical
capabilities. If you’re drowning, tell me. I want
to help you. One of my TA duties is literally
to try my damnedest to make your life easier.
I am limited in my abilities to aid you since
I am merely a TA, but my resources extend far
past what I am currently using. As a TA, I am
your advocate, your teacher, and (still) your
peer. I have your back. I know the pressure in
which you have been placed, but, just know,
your TA has got you covered.
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