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By Nia Davis
Best pals since the age of six
Sweet Diddy you were our fix
Beautiful mutt determined to survive
With strength and time, you thrived
Going on 15 your still here
We fear the end is near
You’ve brought such joy into the home
You’re the main key, you made this house a
Your memories will forever remain, because
When you leave our hearts will never be the
If we could we would press reverse
Your approaching end feels like a curse
Your love healed when we didn’t know we
were hurt
Gave the courage to keep facing every day
You were miss treated before you came to
us, but
Yet you still gave love away
Here for a short time leaving behind permanent
On how to live life leaving a message
A special spot in my heart
Because you were always a blessing from
the start
The Why
God sent his son to pay the price.
Crucified to save our life.
He took the punishment for our thoughtless
acts and Sinful ways.
When Jesus laid on that cross
He forgave.
Why is the church empty?
When Jesus went to the grave.
Why is the church empty?
When Jesus rose again in three days.
Why is the church empty?
When Jesus holding in hand the keys to the
He was hung high and stretched wide
The weight of the world depending on one life
Such a Significant, Selfless, Sacrifice
Sharing with us his amazing grace and eternal
'Frozen 2' review
ByAlyssa Hetherington
“Frozen 2” has hit theatres and is taking the
world by storm. The sequel is about Elsa and
Anna learning about their past and moving
forward in their lives while exploring new
The movie starts with Elsa hearing a voice
calling her, which leaves her with the choice
to find out who or what is calling her. With the
help of magic, Elsa has to make the decision
to follow the voice “Into the Unknown.’’ With
her sister Anna and friends Kristotf, Sven and
Olaf by her side, the gang begin their journey
to find and figure out the past.
A great part about “Frozen 2’’ is that the
filmmakers aged all the key characters and
gave them character growth. Instead of taking
place a day or a week after the last film, they
set the story three years after the last time
we saw them. Each character also has a new
wardrobe, like a real person, and has different
outlooks on life now.
The biggest character change was in Olaf,
the talking snowman, who has now matured
in the three years. He talks in a way that tells
the audience that he is still learning about
the world around him, but he is no longer
a naive snowman who thinks everything
is good. Even though he is growing older,
the snowman still has the same goofy and
lovable dialogue that made him iconic in the
first movie.
There are some new characters that join the
“Frozen” franchise and bring in some great
moments. My new favorite Disney animal
sidekick is the salamander Bruni. This little
blue amphibian’s quirky and spunky nature
along with an appetite for snowflakes has
made him a new Disney favorite. Another
new character that brought many laughs
with his great expressions and one-liners
was Lieutenant Mattias, and even though he
has little screen time, what he does and says
is memorable.
“Frozen 2” does a great job at connecting
the two movies with constant nods to the first
movie. The characters reference previous
characters such as Hans, the whole plot of
“Frozen” and memories of themselves from
the first movie. There are Easter eggs scattered
throughout the movie, like Elsa’s castle from
the hit song “Let It Go” and Olaf becoming
Elsa in their charades game. Disney likes
hiding secrets so keep your eyes peeled.
Unarguably the best part of the film was
all the songs, especially the ones sung by
Idina Menzel as Elsa. The songs “Into the
Unknown” and “Show Yourself’ showcase
the growth of Elsa and are easily the most
catchy and moving parts of the film. A fun
song that the adults will enjoy is the ’80s
theme song that Kristoff sings in which he is
confused about his love toward Anna, called
“Lost in the Woods.”
Although I enjoyed this movie for its
amazing music, stunning graphics and
beautiful message, the plot of the story
can be hard to understand, especially for
younger kids. Kids will enjoy the movie
for its characters and songs, but adults will
understand the story and enjoy it for being a
story about personal growth.
Also make sure you wait till the end of the
movie to see the end credit scene with Olaf!
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A still from Disney’s ‘Frozen 2.”

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