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    January 15, 2020 | The Clarion
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Horasrnnes Democratic Primaries
Whats new? Who s left? When s the next debate?
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intriguing friend could appear in your life this
month. You both seem to have an immediate
connection. Devote some time to get to know
his person, for this could be the beginning of
a wonderful friendship or romance. Don’t
be afraid to step outside your normal crowd
and talk to different people from different
walks of life.
An authority figure in your life sometimes
seems to make your life miserable on
purpose. You may think this person has it
out for you, but you’d be wrong. This tough
love can come from admiration rather than
resentment or dislike. Be grateful for it.
You will become stronger and more skilled
through this. The fast pace that happens this
time of year has left you feeling frustrated
and constantly on edge. Now since the year
is coming to an end, you can finally settle
down and recognize that the rush is over.
Find a place to wind down and enjoy life with
special friends. Doing this will put you back
into shape emotionally. A friend may give
you an opportunity to awaken your creative
spirit. Give this a chance and you will reap
the benefits.
The stars are urging you to open up this
month and express your deeper emotions.
Lately, you may have been feeling that you
have been editing yourself a lot, and not just
with workmates or business associates, but
with the people you are closest to. Maybe
you’re not in the mood for deep conversations
or to invite any judgments. When you open
up to others, others will do the same and
you will improve both communication and
enjoyment of the relationship. You may learn
some things that you didn’t know before
opening up emotionally.
You have a persuasive kind of charm,
Pisces. You can give a look, say something
that expresses your desires in a most creative
way. Your colorful imagination can be very
convincing. This month, this talent will come
in clutch. To escape January doldrums, you
might want to go on an adventure and you
will find the perfect companion to do just
that. The only problem is that you tend to
get into trouble with this person, so make
sure your adventure is planned out and is
fully enjoyable by not going overboard. Stay
within the boundaries you draw beforehand
and you will be fine.
By Eleanor Flannery
staff Writer
With the U.S. 2020 presidential election
just 10 months away. Democratic candidates
are competing in a tight battle to become the
Democratic adversary to face President Trump
in November.
At one time, there were 26 Democratic
candidates eager to get the ticket. As of now,
with Marianne Williamson and Cory Booker
suspending their campaigns in the past few
days, there are only 12 hopefuls remaining.
However, don’t expect to see all of them on
the next debate stage. Only six Democrats
qualified to appear in the last debate on
Tuesday, Jan. 14. Those include former
Vice President Joe Biden, former Mayor of
South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg, Sen.
Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Sen. Bernie
★ ★★★★★
Sanders of Vermont, businessman Tom Steyer
and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.
These candidates met the threshold of having
at least five percent support in four qualifying
opinion polls.
Voting will officially begin Feb. 3 with
the Iowa caucuses, followed by the New
Hampshire primary on Feb. 11, the Nevada
primary on Feb. 22, and the South Carolina
primary on Feb. 29.
North Carolina voters in North Carolina will
get their turn to vote in either the Democratic
or Republican primary on March 3.
Netflix Review
Klaus was a disappointment!
By Amber Vance
staff Writer
Just before the holidays, Netflix added a
few new films to their collection. One of
which was a film acquired by Netflix titled
“Klaus,” directed by Sergio Pablos, creator of
“Despicable Me.”
The film received 30 million views within
its first month after being released in early
November. Despite this fact, there were aspects
of the film that make it a miss.
The movie was disappointing because it took
a long time for the film to catch the attention
of viewers and connect with the Christmas
theme. “Klaus” focused on a selfish young man
whose father sends him to a town in the north
where no mail has been sent in or out. The
father challenges the young man to establish a
working mail station and having mail incoming
and outgoing within a month or he will never
be able to return home.
On top of the storyline being slow, the quality
of the animation was not good. It appeared like
the characters had a paper mache-like quality
because of how sharp the edges looked. The
drawing looked choppy and a bit rushed. Many
of the characters had exaggerated features
such as big noses or extremely long or short
limbs. With a budget of 40 million dollars one
would assume that the animation would have
been better.
“Klaus” deserves two out of five stars for a
slow plot and poor animation. It could have
been much better than what was released to
the public.

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