North Carolina Newspapers

October 1985
Carolina Gay And Lesbian Association Newsletter
Hate is not the opposite of love, apathy is .. .
To live in apathy provokes violence . . .
“Come Out, Come Out,
Wherever You Are”
We all remember playing hide and seek
when we were children. It was a fun game
and, as frustrating as it sometimes got
when we were "it" and couldn't manage to
find our friends anywhere, we knew our
frustrations was short-lived. As soon as
we shouted the familiar "come out, come
out, wherever you are," the game would be
over, and we'd laugh at the clever hiding
places our friends had found.
Unfortunately, some of us are still
playing, and we don't seem to have any
immediate plans to stop. And for those of
us assigned the ongoing role of being
"it," that's a very frustrating state of
The Human Rights Campaign Fund, the
national pro-gay civil rights political
action committee, has just finished com
piling the results of a survey taken of
its constituency. The survey has pointed
out loud and clear that the people within
the gay/lesbian community who are HRCF
contributors by no means reflect our com
munity at large.
The HRCF works to champion the cause
of basic civil rights for gays and les
bians and tries to represent virtually the
entire gay community. But it'is an organi
zation kept alive by private contribu
tions, and the portrait the survey paints
of those contributors looks very different
from the real-life canvas of the gay
From the survey of HRCF contributors,
you'd think the gay community was 93%
male, that half of us were between the
ages of 35-49, and that we all lived in
New York and Washington. You'd think we
were all liberal, and that fewer than 3%
of us were registered Republicans. You'd
be wrong on all counts.
Just looking at the survey, you'd
think lesbians in Chicago didn't exist,
let alone believe in gay civil rights.
You'd think the 25-year-old gay yuppie in
Houston was a rarity. You'd think barely
a handful of gays in San Francisco voted
for Ronald Reagan. You'd be wrong again,
(see HRCF SURVEY on page 6)
Conservatives Oust CGLA Supporter
Students for America, a New Right con
servative student group on the UNC-CH
campus, expelled one of its officers
Sep. 2, for supporting the CGLA.. SFA s
National Advisory Board removed UNC
Chapter Vice-chairperson Brad Torgan
because he spoke in favor of CGLA funding
before the Campus Governing Council (CGC)
in April, according to SFA National Chair
David Fazio.
During April budgetary hearings, the
CGC, the campus' student legislature,
received a recommendation from its Finance
Committee to grant CGLA no student govern
ment funds. The funds, which come from
students' activities fees, typically make
up about one-third of CGLA's operating
budget. The Finance Committee included
Fazio and several other SFA members.
Torgan, president of the Graduate and
Professional Student Federation, was one
of several campus leaders who spoke out at
a day-long meeting in April in favor of
CGLA funding. Other speakers supporting
CGLA included members of the Black Student
Movement, Association for Women Students,
and the Campus Y.
When news of the dismissal came to the
UNC-CH chapter of SFA, two local officersj
Chapter Chairperson Jimmy Hopkins and
Publicity Chair Lee Creech, resigned in
protest. Creech said, "It has become a
more religious, Christian group than a
political group.**
SFA's Advisory Board is made up of
three adults who are free to interpret the
"Judeo-Christian values" that SFA advo
cates as they wish. The Board decided

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