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CGLA Fares Well in Campus Elections
The Carolina Gay and Lesbian Association
responded to inquiries from the Daily Tar
Heel concerning a CGLA-sponsored write-in
campaign of Student Congress candidates by
saying that CGLA did not officially endorse
any candidate for any office.
CGLA Co-Chair Lynn Hudson refused to
tell the Daily Tar Heel after the election
just how many CGLA members were elected;
will stand by Co-Chair Greg Johnson
and her decision to keep the exact number
from becoming public. Hudson said,
"Anytime anybody is associated with CGLA
they're considered dangerous. We want
each candidate to be judged by her or his
own merit."
Former CGLA Treasurer Jim Duley, who was
elected with only six yotes in off-campus
undergraduate District 20, did say however,
that the number would "have significant
impact on the course of the budget process
this spring."
In addition to the CGLA members elected
as write-ins, supporters of CGLA funding,
but who were not CGLA members, were
elected in numerous undergraduate
districts both on and off campus. But
Hudson said, "They're not necessarily CGLA
members. They are people who don't
discriminate according to race, sex, sexual
preference or physical disability. But,
how they vote on any issue, including CGLA
funding, is their business. Student
Congress is a majority of white male
undergraduates who think for about two
percent of the student body...we'd like to
see that change."
Outgoing Student Body President Bryan
Hassel said that this year's budget process
would definitely run more smoothly than in
recent years. One fourth of last spring's
final budget meeting was spent in debate
over CGLA's budget--a budget which repres
ents less than one half of one percent of
Student Fees.
Duley said that the budget CGLA would be
submitting will not be too much different
than ones in years past, with the exception
of some inflationary adjustments and a
small increase in the speaker fees request.
"The big difference this year," he said,
"is that we may actually receive what we
The CGLA submitted a $3800 budget last
year, asking for $2700 in.,student fees.
The organization received a $2800 budget
with a $905 student fee contribution.
(see CGLA Fares Well, page 10)
Get Out Your Blue Jeans . . .
Lesbian & Gay
Before long, our tenth annual Lesbian
^nd Gay Awareness Celebration will be under
'^Qy. This year's activities will Include a
provocative array of speakers, films,
'workshops, and forums highlighting
important issues for Carolina's gay and
iesbian students. This year we will focus
On gay and lesbian history and how it
^elates to contemporary issues. We plan to
^ave at least two events per day, though
i-he times and dates of some of the events
Have not been confirmed. Here is a
Sampling of what we have in store:
To kick off the Awareness celebration,
the 1986 film "My Beautiful Laundrette"
'^ill be presented by the Carolina Union
^ilm Committee on Friday, March 27. Before
snd after the film, CGLA will distribute
Calendars fully outlining the next week's
Two PBS documentaries have been video
taped and will be presented during the
^^enth Annual
Awareness Celebration
celebration. The first is "Before
Stonewall," an over-view of gay and lesbian
history 1920-1969. The other film la
called "The AIDS Show," a moving story
behind this San Franciscan play about the
disease AIDS.
Anthropologist and historian Walter
Williams will apeak on "Homosexuality in
Native American Culture." Dr. Williams,
who earned his Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill,
has written an award-winning novel titled
The Spirit and the Flesh which explores the
berdache, male Indians who assumed the
female role and were given prestige in
ancient Indian culture. Williams' book has
been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, so I
hope you all plan to attend this special
event. We are very fortunate to have Dr.
Williams come speak.
The Carolina Union Activities Board will
present an enactment of the Tony award
winning play "Bent," directed by Steve
(see Awareriess f P99®8)
• !■ it

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