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~ GIL 3 C I'! T u r0 ."iIAij
IIA3 IIcL i''!'DOl', GO-0
This ear M.ono;,' h-s been r^iven
■fco s onoor a cutorip.l 'orogr:=;ji
for Blacl: Fres'o. ".en. The ■ :oney
caiiie fro-,1 the Ilr.i-y Gilson Fund,
?. fund G o u ■ in honop of
civil ri_';,hts fi^'rccr.
The ■uethod boing^ iiscd '.o riyn
")ro,^r^, . is p.s follows! any
Fresh’-1 "n needr.nfi ":u/i uing *'.n a
subject s’-O'.'.ld clieck a listing
of tutors and ‘^.ubjects, call or
talh to oj^e of t’lo tutors listed
under t'^~ j subject a'd 'he
be tutored.
list 1/ill be sent to Fresh'.ien
soon. A list is also ':'Osted on
t'.ic door of the 3SII office or
see yie, (An additions Till be
■00sted 01’ sent out, )
ou neeo.
help, as’c for it. Take ad-'
va.nta^e of this o t ^orti’jnitv.
An,'- Questions or n'‘oble:ns
hA:j . :cL
933-03l;-5, 3SII Office
or Union Snach Bar
higiit - 9i!-2-6571 .
B3M Mass Meeting
November 19 -- 7 p.m,
202-201). Carolina
Please Attend
'Tlie second regular Bi. ck "student
:iove ent. meeting \ras called to order
at 7’30 ?,ii, by Chair'i'iian Gureton
Johnson on Tliursday, October 8, 1970,
Tlie riinutes’ of th6 last neeting vrere
read and an-oroved, Sev;ral'reports
and announce-;® nts were "lade.
Tlie B.jh- decided not t^ try to get
tea'll together for football. It x-7as
noted thab the football season was
just about over, so thc“^ decided to
xrait for basketball and softball to
begin so th-^t tbe;/ can organise intra
mural tearas at t’lat time.
The B3II C.i.air'ian announced that t'ere
is 'loney nox\r available for s’''e''.kers,
3o:ie of the suggestions were Cleveland
.jell-rs, Jesse Jackson, Uuey ilewton,
ITathan Hare, Julian Bond, Charles
Ha:nilton, Julius Lester, Dick Gregir^i",
nnd Dr, Rose Butler Brc.rn of Durhai7i,
It was also decided that the Bla cks
''ere to go to th.e ga”ie togeth^'r and
be se'^tef' in t'lc sa'i.e area,
liiss 'uigcla' Br77ant announced a Bid
'.Tnist contest,
The entr'^" fee is
I or partners. The tourna’nent is
be held in Roori 20?'of th_e Union at’
7:30 -'.Ai, on Tuesday, Oct, 13,''1970,
Door n^’izes irill be ■'•iven away. It
was also suggested that anyone fro-;:
other colleges “’a^" iD^’rtici"''^te in the
conte :t,
Coliiabus liotley gave a run.doTm of
the Off Ga^inpus Tutorial ?rogra:.n. ‘This
progra':! st'-'rts Ilondav, October 12.
liotlc;'' aslTed for a clern un coramittee
to hel‘3 clean uo the Pine Street Cora-
vmnity Center, the nir-;ht of the "Off
Carious Tutorial 'rogrT”7i.
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