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    I NOVEMBER 23, 1^
By Scott Johnson
/nk Staff Writer
The Nation of Islam’s concept
of the hereafter is quite simple -
there isn’t one. In Christianity, the
Bible teaches that after one dies, the
spirit will leave the body and will
either bum eternally in Hell or rise
and live a peaceful life in Heaven.
The Nation, however, believes that
spiritual resurrection is impossible
and that one can only be resurrected
When brothers and sisters in the
Nation of Islam speak of mental
resurrection, they are talking about
the re-awakening of the mind of the
black man and black woman, which
is currently dead. Blacks have, and
continue to be, oppressed mentally
because we are being controlled by
the whitf man.
No matter how afrocentric you
claim to be, you are still living in a
world which is dominated by the
white man.
We currently live in a world that
is full of war, violent crimes, drugs
and poor educational systems. That
is attributed to the system which
was started and is controlled by a
devil-like entity.
The Honorable Elijah
Muhammad who carried and spread
the word of Allah who appeared in
the form of Master Fard, took it
upon himself to make the black
man and woman realize who the
true enemy is.
Although we, as blacks, are re
sponsible for our direct actions, we
are not responsible for the system
which has and continues to put us in
an oppressive situation.
Brothers and Sisters of the Na
tion of Islam are taught to provide
and support the black community
because we cannot trust those who,
a little more than a 100 years ago,
had us working on their plantations.
So you may wonder, why the
white man has tried to oppress the
black man and woman, and you
may wonder how the white man
came to power in a world which
was previously dominated by
Well, in “Message to The Black
Man in America,” the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad tells the story of
The Creation of the Devil:
Moving Beyond The X Part Three
the creation of the devil (the white
man) as he learned it from Master
Six thousand and six hundred
years ago, this world gave birth to a
God named Yakub. Mr. Yakub, as
he is referred to by the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad, was bom out of
a population which was amongst
the 30 percent dissatisfied.
of the population. He did this by
teaching Islam and promising luxu
ries to those who followed him.
Yakub promised his followers that
one day he would make people work
for them.
As Yakub’s group of followers
grew, the authorities in the area
became afraid of the influence of
his teachings. And it wasn’t long
“No matter how
afrocenttic you ilaun to
be, you are stiU Uving in a
world which is dominated
by the white inan.”
These 30 percent were very un
happy with the way the world was,
and the remaining 70 percent were
satisfied with the state of the world.
Yakub was bom about 20 miles
outside of the holy city of Mecca.
At the age of six, Yakub told his
uncle that one day he would pro
duce a group of people who would
destroy. And from this moment on,
Yakub knew why he was put on this
earth—to kill and destroy and make
life miserable for the righteous (the
black man and the black woman).
Yakub was extremely smart, and
by the age of 18 he had finished all
of the colleges and universities in
his nation. Yakub loved to study
science, and he spent a lot of time
studying genes.
After years of s&idying, Yakub
learned that he had two genes in his
body. One gene was black and the
other one was brown. Yakub fig
ured that if he were able to separate
the black gene from the brown gene,
then he could graft the brown gene
into its final stage which is white.
With this technique, Yakub
knew that he could create a race of
people who had this white gene and
that this new race could control the
black nation.
Yakub sought to gather follow
ers amongst the dissatisfied portion
before the king had Mr. Yakub ar
When Yakub was brought be
fore the court, he made a deal with
the king. In exchange for the neces
sities of life and the tools to siart a
civilization, Yakub agreed to leave
the nation and take his followers
with him.
So Yakub and his 60,000 fol
lowers left the nation and sailed
until they came to “Pelan,” which is
“Patios” in the Bible. Yakub was
selected as King of the Island, and
he chose doctors and ministers as
his top workers. Yakub came up
with and utilized a plan which would
weed out all of the blacks in Pelan
and start the foundation of a race of
When people in Pelan wanted to
get married, they had to go to the
doctor for a blood test. If the two
blood samples were okay, then the
couple could proceed to get mar
Yakub instructed the doctors to
tell all couples who had either all
black genes or part black and part
brown genes that they could not
marry, and that only couples who
had all brown genes could marry.
If, by chance, a black baby was
bom it would be killed; however, if
the baby was brown it was said to
be a holy baby.
After 200 years, Yakub had got
ten rid of all of the black babies.
After another 200 years, his nation
consisted of all red and yellow
people. And finally, after another
200 years, Mr. Yakub had finished
his creation of an all-pale white
All members of the new race
were very white with real blue- col
ored eyes. In addition, they were
corrupt and were guilty of lying and
The idea that black is bad was
prominent in Pelan, so the new white
race were inherently brought up to
hale blacks.
After some time on the island of
Pelan, the whites went back to their
original nation to take over. They
were instructed by their leader at
the time to cause havoc in the nation
so that there would be a lot of killing
and fighting between black.s.
The whites were successful in
their attempts to divide and conquer
because they managed to upset the
natural peace of the black nation by
putting one against the other.
Eventually, the King of the na
tion realized that it was the white
devils who had transformed his
good- natured people into a fight
ing breed, and had the white devils
exiled to Europe.
The history of the creation of the
white man, according lo the Nation
of Islam, is much longer; however,
above are the essentials. The Hon
orable Elijah Muhammad, like many
scientists today, realized that the
first people on this earth were the
black man and the black woman.
Elijah Muhammad and the fol
lowers of the Nation of Islam have
tried to reveal the Uiith of the cre
ation of the while man which has
been a secret for thou.sands of years
It is okay not to believe the story
of Yakub, but ask yourself a couple
of questions and think about the
possible answers.
Why is it that society continues
to teach us that Adam and Eve were
while ifit is overwhelmingly proven
that blacks were the first people on
this earth?
If Adam and Eve were white,
then how did they accomplish the
genetically impossible task of cre
ating black human beings?
Why is it that the whites in pre-
Medieval Europe were known as a
savage and barbaric race, when at
the same time the blacks in Africa
lived in a very cordial society?
And finally, how docs a race
(whites) hold the majority of power
in a world which predominantly
consists of people of color?
Editor’s Note: The views in this
article do not necessarily represent
those of the reporter or newspaper.
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