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Vol. VI No. 2
Gaston College, Dallas, N. C.
October, 1969
President Sam Haynie
Vice President Glen Wiley
Secretary Bleeka Wright
Treasurer Lana Rotiers
Students Elect New
Student Government Leaders
Many Countries Represented Convocation Held
On G.c. Campus This Fall f qj. SerYicemen
Elected By
Narrow Margin
This years Student
Government election was marked
by several factors. First, a very
poor turn-out was recorded with
only 279 votes cast. Second, a
run-off election was called for
then cancelled in the presidential
race. Third, a constitutional
decision by the State was the
deciding factor as to who would
be the next president.
Sam Haynie and Glen Wiley
were elected president and
vice-president respectively. The
pair defeated Richard Biggerstaff
and Dewitt Youngblood by the
slim margin of 135-132. In the
secretary and the treasurer’s race
Lana Rogers was elected secretary
and Bleeka Wright was elected
treasurer by the fact that they had
no competition in their respective
The committee chosen to
count the votes decided that a
run-off election was necessary in
the presidential race when it was
decided that a majority was not
gained by either party. This
decision was made by virtue of
the fact that 12 votes were
disqualified in the counting and
the school’s constitution had no
provisions for whether or not to
count disqualified votes in the
total number cast.
The election was thrown to the
senate when question was raised
by Haynie and Wiley. They
claimed victory in the election by
virtue of the fact that the
disqualified votes should not be
counted in the total of votes. A
call meeting of the Senate was
held to decide whether or not to
count the disqualified votes.
The question put before the
Senate, in the form of a motion,
was “the disqualified votes should
not be counted in the total of
votes cast.” The Senate carried
this motion by a 12-3 margin.
With tliis interpretation of the
school’s constitution, Sam Haynie
and Glen Wiley were awarded the
The South was once known as
the “melting pot” of the nation,
because such a great number of
people from so many different
countries settled here.
This could also be said about
the Gaston College carnpus. If
you’ll open your eyes wide
enough, you’ll see that everyone
in your classes isn’t from Gaston
County, or for that matter. North
CaroUna or the United States.
This year Gaston College is
privileged to have approximately
fifteen students from other parts
of the world on its campus.
We have nine students coming
from India this year. These
students are Beharrysingh Ragbi,
Vishwabandhu H. Shah,
Prahladbhia Somdos Patel, Vinod
H. Doshi, Satish C. Shah, Hirer
Sarabhi Patel, Vasudeu R. Patel,
Manhar N. Patel, and Vasar
Coming from West Africa we
have Joseph K. Appiah and from
Biafra, Andy Chukwuma.
A husband and wife team from
Holland are enrolled in the
evening classes, and England and
Switzerland are also represented
by wives of American Service
The next thing that probably
pops into your mind is, how did
these people from these countries
ever hear about Gaston College?
There are various reasons for
Gaston’s popularity.
Mr. Dave Vance, of the
Technical Division has made trips
to India to help in the technical
growth of the country and
consequently became a “pipeline”
for the students from India to
Gaston College.
Many of the governments of
the foreign countries are supplied
with lists of all the colleges and
universities in the United States.
Because of the higli rating of the
technical division of Gaston
College, the governments sponsor
the students to come to this
country for study.
Although these students are
coming to Gaston College to
further their education, we should
remember that they can also be an
education to us.
These are wonderful and
fascinating people. When they
return to their homelands, let’s
make the memories of Gaston
College, they will take back with
them pleasant ones.
At a convocation held on
Tuesday, September 16, J.
Edward Stowe, chairman of the
Board of Trustees, accepted a
plaque in memory of the boys
from Gaston College killed in
Vietnam. The plaque was
presented by Richard ChuccI,
President of the Veteran’s Club.
Four names appear on the
plaque which is displayed in the
conference room of the
Administration Building. These
are Roger Dale Schuler, William
Glenn Howell, Broadus Wayne
Vernon, and Curtis Dwaine Smitli.
Sam Haynie, president of the
sophomore class and acting
president of the Student
Government Association,
wclconicd the new freshman class.
Dr. Sugg also extended his
personal welcome and elaborated
on the variety of students CJirolled
at Gaston College.
Allen Grooms spoke as a
represcntalivc of Ciruna and
Coach Pete Brooks cncouragcd
more participation and student
support of school-related athletic
Other speakers on the program
include Frank Parker, Director of
Aduil Basic Education; Russell A.
Kech, president Gaston College
Faculty Association; George
McSwain; and, Horace L. Cline.
G. C. Campus Active
Senate Election
Totals •Elected
* Batch ford
During the summer months the
Gaston College campus was the
center of several special activities
and programs. The college had as
its guest Jonnie Ruth Clark, a
national authority in the field of
developmental studies and work
with the disadvantaged students.
Dr. Clark worked with Mr. Bruce
Trammell and faculty members
who are organizing the second
year program in advancement
studies at Gaston.
The Occupational and
Extension Division of the Adult
Education has been active in its
services to industry in Gaston
County this summer. A special
blue print reading course was
offered to employees of Jenkins
Metal Shop. New industry training
in spinning operations is being
conducted at the Long Shoals
Cotton Mill. On-the-job training in
texturing, sinding, and knitting is
now being conducted at Leslie
Faye, Inc. The college is
sponsoring a power sewing course
at the Dallas Sports Knitting
plant. Four new industry
programs have been conducted at
Garlock Precision Seals in
inspection, trim, press mold,
winding, and springers.
Forty-six police chiefs from
area countics liavc just completed
a threc-day seminar in criminal
investigation. Gaston College was
host in June to sherriffs in
surrounding counties to a seminar
in jail and detention services.
Fifty-six representatives from
tax offices of our western
counties attended a three-day
siminar In tax mapping.
Gaston College has host in July
to thirty-eight high school
counselors from all over North
Carolina who were on workshop
tour of post high-school
institutions, sponsored by the
Department of Public Instruction.
They came by bus and spent the
afternoon touring the college
facilities. The college acted as host
for this group at dinner.
Have you lost something?
Apparently Gaston College is full
of absent-minded students. Lost
items are always showing up, but
no one claims them. If you have
lost anything you can go by the
Student Personnel office in room
Cl04 and see Miss Parker.

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