VOLUME 14 NUMBER 4 MARCH 30, 1979 Gaston A/\akes Campus Additions By JEANE HORNE The presentation of the new facility in Lincoln County is perhaps “one of the two greatest advance ments of the college in the past few years” according to the President, Dr. Joseph Mills. The assigning of the former Lincolnton First Bap tist Church to Gaston College for use in furthering educa tional opportunity for the residents of Lincoln County. Lincoln County students will benefit from, the shorter driving distance, and more space in the classrooms that are soon to be remodeled. The Lincoln County Com missioners unanimously agreed to pay $5625 to use the vacated church for six months, retaining an option to buy for $125,000. Lincoln County Commissioners are anxious to get started with the new Lincoln County Campus expansion as soon as possible. With the use of the new facility the old Lincoln Center will no longer be needed. The proposal to establish a branch campus began in December 1977, when the colleges board of Trustees recommended that Lincoln County buy the church, which is located in downtown Lincolnton at 403 E. Main St. The congregation of the First Baptist Church built a new building in another part of town, and money paid toward the lease of the old building will go toward pur chase price. The college has proposed several ideas for the new campus, including the fol lowing: * A beginning curriculum of 3 to 10 courses, in the areas of business, secretarial sciences, accounting, liberal arts, and police science. * A gradual expanding of other facilities, such as the learning lab, high school equivalencey, and continuing education. * Intial staffing of the unit, including a state- salaried teacher-director. The County would be Site—Garrison Center Campus Site—Lincoln County Campus responsible for an adminis trator’s salary. * Initial renovations at a minimum amount of $5000 with an additional $5000 next year. * State owned office equipment and program equipment are to be provided by the college. * Unforeseen expenses are to be paid by the county. The commissioners and college staff realize that in a move of this caliber that problems may definitely arise, but will be dealt with as they come up. The other of the two great advancements is the Garri son Center in uptown Gas tonia. Garrison Center is primarily a continuing edu cation center; along with programs in business and high school equivalency pro grams. The Garrison Center, formerly a hospital, was a gift to the college, and promises to be an important part in Gaston’s purpose to help the community. Gaslight Has Strange Encounter November 33, 1978, was a very different day for many people, but for the Gaslight staff here at Gaston College that day contained experi ences that would affect them for the rest of the time they were at Gaston College. Believe me, 1 know, I was there. 1 was involved, and though the thoughts make me shuddr, 1 will try and relate to you students what happened that day. it was a crisp, clear Fall morning and we were all sitting around discussing the Christmas issue of the Gas light. Suddenly, we felt a strange sensation in the air. Everyone got quiet as if we were all expecting something to happen. It was like some presence entered the room. Knock! Knock! Knock! Someone or something was at the door. Nervously, David got up to answer the door. The feeling in the room now seemed to pulsate and as David reached for the door knob, the door burst open, knocking him back on the floor. There before us stood two of the strangest beings any of us had ever seen. They were about 4 1/2 feet tall and skinny. There heads were a bit too big for their bodies and they had black, matted hair. They both had thick dark-rimmed glasses, both carried what looked to be five or six school books and they both had mini calculators strapped to their belts which held up their red slacks. None of us could move a muscle. We were completely at the will of these creatures. After they had looked at us for a few minutes, one of them began to speak. We could understand him, but the strange thing was when he spoke, the words came inside our heads like thoughts do. He said the following things: “Never fear fellow students. (Sur prised when I say fellow students?) We are not from your world, but we are in college. We are here to learn, just like you, earth lings. But we are also here for another reason. We are looking for some new ideas for our college newspaper, "The Campus Stargazer”. You know, some new blood— not literally yours, of course; and, it is our intention to take you with us and learn more of you and your ways.” So that's how it went. The next thing we knew, the Earth was like the moon and it was getting smaller as we moved away from it. Over a period of several months and many sleepless nights, through hundreds of inter views and examinations, we suffered. But while they were learning of us, we were learning some things about them and their world, and also beginning to get new ideas for our college paper. “The Gaslight”. Together as students we all worked and prospered and became friends. Now that the Gaslight staff is back from our unexpected vaca tion. we are going to try some of those ideas our friends from another world gave us. Oh, by the way, they did promise to write, so through the Gaslight you will know what’s happening in more jj, Dennis Perry’s office and places than Gaston College; they will be sure to get them and, if any of you wish to write them, leave your letters giiiiiinaiiiHiiiiiiiiiiuHuiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiininDiiiininiil I Horne New Editor I In answer to all the queries about “The Gas Light,” we are proud to announce that we are resuming publication with this issue. We’re hoping to get out a paper that is informative,' enlightening, and enjoyable. But we are depending on you, the students, to keep our reporters posted on the different activities and events in which you participate. “The Gas Light” is your newspaper, and, in order to be successful, the staff of the newspaper needs your cooperation. So, let’s hear your news! Jeane Horne has accepted the position of Editor and she will be working with a fine team of reporters—David Brown, Emily Connor, Charles Burch, Rick Pearson, Whit Keane and Jerry Long. Jerry is the paper’s photographer. Contact any one of them. Too, if you have news to report, you can come by the Public Information Office in the Myers Center and talk with the Advisor of The Gas Light, Mr. Dennis Perry.

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