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I All NX/|io Want Hgp Service’
Evening College Being
Set Up At Gardner-Webb
Courses In Homiletics And New Testament
Interpretation To Get Underway January 30
Adults are eager to learn. They can learn. Therefore,
Gardner-Webb College is ottering to the residents of this
section the second semester at least two courses. Homiletics
and New Testament interpretations are to be given at the
college beginning on Tuesday evening,'January 30, at 7:00
o’clock. Tne enrollment in each of these two courses has now
reached seventeen. Rev. J. L. Jenkins, pastor of the Boiling
Springs Baptist Church will teach.
It is not the intention of college with their
the college that tne courses influence, and students,
be limited to any one gi’o^p college is here to serve
but that they will include all section—‘Serving all who
who wish to take want her service.” The eve-
for which there is a. sufficient college is planned to grow
demand. The regular colleg more increasing useful-
courses offered m the evening Gardner-Webb
college include: Business render full service,
mathematics, great men m group wishing to have
English literature, Everyday ^ course taught, either one
speaking and writing, current above mentioned or
history, practical mathema- other, will be welcomed
tics, household physics, and evening college,
basic science.
Only in the evening college
are otfered such courses as:
Practical algebra, review
arithmetic. Biblical interpre
tation, Biblical introduction,
textile chemistry, elementary
Greek, Hebrew, spelling, psy
chology, Shakespeare, and
other if they are needed.
The college realizes that
Churches Supporting
College Regularly
Increasing Contributions Show Growing Appreciation
Of School Among Two Associations
The churches of the Kings Mountain and Sandy Run
Associations along with other churches in this section are
increasing their support to Gardner-Webb College from year
to year. The college is engaged in a movement to provide
money for the expansion of the physical plant of the college
as a memorial to the men and women of this section who
are in the armed services of our country. Not one cent of
the money collected for the Memorial Campaign is used to
pay the regular expenses of the college.
Each year the current ex-
penses of the college for
administration, instruction,
ANNUAL HONORS T+ lo thprpfnrfi- neces- sorry that the Deceniber
Is Visitor
Staff Dedicates College
Yearbook to Respected
In the first meeting of the
annual staff it was unani
mously decided that the an
nual, “The Anchor”, would be
dedicated to our loved and res-
pected professor of Natural
Gardner Webb was favor- Science, Paul J. Stacy.
...V, Miss Olive appointed to
this section with farming, by a visit irom miss uiive faculty of Gardner-Webb
business and industry merged ^rrfveron College in 194L Since this
to produce an almost ideal ^^ime lie has served faithluliy
community, will have felt campus on inursaay eve efficiently on the execu-
need for-further training in tive committee of the faculty,
many fields, and to that end ^ta|k at a meeting of the Y^ constantly
it IS endeavoring to partici- w. A. on that evemng, giving making of wise deci-
pate and meet every need, a general discussion on mis- welfare of, our
The people of this area sup- sions in China. college.
Visits Cullowhee she a to ,
consecrated, loyal mem
— ^ following churches
maintenance, fuel, light, and to the current ex-
incidentals are far beyond pgj^ggg college during
the amount which students November. We
pay for board, room, and tui gQj.j.y ^hat the December
tion. It IS, therefore, neces- jg complete as this
sary to secure addition funds pg^pgj. goes to press,
from some source or sources. Mounfain Association
CHURCH ENDOWED Mountam Association
Gardner-Webb has a
very small endowment
and a very dismal out
look for any great in
crease that would meet
the needs. The churches
are our endowment! They
have stood with the
college through the years,
they are increasing their
gifts to the college as they
see the work, and they
will continue to make it
possible for the college to
train leaders and follow
ers for this section and
for the world. We con
stantly thank God for the
churches, for their noble
pastors, and for the
NEARS $300,000
The memorial campaign for
the expansion fund of Gard
ner-Webb College is now ap
proaching the goal of $300,-
000.00 set for February 1,
1945. If a thorough effort is
maintained the goal set for
that date will be reached.
There has not been one goal
that had not been reached
and this will be no exception.
When that point is reached,
the final goal of $350,000.00
set for September 1 will begin
to loom before us.
Mr. Horace Easom and Mr.
Mai Spangler as co-chSirmen
of the memoral campaign are
expending much time and
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, chapel on Friday morning, ^as m charg^^^^ Unable To 1?pfjpp fOR A
President Phil Elliott made with every speech the great ^TlTen.^in^r^Lnf^^ commodote Still Others ,,,—, ,,,
Seeking Admission
I visit recently to the Great need of the Chinese people
of them. Then, in recalling
the program of that day we
hee, North Carolina.
^ ful manner in which Profes- Before the college opened Take twelve fine, full-
On Friday night Miss Law- ^
The purpose of his visit was mformative^ taBc'^on^^her presented the dis- iast7all, many students" were grown months; see that these
to give a book review on the ^he world as she tinguished guests who were turned away because there are thoroughly free from all
book entitled “Liberal Edu- returned from China. She ^ occasion, jjq room for them. Space old memories of bitterness,
cation Re-examined” by a ^^j^g Q^her missionaries Much we owe to our Profes- ^^s prepared in Huggins- rancor, hate, and. jealousy;
number of authors. This work ^gj.g fj-gg^j from the Japanese 9^ Natural Scien^. ihus Curtis Hall for several young cleanse them completely from
is a type of symposium com- prison camp bv negotiations dedicate The An- women but the space was not every clinging spite; pick off
piled by more than one per- (Continued on Page Three) artistic picture of nearly enough and many could all specks of pettiness and
The authors are Dr.
Greer, professor of Philoso- pni I UrT Dl AlWC
phy and President Brown of ^ULiLiHuJ-i rLiAl^iJ
The club to which he spoke
1 organized by President first time
’ chor”,
this college year. ^ot be accommodated. _ littleness—in short, see that
There are forty-two mini- these months are free from all
WnRRT niM ANNITAI sterial students now enrolled, the past, have them as fresh
TT VIIVIV v7ii rVlllTUALi 'pgjj other men are asking to and clean as when they first
come at the beginning of the came from the great store-
second semester, but there is house of Time.
jL.uiic iiiau uiiiJLc lii uiic no room for them and no Cut these months into thir-
Elliott when he taught there. Pardner - Webb The_ work on the college an- housing facilities for their ty or thirty-one eaual parts.
All college teachers and pro- „ v, i -ii progressing rapidly, families. Married men with This batch will keep for just
fessors are eligible for mem- *^ollege a summer school will Floyd Willis, Shelby photo- families now occupy every one year. Do not attempt to
bership in addition to any be held. Beginning the mid- grapher, was on the campus available space in the com- make up the whole batch at
outsiders who might be in- die of June, courses will be January 2 and 3rd to take in- munity. The need is great, one time (so many persons
terested in the activities. offered as required by those dividual and group pictures. These men and women are spoil the entire lot in this
Mr. Elliott also enjoyed students in attendance nro- Several views of the campus eager to prepare themselves way), but prepare one day at
winter ^ ^ remain to be taken. for greater service, but we a time, as foftows:
many picturesque winter ^^^ed there is sufficient de- gob Beason and the busi- have no place for them. Some Into each day put twelve
scenes while he was visiting, j^and for the subject. Tenta- ness staff had much success great-hearted men or women, parts of faith, eleven of pa-
A continuous blanket of snow |-jyg enrollment indications are in selling advertisements be- some church or churches tience, ten of courage, nine
shrouded the peaks, and that more than 50 are now ^*^re Christmas and the liter- ought to see this need and (Continued on Page Three)
shrubs were laden to capa- ready to come. Many of the f putting the fin- prepare to build small houses
«Tinw rans-ed from I a 4- • i ishing touches on the articles, or apartments on the campus
city The snow ranged Irom students who are now in col- Every effort is being made for use by these students.
one to several inches in depth. ]ggg have indicated that they to get the annual to the pub-
Knowing' how much Mr. interested in a summer Ushers and to the students as WILL BUILD LATER
Elliott loves mountains we geggion here. soon as possible.
are sure that he had a won- rpj^g dormitories will be
derful time. opeh and meals will be served. NO HURRY
Further announcement will Meek Voice: “Doctor, this
“I wonder why we never \gsug® ™ Henpeck. My wife has
manage to save anything.” Any person ’ interested in dislocated her Jaw. If
“It’s the neighbors, dear, gummer school may write to this way within
They’re always doing some- Dean C. H. Sullivan for parti- the next week or two, you
thing we can’t afford.” culars. might drop in.”
As soon as building
restrictions are lifted the
college will build to take
care of the young men
and women who want to
come to college here.
Many of our people who
are able owe it to make
an investment here in the
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THE LOG, catalogue of
Gardner-Webb College, will
soon go to press. The Log is
to be a new name for this
college publication and will be
something new in junior col
lege catalogues in that many
of the activities will be por
trayed by pictures. The Log
will come from the press
around March 1st.

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