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DECEMBER 14, 1966
“The Pilot” in a November 4, 1966, editorial on cheating overstepped
, its bounds somewhat with a general statement which could have been
interperted broadly as including the whole faculty.
Speaking of cheating, “The Pilot” stated' “Sometimes this is done
with the teacher well aware of what is going on.”
While this is true in a very, very small percentage of cases, it is true
in some. Only a few professors have approached the paper inquiring
about the statement but we do feel it is necessary to clarify our meaning.
You will find on page three a letter to the editor asking why the
administration does not abolish the rule against dancing at Gardner-Webb.
First of all, the administration has no more authority to allow dancing
than the students do. This rule is set down by the Baptist State Conven
tion. Of course, tjiis school could go against the convention and allow
dancing. This would only cost the school approximately $200,000 a year.
This is the sum the Convention and churches grant this school each year.
Students, that is costly dancing!
“The Pilot” is a student publication of Gardner-Webb College,
published bimonthly.
Editor Eddie Owens
Sports Editor Ervin Rhymer
Reporters Judy Hardin, Tina Ussery, Mike Shaw, Steve Gray,
Jean Garganus, and Arnold Melton
Typists Libby Brooks, Janet Biles, and Judy Ledbetter
Photographer Vernon Leary
Advisor Alex Vaughn
National Advertising Representative National Advertising, Inc.
National Advertising Representative - National Advertising, Inc.
Dear Editor,
Because of an early deadline for
information for the program of
names of several people who joined
the production crew or who donated
props or other services, after the
program had gone to press, were
omitted. The producttion would not
have been a success without thier
valuable help and I would like to
Dear Editor,
It is my personal feeling, which
I believe to be shared by the major
ity of this school’s students who had
the honor of hearing Mr. Jeff Espina
in concert Tuesday evening Nov.
15, that this college owes Mr. Espina
a formal apology. The fact that Mr.
Espina was requested to appear on
our stage and that he accepted in
good faith, appears to be overshad
owed by evidence that some mem
bers of our faculty feel called upon
to censor any and all material intro
duced to the student body which
might in the least imply the actual
state of conditions in the world
around us. It also appears that our
request for Mr. Espina to perform
for us in his own style and express
ing his own opinions on matters of
very real and factual life, which
apparently were contrary to that of
Dear Editor,
As a result of the concert Nov. 15
and after the comments - pro and
con - , I feel compelled to make a
position clear. The position of the
Director of the Distinquished Artist
Gardner-Webb College is a Christ
ian college. Being appointed to a
position on this faculty, and ap
pointed as director of a phase of
its program, means that I have
taken the responsibility of uphold
ing the standards of that college and
its basic principles. When a guest
artist - regardless of the individual -
presents a program that is, or hints
of, going contrary to the principles
of this standard, I am compelled
to inform that artist of his error in
as polite and positive manner as
If one student disagrees with the
principles of this college, and what
it stands for, a thorough search of
ethics is necessary.
Except for three or four question-
give them the praise they’re due.
They are: Pat Love, Chip Leslie,
David Crouch, Jim Whelan, and
Mrs. Blankenship, Mrs. F. G. Can
non, and the Slater Cafeterias. To
these and all the many others who
helped, my sincere thanks.
C. Robert Jones
some of the faculty, but seemed to
be readily appreciated by the stu
dents themselves, was rather ill-
mannerdly and embarrassingly with
drawn before Mr. Espina was allow
ed to complete his performance,
though that completion was strongly
demanded by the student body.
Therefore, since all evidence seems
to point to the fact that no one but
said members of the faculty objected
to the entertainment which was to
be for the student’s enjoyment, it is
in wy opinion a necessity that the
colege students and faculty offer Mr.
Espina their most humble apology
for the affront to him which was
totally uncalled for and embarrass
ing to all concerned.
With all due respect to our hon
ored faculty,
Bing Creasy
able numbers it was a good concert,
presented in an enjoyable manner.
But in this day and age, is there no
way possible that on a Christian
College Campus a performer can
not present a concert before a mixed
audience, including impressionable
children without becoming suggest
ive? I was informed by Mr. Espina’s
agent that his concert would be
above reproach, that it was a pro
gram worthy of a denominational
Institution. I feel as most students,
that it was not as worthy as it
should have been.
Regardless of my position, as a
person I must disagree with those
who say questionable material
should be permitted on a Christian
College Campus. It is the policy of
this college that no such material be
sanctioned by any school personnel.
Until such time as that policy is
changed, I will continue to uphold
Jerry R. Hill

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