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"It^s The Real Thing"
Claypool Leads 72
Religious Emphasis Week
Co-ordinators of Religious Emphasis Week, “It’s the Real Thing,”
view the publicity sign for the week. Pictured from right to left arel
Mike Shook, BSU President, Dr. Robert Lamb and Mr. Robert Deckw'.
SGA News
Dr. Arthur Nuhrah was elected
to be the faculty advisor as well
as parlimentarian to the Student
Government Senate. Dr. Nuhrah
has been serving as parliamentar
ian and with the removal of Dr.
Ellenburg as faculty advisor, the
Senate voted at a special call-
meeting on January 25 to allow
Dr. Nuhrah to serve as faculty ad
visor also.
Other business included con
sideration of senate absenteeism
and the vote to begin impeach
ment procedure against four sen
ators for negligence of duty and
failure to attend meetings. These
senators are Henry Allen, a sopho
more senator; Ricki Barker, a
junior senator; Phil Hopkins, a
senior senator; and Tommy Way,
senator-at-large. These senators
will be required to go before the
Judicial Board.
The twenty-six senators present
began to fill vacancies in the Sen
ate involving students who did not
return this second semester or
who submitted their resignation.
To replace Clara Eggleston from
Hapy Dorm is Debbie Moore;
Mary Suttle, a freshman senator
will be replaced by Brad McBride;
Lee Teeter and Suzi Conner, day
students, will be replaced by
Susan Byers and Sam Madison;
and as Senator-at-large, Dicky
Brown will replace Robert Thomp-
five-day Religious Emphasis
Week featuring Dr. John Claypool,
pastor of the Broadway Baptist
Church, Fort Worth, Texas, is be
ing held on campus this week.
The purpose of this designated
week is to show that the gospel
introduced in the fall revival with
Dr. Cal Guy, also includes an em
phasis on responsible involvement
in solving the problems of the
world and the individual.
The theme for the week is “It’s
the Real Thing.” According to Mr.
Robert Decker, Baptist Student
Union Director, the “real thing”
is life, specifically the Christian
life. In accordance with the theme,
the song for the week is “It’s the
Real Thing,” the Coca Cola theme
Dr. Claypool, the speaker for
each morning assembly on Mon
day, Wednesday, and Friday, is a
graduate of Baylor University and
Southern Baptist Theological Sem
inary. He served as pastor of the
Crescent Hill Baptist Church, Lou
isville, Kentucky, from 1960-71. Dr.
Claypool was also the chairman of
the Christian Life Commission
which is an agency of the Southern
Baptist Convention dealing with
Christian living. Mr. Decker stated
that he is a well-known Baptist
pastor and an "outstanding speaker
on Christian Ethics.”
The week prior to Religious Em
phasis Week, February 1, Jerry
Buckner, consultant on campus
ministeries for the Student Depart
ment, Baptist Sunday School
Board, Nashville, Tennessee, spoke
in chapel as the introductory speak-
Religious Emphasis Week in
volves required chapel sessions on
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
frim 9:40-10:30. The class sched
ule on Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday will be adjusted with
shortened classes. Optional sem
inars led by topic personalities are
on Tuesday and Thursday morning
at 9:30 and Tuesday and Thursday
evening at 6:00. Students are not
requried to attend the seminar ses-
Topics for discussion for the
week-long emphasis include such
subjects as: The Christian and the
Alcohol and Drug Problem, Chris
tian Marriage, Clash of World
Philosophies, Everyday Problems
of Being a Real Person, Facing
Honest Doubt about Doing the
Will of God, Moral Issues Con
fronting Christian Students, Now
that you are 18 and have the vote.
Population Explosion, Poverty and
John R. Dover Memorial Library
Friday Night At The Movies
The Student Entertainment Com
mittee is bringing the movie “The
RA Expeditions” to campus Fri
day night February 11, 1972. The
movie will be presented in Ham
rick Auditorium at 8:00 p.m.
“The RA Expeditions” is the
award-winning film account of
of seven
from seven nations and embarked
from Safi, Morocco. RA I sailed
to within 600 miles of landfall
before breaking up and sinking.
Undaunted, Heyerdahl tried
again the next summer with RA
II, 10 feet shorter and of slightly
Thor Heyerdahl’s epic voyages by different design. RA II successful-
Dover Library Soon Underway
Construction is to begin late this
spring or summer on the new John
R. Dover, Sr., Library. The struc
ture will be completed sometime
in 1974, according to Mr. Alton H.
Malone, head librarian.
The new library is a fitting
memorial to the memory of the
community - minded man who
founded the Dover Textile Group
and made it possible for so many
of this employees to advance their
own careers. This new learning
facility constitutes the core of the
academic program being planned
for the senior college.
With three floors, the new John
R. Dover Library will have 45,000
square feet of floor space, and a
maximum capacity of 150,000
The bottom floor will house a
teaching material center, an audio
visuals laboratory, a library-science
classroom, a record room, and also
stacks and seating.
The ground floor has the main
entrance to the building. It in
cludes a periodicals area, both cur
rent and bound, a special collec
tions room with archives and
donated collections valuable to
the school, a reference section, a
circulation area, a card catalog,
library offices and lounge for li
brary staff, a staff work area and
technical processing area, and an
outside loading dock.
The main purpose of the third
floor is seating space, book space,
and individual and group study
The new library will be located
in the parking lot behind Decker
and in front of Myers Dorm.
This modern library will be a
great service to the students as
their library needs have increased
since Gardner-Webb has become a
senior college.
paper boat from Africa to the
Heyerdahl, famous for his Kon-
Tiki and Aku-Aku adventures,
made the voyages with eight other
brave men, a monkey and a duck
to prove that a boat made only of
papyrus reeds and a rope—a copy
of those used thousands of years
ago—could have carried early
travelers across the Atlantic to
South America many centuries be
fore Columbus.
Experts warned him not to try,
but in 1969 he hired boatwrights
from Chad, Africa, to build RA I,
named for the Egyptian sun god.
ly sailed 3,270 miles
from Safi to Barbados in the West
“The RA Expeditions” was a
winner at the 1971 MIFED In
ternational Film Festival in Milan.
Students will be admitted to this
film free of charge by getting a
ticket at Mr. Poston’s office and
outsiders will be charged $1.00 at
the door.
The response to “Cool- Hand
Luke” prompted this movie. Per
haps if the response remains good,
the students will have more movies
this semester on campus. Register
your preferences with Mr. Poston.
Hunger in the World, and War
and Peace.
Local community personalities
will be leading many of the sem
inar sessions. Some of these peo
ple include; Dr. Gene Washburn;
Mrs. Harold Causby, a Christian
mother from First Baptist Church,
Shelby; Otis Wilson, assiciate pas
tor, Shelby Presbyterian Church;
George Webb, pastor, Shelby Pres
byterian Church; and Joe Mauney,
Shelby city attorney. Along with
each guest personality, a faculty
member will act as host in each
Mr. Decker revealed that com
munity speakers are being used as
an effort to draw the student body
and community closer together. “It
is hoped that students will be
come more aware of their respon
sibility to help other people and to
share life,” Decker stated.
One feature of Religious Em
phasis Week is the dormitory rap
sessions that were held on Monday
night, February 7 at 9:00 p.m. Dr.
C. Lampley and Dr. H. Farrior
from Shelby assisted by Dr. Fur
man Hewitt and Mr. Lyman Far
rell spoke to the girls concerning
abortion. At the same time rap
sessions were held in the boys
During the week, a survey is
being conducted concerning stu
dent interest and community ser
vice. The survey is being con
ducted by Mrs. Dan Proctor. After
the results of the survey have been
tabulated an attempt will be made
to give every student who express
es an interest, an opportunity to
serve in the communities around
us in a meaningful way.
Mr. Jim Green, the state Baptist
Student Union Secretary for the
North Carolina Baptist Convention
will be on campus Thursday and
Friday to talk to the students. He
along with Dr. Claypool will at
tend regular sessions throughout
the week.
In preparation for the Emphasis
Week, a Baptist Student Union
Prayer and Practice Retreat was
held at Camp Grier, Old Fort,
North Carolina, on February 4-5.
The over-night retreat consisted of
the final music preparation for the
Religious Emphasis Week.
Chapel Construction Near Completion
Construction is expected to be
completed in April on the John R.
Dover Memorial Chapel, if good
weather prevails. The last build
ing to be erected through the pro
ceeds of the 1965 capital gifts cam
paign for Gardner-Webb, the
chapel was made possible through
the gifts of the Shelby industrial-
*^Vhe $300,000 building will seat
336 in the chapel area, house eight
offices and three classrooms in the
basement. The basement is hoped
to be finished by February. TThe
chapel offices include a Baptist
Student Union office and college
minister’s office.
Work on the new John R. Dover Memorial Chapel, above, is n
completion. It will provide a main focal point at the entrance to

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