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SGA Elections Ahead
For Student Body
MU» Suzi Bahtkel wa« crowned 1972 SweetheaH Queen, February 14, at
the Annual Sweetheart Banquet. Miss Linda Albright was runner-up.
1971 que«n, Lanita Wright, crowns Suzi above. A native of Matthews,
Suzl is • (rsshman at G-W.
Troup Presents Luther
The Distinguished Artist Series
will include a presentation of
John Osborne’s "Luther,” a play
to be performed by the Aipha-
Omega Players of Dallas, Texas.
The epic will be presented with
a minimum of props and costumes
in Hamrick Auditorium on March
Starring in “Luther” will be
Barbara Lowry, Scott Avery, Jem
Graves, and Craig Torrence. The
Career Day
A Career Day on Wednesday,
March 29, 1972 is being sponsored
by the Board of Advisors of
Gardner-Webb College, the first of
its kind on this campus.
The purpose of the day will be
to expose the entire Student Body
to the various vocational oppor
tunities that would be open to
them as well as hold possible in
terviews for future employment.
As many leading business firms
and Industries will be represented
as possible.
Exhibit booth spaces will be as
sembled in Bost Gymnasium for
each firm. The booths will be open
from 10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and
from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
This day will hopefully be pro
fitable to the student body, but
especially to the seniors, as they
begin to look for jobs for next
Alpha-Omega Players, Repertory
Theatre of America, traveled more
than 600,000 miles in the last four
years and presented more than
2,000 performances in 45 states.
This ranks them as one of the
most active touring theatre groups
in the country. Drexel H. Riley is
the producer-director of the group.
Selected highlights from Os
borne’s “Luther” will portray this
Sixteenth Century “angry young
man” in a passionate struggle with
his own conscience and his revolt
against the authorities of the
Catholic Church, which led to Pro
testantism. Luther was searching
for a faith to hold when he be
came beset with disbelief in The
Establishment — a search with
which many young people in to
day’s struggle can identify.
Though Martin Luther provoked
bitter controversy, not to n ention
200 years of religious wars, Os
borne’s play about him provoked
no particular controversy in its
original London and New York
presentations. Audiences of all
faiths regarded it not as religious
history, nor even as a biography,
but as a sweeping drama of size
and power about the most pro
found human feelings.
The play won the New York
Drama Critics’ Circle Award and
the Tony Award of the 1963-1964
season. The English Playwright,
John Osborne achieved world re-
known with his play "Look Back
in Anger” in the mid-1950’s and
also is authorship of the Oscar-
winning movie, "Tom Jones.”
Student nomination and election
of the five general officers for the
Student Government Association
1972-73 will be held during March,
The executive body includes a
President, Vice President, Secre
tary, Treasurer, and Chief Justice.
The nominations for election must
be made by petition only and the
deadline to submit all petitions is
Friday, March 3. All petitions must
bear one hundred Association sig
natures and they will be received
by the Secretary of the Associa-
AlphaNu Omega
After many weeks of hard work
reorganizing Alpha Nu Omega,
this club officially became “Alpha
Nu Omega, Inner-Club Council of
Gardner-Webb College” on Feb
ruary 8, 1972.
The club’s staled purposes are
to unify all campus activities, co
ordinate organizational activities,
initiate new projects and club par
ticipation, promote interest and
participation of inactive organiza
tions, co-ordinate the schedule of
organizational meetings, and facili
tate communication among campus
A recognized club is one which
has been approved by a majority
vote of the Inner-Club Council
and the Student Life Committee
and has complied with the policies
set forth by the club. A club which
is not recognized has no right to
the meeting places on campus, the
fi.iancial guidelines of the college
for clubs, and is therefore not
recognized or non-existant.
There are many clubs on campus
which have no record of being in
existance with the Student Activi
ties Office, or with the Inner-Club
CoSncil. These clubs will be drop
ped from record if no one is noti
fied of their intention of member
ship in the Inner-Club Council.
They must meet the requirements
which include submitting a consti
tution of their club.
Pilot Potpourri
Applications are now being
taken for 1972-1973 student Pub
lications editors. An editor will be
chosen for the ANCHOR, Gard-
ner-Webb’s annual, and THE
Qualifications are that the stu
dent must have a 2.0 average or
better, and be interested in student
Applications should be made by
April 7, in 111 CID. If anyone
would like to talk to this year’s
editors, Tom Parker or Kathy
Daves, they may do so in 112 CID.
Two hundred students replied
to the survey taken in chapel Feb
ruary 15 on involvement in the
community as a follow-up on Re
ligious Emphasis Week. There
were fifty-three students who ex
pressed interest in tutoring, forty-
seven in the rest home ministry,
thirty-three in community improve
ment, forty six in visiting, and
twenty-one students who expressed
interest in “others” which ranged
from counseling and coaching to
work with alcoholics. These stu
dents are now being contacted by
Mr. Decker.
The Gardner-Webb College
Chorus and Ensemble, conducted
by Dr. Charles Hirt, have on sell
in the Bookstore albums of their
performance of Mendelssohn’s St.
Paul Oratorio. This was presented
last December at Boiling Springs
Baptist Church.
The albums are $4.00 and can
be purchased anytime this semes-
MACK President
Visits Campus
Mr. Zeanon Hansen, President
and Chairman of the Board of
Mack Trucks Incorporation, made
a visit to the campus of Gardner-
Webb College February 15. He
was presented an Honorary Life
time membership in the Bulldog
Club, by Dr. Robert Litton, presi
Since the bulldog is the Mack
Truck Advertising symbol, Mr.
Hansen took an interest in Gard
ner-Webb and flew down on his
Lear jet to Shelby. Greeted by
students and cheerleaders, he was
taken to the President’s home for
a dinner with the SGA senators,
officers, and judicial board.
Mr. Hansen came as a guest of
Coach Holbrook to the game play
ed against UNC-Asheville. He pre
sented the college with a sculp
tured bulldog, no. 51 of a limited
edition of 100.
The qualifications for President
as stated in Article VIII of the
Constitution insist that the Presi
dent be a member of the Associa
tion and have at least a 2.50
Q.P.R. the previous semester and
a 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) overall
standing at Gardner-Webb at the
time of election and be free from
disciplinary probation. Also the
President must be a rising senior
at the time he/she takes office.
The qualifications for Vice Pres
ident and Chief Justice are the
same as those specified for the
President. The Secretary and
Treasurer must be a member of
the Association and have at least
a 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) overall
stjinding and be free from disci-
filinary probation. The qualifica
tions for the offices of Secretary
and Treasurer also specify that
they have at least a rising junior
at the time of election.
The primary election will be
held on Wednesday and Thursday,
March 22-23 which is the third
week following the close of nom
inations. The purpose of this elec
tion is to eliminate all the candi
dates, except the two for each
office receiving the highest number
of votes; also each tied nominee
for the first or second place shall
be a candidate in the general elec
tion. Should a candidate receive a
simple majority of the votes cast
and there is a clear winner in the
primary election, he will be de
clared elected and there will be no
general election.
Campaigning by the candidates
will take place during the two
weeks prior to the primary elec
tion. Nominations which have been
approved in accordance with the
Constitution will be posted by the
Secretary one week prior to the
elections. The campaign speeches
will be heard on Thursday, March
16 in an assembly session.
The general election will be held
on Tuesday and Wednesday,
March 28-29, the week following
the primary election. The primary
and general elections are conducted
by secret ballot and the returns
will be posted one day following
the day on which the election is
The Senate met on February 8,
1972 and the order of business in
cluded the replacing of three sena
tors who had resigned. David Kir-
denal will replace Phil Hopkins as
a senior senator, John Fowler will
replace Ricki Barker representing
the Junior class, and Bob Thomas
was appointed to the position of
senator-at-large replacing Tommy
The Student Government Rec
reational Facilities Committee pre
sented their income statement for
January 1972. The revenue brought
in included $1,060.66. This in
cluded $540.96 from flipper mach
ines, 78.35 from the foosball
machines, $60.65 from the juke
box, $362.71 from the pool tables,
$.20 from the vending machines,
and the total profit included
$1,034.26. The money was used to
pay for the pool tables and also in
the upkeep of the equipment.
The proposed SGA Administra
tive Budget was presented to the
Senate. The budget is submitted
as the initial request of the SGA.
It reflects anticipated administra
tive needs for the 1972-73 year and
does not reflect the total overall
needs of all facets of student gov
ernment. The submission of this
administrative budget was hope
fully a beginning step which will
lead to expanded allotments by the
college, directly applicable to
branches of student government
and covering student related ex
penses presently included in the
budgets of various administrative
departments of the college.
Items under the Account for
SGA Administration include $3,-
500.00 for assistantships, $600.00
for an office secretary, $100.00 to
ward office maintenance, $500.00
for office supplies and prmting,
$325.00 for office equipment,
$240.00 for the office telephone,
$100.00 for publications and
$300.00 under contigency.
Other items included under SGA
Conferences were $700.00 for
SUSGA Conferences and $300.00
for SGA Leadership.
The proposed budget does not
include the Entertainment budget
which is a separate account. This
needs from this year and the anti
cipated needs for next year. The
budget was submitted by president
Jeff Cranford.

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