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    Page 2, THE PILOT, Gardner-Webb College, March 1, 1972
Leadership Key To Student Power
Gardner-Webb sLudents have more power than ever before. Students
have been placed on all faculty committees and with the active Student
Senate, students are being seen and heard. The new Student Govern
ment Constitution gave the students some rope to work with. It is ap
parent that the key to an effective SGA is concerned and alert student
We need to plan now for next year! An assistantship as a work-
study program for the five executive officers would enhanse the position
and give more students an opportunity to consider running for election.
The SGA officers spend more than the fifteen hours per week attending
committee meetings and fulfilling other responsibilities. Most students
must wor kto pay their way to Gardner-Webb and would not have the
free-time to be an all-involved SGA officer. The money would not be
sufficient to equal the time and work required, certainly an assistantship
program is worth considering if the executive officers can be expected to
be leaders giving their all.
The student’s application of his theorized power could and is be
coming a reality. Success and progress depends on the SGA leaders and
every student’s support of his elected leaders. We need to start now to
plan for next year. Who on campus are capable of fulfilling the execu
tive positions next year? S A H
For What It^s Worth
A petition has been distributed around campus stating that “We
the undersigned, give our support to the traditional May Day activities
and are opposed to it being replaced by a Spring Carnival.” In attempt
ing to secure signatures supporting the plea it was found that many
students “could care less.” If this is the existing attitude then maybe
May Day or Spring Jubilee in any form has lost its meaning and pur
pose. Many students are indifferent and oblivious, so why should a few
students and faculty members knock themselves out planning, decorat
ing, and directing? Would students object if there was no Spring acti
vity? In essence, is May Day still relevant and applicable to the Gardner-
Webb student today?
“Emphasis on responsible involvement in solving the problems of
the world and the individual” was the publicized purpose of our Spring
Religious Emphasis Week. The week proved that involvement and con
cern cannot be forced on any person. Seminar sessions were made avail
able to students during the week and the conferences that were most
attended included: Facing Honest Doubt About Doing the Will of God,
Moral Issues Confronting Christian Students, Poverty and Hunger in the
World, and Christian Marriage. (This response! may indicate the con
cerns of students today.) The session which was attended by the least
number of students was Now that You Are 18 and Have the Vote and
this may reflect the apathy of adults in youth. The conferences were
available to each student for his choice, and not requiring each student
to attend the seminar sessions was beneficial. Any person will benefit
more from attending a conference of his own choice, and being there
because he wants to be there, then if he is forced to be present. Although
the overall attendance was not uplifting, it was not disappointing m
that the students who wanted to participated. The week proved that it
the sessions are worth attending and are appealing, then students will
be responsive.
Choral Ensemble On Tour
The Gardner-Webb Choral En
semble will begin their annual
spring tour on Saturday, March 4
with a concert at the Calvin
Heights Baptist Church in Morgan-
ton. The Ensemble will be touring
at churches and high schools in
North* Catolina and Virginia from
March 4-9.
The performances on March 5
will be at College Avenue Baptist
Church in Lenoir, Greenway Bap
tist Church in Boone, and Pleasant
Hill Baptist Church in Elkin.
On March 6 the three perfor
mances will be at North Surry
High School in Mt. Airy, Stone-
ville High School in Stoneville.
and First Baptist Church in Troy.
Tuesday, March 7 will include
concerts at Forest Hills High
School in Marshville, Bowman
High School in Wadesboro, and
Elizabethtown Baptist Church.
Programs will be presented at
North Pitt High School in Bethel
and Norview Baptist Church in
Norfolk, Virginia on March 8.
The final performances will be
on March 9 at Chowan College
in Murfreesboro and Southside
Baptist Church in Greensboro.
The College Ensemble is the of
ficial Touring Choir of the college.
It is composed of thirty select
voices determined by audition. The
compositions presented include
sacred and secular selections for
men’s and women’s voices as well
as for mixed courses. The En
semble is directed by Dr. George
by Phil honk
'suRe L WAS rmwL TO m uum
7 (jiiAS
Senate Absentees
FEBRUARY 8, 1972
Jim Aaron
Stephanie Angeo
Joe Bennett
Steve Carswell
Daryl Corley
Gail Davis
Sam Mattison
Judy Smith
Dick Stewart
Victor Back
From Mexico
Ay, amigo! I just got back from
Mexico where our Bulldogs proved
once again their superiority on the
hardwood court.
The trip was extremely exciting.
While the ’Dogs were battling the
University of Guadalajara and
Monterey Tech, I was exploring
the delights of Mexico City. After
dining on enchiladas and tortillas
I took an afternoon siesta in a
sun-baked corner of the town
plaza. That evening I entertained
a little chihuahua in a quaint spot
off the beaten track. Traveling
about town in a local taxi, I saw
many of the sights which most
tourists miss. While I became well
acquainted with lesser-visited slums
and shopping areas, I still went to
the “tourista traps” where I was
encouraged to buy souveniors and
gifts by the local merchants. While
I was reluctant to part with my
American dollars, I understand
other members of the group gave
up their cash for a few shiny
blades and a couple of pesos
change. In fact, customs officers
at the airport were quite impressed
with their purchases.
Be sure to look for my letter
in the next PILOT. Until then,
Adios amigos.
In My Opinion ...
During February 7-11, the stu
dents and staff of Gardner-Webb
College were “participants” in Re
ligious Emphasis Week. Or a
3 the i;
. Yet c
The Pilot
Editor Kathy Daves
Assistant Editor Samala High
Sports Editor Richard Granger
Assistant Sports Editor Carrol Garrett
Photographer Phil Swanson, Garry Cloer
Staff Patsy Bumgarner, Mike Darby, Becky
Henley, Johnny Hoey, Bill Kelley,
Wanda McClure, Burt Skinner,
Donna Turner.
Advisor Mr. Bill Boyd
Published by the students of Gardner-Webb College, Boiling
Springs, North Carolina 28017. Advertising rate is $2.00 per
column inch. Telephone 434-2211.
The opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily
those of the faculty, administration, or student body.
again, our school has failed to
grasp the necessity of making Re
ligious Emphasis Week, Fall Re
vival, and weekly chapel real en
counters with God. We have been
herded and captured by college
policies into a hot, uncomfortable
are able to hear
, eye
of living that are
only talked about and not lived.
Because of this, many students
are forced to escape this coercive
atmosphere by reading or day
dreaming or some other mental
exercise. While some of us have
been able to find insight and bless
ing from the services, a greater
number has been bored and dis
couraged by the attitude which is
Religious Emphasis Week points
to the need to improve and vitalize
the Christian spirit on our campus.
Jesus Christ was followed by men.
Throughout history, His people
have followed Him. While He
sought Man and came to be the
cure of our spiritual and physical
ills, he does not force men to come
to Him. Rather, they are com
pelled to be with Him because
they have recognized for them
selves the love and mercy which
He is witness to. Men were at
tracted to Him, not pushed by
others to His feet.
Further, Jesus treated each man
as an individual. He did not group
them together and approach them
in the same way. Throughout His
ministry, He treated people as sep
arate creations, unfulfilled and
needing Him in their lives.
At Gardner-Webb, we need a
realization of God as He is seen
in the Bible. It will never happen
through chapel or revivals or any
other similar activity. While many
improvements and creative ideas
have been implemented to make
these times more worshipful, the
spirit which exists when students
are required to attend chapel
makes it difficult to succeed in
doing so. To realize Gardner-
Webb’s purpose of “developing
quality Christian students who
think for themselves,” these stu
dents must be allowed, after view
ing the testimony of Christian
lives and not hearing the words
of what some believe to be hypo
critical messages, to think for
themselves and decide to follow
We can only decide to follow
Him for ourselves. We can only
lead others to follow Him by the
examples of our lives.
Actions speak louder than
words, especially those words
which are hidden in coercion and
—Bill Kelley
Ever since I have been at
Gardner-Webb I have been shock
ed at the lack of honor that many
students possess. They do not think
it’s wrong to get someone else to
write their English theme or to
copy answers off someone else’s
What has shocked me even more
is the apathic attitude of many
professors toward cheating. I have
listened to professors lecture
against cheating but they have
been afraid to really do something
At the high school I went to,
we were required to pledge every
assignment with the following
statement written in our own
handwritting: “I have neither
given nor received any help on
this examination nor have I seen
anyone doing the same.” Before
we could even register for classes
we had to sign the honor code.
I would like to make the fol
lowing suggestions: (1) that all,
both students and professors, ser
iously examine themselves in what
they can do to prevent cheating;
(2) that no professor give the
same test twice or let any copies
of a test circulate before all have
taken the test; and, (3) the Stu
dent Government Association de
velop a honor code that all stu-
It is shocking, at least to me and
to all of us, that Gardner-Webb
College has become known as a
cheating school. Now is the time
for us to do something to change
this reputation.
Both students and professors
must act. I call upon the SGA to
make the first step. If we are to
be a respected senior college, we
must enforce standards that de
mand respect.
Sincerely yours,
Steve Tower
The Pacific, Gas and Electric
were told they could not perform
at Gardner-Webb College on
Thursday, February 17, 1972.
By contract, P. G. & E. were
to give an hour concert beginning
at 9:00 p.m. in Bost Physical Edu
cation furnishing their own sound
P., G. & E. stated their sound
system was on a truck, broken
down, sixty miles from Columbia,
S. C. WARM, the opening act,
was asked if P., G. & E. Could
use their sound system. WARM
These conditions made a con
cert impossible. The assembled
group was told that because of the
existing conditions a ticket would
be passed out at the door for those
attending concert other than
Gardner-Webb students for the
February 19, 1972.
P., G. & E. came into the gym
nasium, talked to WARM about
using their sound system. WARM
had already refused P., G. & E.
using their sound system. At this
time it was announced again that
the night’s concert was terminated
and that P., G. & E. would not
This is interpreted by me as a
breach of contract and no pay
ment was made to P., G. & E.
Tom Poston
On February 7, 1972, the PILOT
received a letter from some stu
dents in Spangler and Myers
dorms, signed “Complaint Unlimit
ed.” It is a policy of this paper to
only print those letters which are
signed. If the writer wishes, his
name may be withheld at request,
but the editor must know who
wrote it. This policy and others
were stated in the first edition of
the PILOT, September 14, 1971.
It is regrettable that the letter
could not be printed, since it con
tained some valuable remarks.
These remarks concerned the ab
sence of sidewalks near the dorms.
When it rains, the men have to
walk in mud or on the road and
get their feet soaked in the pud
dles. The men also complained
about the repulsive odor and
stagnated water outside the back
of the cafeteria, that they have to
walk by on their way to eat.
It is suggested that “Complaints
Unlimited” see their senators about
some action. In fact, action has
reportedly already been taken by
the senate.
The PILOT also welcomes fur
ther letters on the subject, pro
vided they are signed.

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