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February 11-15 has been chosen as Christian Emphasis Week this year
on Gardner-Webb campus. Dr. John Drakeford from Texas, wiU be our
guest speaker. He is the Professor of Psychology and Counseling at South
western Baptist Theological Seminary at Fort Worth, Texas.
His wife, Robina, will be accompanying him. She was born in Scotland
and raised in Australia. She has been in the United States eighteen years.
Both Dr. and Mrs. Drakeford will be speaking to the student body. Mrs.
Drakeford will lead an Experiential Bible Study on Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday evenings at 9:00 p.m. Thirty is the maximum number for this
group, so students will be asked to preregister. The place is the Bulldog
Room in the gymnasium.
Dr. Drakeford’s chapel topics are as follows:
The Developing Love Life
Why Sexual Morality?
Whither Family life?
Farewell to the Lonely Crowd
The Awesome Power of the Listening Ear
Dr. Drakeford has received five degrees and is the author of sixteen
books. One of these books is used as a textbook here at GWC, Psychology
in Search of a Soul.
Pre-Emphasis Week
On Campus
Here we go again! New and old
faces, lines coming and going,
papers to fill out—all the hassels
and enjoyments of the beginning of
second semester.
To all of those who have regis
tered themselves “lock, stock, and
barrel” to this institution, I hope
you know what you’re doing!! Seri
ously, I would like to say that it is
great you are here. This college is
now yours; it belongs to you. For
some of you it is the first time, you
have a fresh start; a clean slate to
begin with, a new life, a different
way of living. It is up to you upon
what you do with it and how you do
it. Make it the best.
For those of us who are re
turning, welcome back. We have a
“second chance” as Rev. Buddy
Freeman, college minister, said in a
Wednesday night prayer meeting.
We can do those things that were
from the mistakes we made. (That
is, if there were any made!)
A special thanks and recognition
is now given to Ann Crump, chair
man of orientation and to the entire
committee for the magnificent job
that they did. (You can especially
thank Rick Walters and Bob Linde-
man for your pictures on your ID
cards, new students.) It’s students
such as those who you saw behind
desks that become your friends and
want you to be theirs, also.
As said many times on different
occasions, the PILOT is the college
newspaper put out by students for
anyone who is interested in it. You
are welcome at any time to visit the
publication room which is located
on the top floor of the CID
building. Room 112. Help is needed
on the staff and your ability to
write, type, interview, draw, or
anything will be greatly appreci
ated and used.
Events of REW
Required chapel in the gym M-W-F,
Non-required chapel in Dover
Chapel, T-T, 9:30 a.m.
Evening meetings in Dover Chapel,
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurs
day evenings, 6:15 —7:00p.m.
The annual Sweetheart Banquet
will be on Monday night.
Ray Stevens will give a concert at
8:00 on Thursday night in the gym
On Tuesday morning, February
5, which is the week before REW,
Rev. Ed Kilbourne, founder of
Spirit Incorporated, a group of ar
tists who use their art in Christian
witness, will be the “pre-emphasis
week” folk singer. Others groups
will be those affliated with the
college such as the Folk with
Faith, Re-Generation, Chorus, and
The SGA Handbook Committee
announces the following guidelines
for the Handbook Cover Design
Contest for the 1974-1975 edition:
1. The competition is open to
all Gardner-Webb students.
2. The design is to be sub
mitted on 8'/2 by 11 inch paper to
the SGA office and accompanied by
the following information: Name,
home address, school address, and
classification. The number of en
tries per student is unlimited.
3. The entries shall be judged
on the basis of originality, creativi
ty, spirit, and the over-all appeal of
the design.
4. A $25 prize wiU be awarded
to the winner.
A deadline date wiU be an-
The Handbook Committee chair
man is Charlotte Mayer with Julie
Yarborough Bennett and Donna
'Pressley as members.
Many people shy away from be
coming involved with problems of
other people. Danny Cook of Boone
does not shy away and for his ef
forts is receiving national recogni-
Cook, a freshman at Gardner-
Webb College, has been saddened
by the heartbreak that birth de
fects bring to a family since his ele
mentary school days when he first
became aware of the problem. As a
sixth grader Cook became involved
with the March of Dimes and since
then has become a youth leader in
the organization.
During his junior and senior
years in high school he served as
the Blue Ridge council chairman
for six counties in Western North
Carolina. The summer of 1973 he
was appointed as the Western
North Carolina chairman over the
March of Dimes’ Teen Action Pro
gram (TAP) and College Action
Program (CAP).
As the Western North Carolina
youth chairman. Cook attended the
March of Dimes Convention in
Boulder, Colorado this past
summer where the trend to his na
tional recognition began. While at
the convention, he and Tammy
Martin, a delegate from Louisiana,
sang a song which he had written
about Kathy Garver, the national
youth chairman, for the March of
Miss Garver, better known as
Sissy on the television program.
Family Affair, had served the or
ganization for six years. Cook com
posed the song in two days. He was
asked to write another song.
Recently the organization
adopted a new youth symbol. It
was felt by the national leaders
that a theme song was needed to
amplify the meaning of the March
“I now declare you aU American
citizens” are the words that made
Wednesday, November 7 a red
letter day in the life of the family of
a former officer in the Nationalist
Chinese Army. Chit-Fu Chang, a
mathematics professor at Gardner-
Webb College, along with his wife
and three children received their
citizenship papers in Asheville.
The trip to citizenship for the
Changs began when Professor
Chang, then Captain Change, was
an officer in the Nationalist Chi
nese Army of Chang Kai Shek.
Professor Chang fled the on-
rushing Communist for Taiwan in
1949 where he stayed 10 years be
fore coming to America.
Professor Chang arrived in
America to stay in January 1966
and in August of 1967 his family
joined him in Boiling Springs. With
all of the Chang family on Ameri
can soil the first hurdle was crossed
by applying for permanent resi
Finally, after living in America
for the required five years and
taking numerous tests, their long
journey ended when they were de-
of Dimes symbol. Cook was con
tacted by Mrs. Louise Roy, the di
rector of youth activities for the
national foundation, to compose a
theme song for the national organi-
Cook wrote “Moving Moun
tains” which has been adopted na
tionally as the March of Dimes
youth theme song.
Cook has many responsibilities
in the national organization. He
helps coordinate youth programs
for the state. He makes appear
ances throughout the state
speaking to civic organizations and
schools on the role of the March of
Despite a heavy academic load at
Gardner-Webb, Cook wants to
work with high schools in the area
and let them know about the March
of Dimes. He also hopes to hold a
symposium on the March of Dimes
at Gardner-Webb.
He spoke recently on the organi
zation’s activities to a statewide
youth symposium.
“The March of Dimes is an edu
cational and fund raising organi
zation that works to combat birth
defects,” said Cook. “The March of
Dimes serves the public by pro
viding funds for research, offers
medical services, provides profes
sional education and public health
education and offers valuable com
munity services. Now that polio
has almost been eliminated the ef
forts of the organization are aimed
toward birth defects.
“After seeing kids mentally and
physically defective and seeing
what the March of Dimes was
doing to combat this I wanted to
become more involved. The more I
saw the more I wanted to do. I hope
to make these problems the center
of my life’s work.”
clared American citizens by Fede
ral Judge Woodrow Jones, in the
U.S. District Court for the Western
District of North Carolina. Judge
Jones, a member of Gardner-
Webb’s Board of Trustees along
with the federal court clerk, Toliver
Davis, also a G.W. trustee, heartily
congratulated the Changs
following the courts dismissal.
“Freedom is a word not to be
taken lightly” said Professor
Chang. “Once you have been on the
other side of freedom then you can
really appreciate it. I sometimes
feel that too many Americans take
the many freedoms they have for
Most immigrants upon arriving
in America settle in the big cities
but the Changs wanted a more
peaceful, settled environment. Pro
fessor Chang believes that Cleve
land County and Gardner-Webb
had a lot to do with his family’s
deep appreciation for America.
“You’ve heard the saying
‘America love it or leave it’ well, we
love it and never want to leave it.
We thank God that we are now
American citizens.”
Editor Bidgie Buchanan
Sports Editor Carroll Davis
News Editor Bud Thomas
Cartoonist Steve Johns
Photographers Garry Cloer,
Wayne Wike
Staff Lori Starnes,
Charlotte Meyer, Donna Pressley,
Chapie Chapman
Advisor Mr. Bill Boyd
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Springs, North Carolina 28017. The office of the PILOT is lo
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The opinions expressed in this student newspaper do not
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presented in the PILOT are possible by writing. Editor: The
PILOT, Box 119.
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