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That’s Entertainment
Tidal Waves
By Noel T. Manning, II
Chairman, Student Entertainment
— Cupid's not stupid— and he
doesn't waste time—
You can fall in love in
just 30 magical seconds— a
fascinating new study shows!
All it takes is a glance
or gesture to bring Cupid on
the run, according to Christine
Doemer's book, Looking for Love.
Doemer, a scientist at the Max
Planck Institute in Munich,
Germany, studied hundreds of men
and women during the first mo
ments of their meetings and
found that 60 to 70 percent
exhibited "signs of flirtation"
almost immediately.
"We found that within 30
seconds— and frequently even
sooner— you could tell from
the couple's body language
whether or not they would hit
it off." (I've noticed this at
many Club GWC dances).
Doemer and colleague Dr.
Karl Grammer found that major
body signals were observed al
most immediately (No, I'm not
talking about traffic lights
dangling around one's neck). It
is stated that during the first
3 0 seconds a woman who likes a
man will lean forward, smile,
and relax her body. Then, she'll
toss her hair and place one of
her hands behind her neck. She
will also probably pry the gen
tleman with questions (Wendy
Myers is a good example of this
flirtation) .
The males who are attracted
to a woman will become embar
rassed, the researchers said,
especially if they are alone
with the woman. They wait for
signs that the female in inter
ested before making their move.
(* Just a note to you girls: It
would be a lot simpler for "us"
guys if you would just say,
"Hey, I'm interested." It would
save a lot of time and trouble.)
"Those first 30 seconds
are all that matter in a rela
tionship," the researchers
In the initial states of
love, it's the woman-- not the
man— who makes the moves (isn' t
that right, Jane Richards?) .
Besides the come-ons noted by
Dr. Doemer, other signals are:
* Glancing around a room (could
be Donna Pritchard)
* Laughing (that's Amy Sharpe
for sure)
* Giving short, darting glances
at a man (that's Jane again, but
her glances are far from short)
* Displaying open palms (maybe
Janet Lindsay)
* Tilting her head when talking
* Touching a man on the arm or
knee (well, well, well... it's
Wendy Myers again!)
* Some just downright attack
(not to mention any names
here... Merinda Arrowood)
Doemer states, "What's
remarkable is how little men
know about this sequence. But
to women, it's a well known
ritual." (Well, guys... it looks
like the secret is out).
"The opening line has
almost nothing to do with it,"
Grammer added. "The first step
is the approach. This means
someone has to physically get
up and walk over to the other
person. To be successful, the
man must know, from the signals,
that it's safe to make the
approach. This is the hardest
part of all. Some men are
terrified of this— they tell
me they feel absolutely raw,
sheer terror." (Oh yeah, it's
Todd Smith).
"The myth is men are the
aggressors— but the fact is
women initiate and escalate the
first interaction."
"Then, that's right; then,
it's the man's job to take
Thank you, Christine!
So, do I hear you saying,
"Noel, why... why... why did
you feed us this love informa
Well... darned if I know!
But, maybe... just maybe, it
will help some poor, lonely,
hopeless, shy individual out
there (hey, it worked for John
Schaffer, didn't it?)
So, until I ride the wild
surf again... I'm Noel T.
Manning II saying, "It takes a
big man to cry... but it takes
a bigger man to laugh at that
"Adventures in Babysitting"
Starring ElizeUseth Shue, Maia
Brewton, Keith Coggins
Directed by Chris Columbus
Touchstone Pictures,
rated PG-13; 99 minutes
A routine babysitting job
becomes a night of comedic
mishaps when Chris Parker
(Elizabeth Shue), a high school
senior, ventures with her
charges from a Chicago suburb
into the city. A series of
adventures takes place on the
trip through Chicago's south
Want to have somefun? Have we got just
the thing for you! Join The Pilot staff or
The Web staff! Any daring young
individuals should contact Campus
Box 490 or 520. Don't Dream It- Be It!
GWC President Chris White
was finally caught moonlighting.
After several earlier attempts
by The Pilot to expose this
atrosity. White was final caught
by the Pilot's roving eye. It
seems as though mild-mannered
Chris becomes Ken Schrader,
Winston Cup driver extrordinaire
on Sundays. Apparently, White
uses the ignition rather than
a telephone booth to take on
his super powers, [see picture] .
Forming a surprise
coalition with Darrell Ritchie
is Tom "Sailor Boy" Fincannon.
Fincannon, once the All-Navy
heavyweight champ, is rumored
to have had a falling out with
his former partner, Les "The
Natural" Brown. "Sailor Boy" is
the possessor of one of if not
the most dangerous holds in
professional wrestling— the
Jerome Scott, GWC staffer,
has signed a two-year recording
contract with CBS Records. Scott
will be touring for the first
time this winter, opening up for
Aretha Franklin all over the
country. Jerome's music has been
described as "stylistic
elegance" by Musician magazine
and "a touch of class" by
Rolling Stone.
Upon completion of the set
for "The Bat", John Brock's
Drsuna I class will begin work
on the Great Wall of Gardner-
Webb. Expected date of
completion: December 6, 1989.
The class is available for hire
at very low rates.
The Gardner-Webb student
body actually stopped
complaining for a day and
congratulated the staff of the
college for doing their best.
with the

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