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    II, NO. 10
FEBRUARY 26, 1963
Campus Elections Friday
oling Held
mall Lounge
todeni Center
Campus-vvide elections will be
eld on Friday, March 1 to elect
963-64 officers of the St. An-
r e w s Student Association,
lese offices include: President,
'ice-President, Secretary and
reasurer of the Cabinet, Intra-
ural Sports Council, Student
enter Board, Student Christian
ouncil; and two rising seniors,
rising juniors and one ris
ing sophomore for the Honor
:ourt. (The Honor Court will
fleet its President from the Jun-
or and Senior members at a
ater time.)
Voting will take place in the
imall lounge in the Student Cen-
:er. Each voter will be required
identify himself with his
:oncert-Lecture ticket (or in ex-
eptions, some other valid iden-
ification.) The poll will be open
rom 8:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.
. on Election Day.
An Election Board comprised
■ Jim Bunnell. Honor Council
’resident; Ralph Allen, Senior
!lass President; Wayne Ballard
nd Faye Hooks, President and
Wce-President of the Student
Association: Mr. Hiott and Dr.
larvin will supervise the elec-
i '4
Carol Brooks, candidate for
the jwst of Student Association
President, is basing her cam
paign on her experience as S.
A. Ti-easurer In 1961-62 and Sec
retary this year. Carol served
as Chairman of the Budget Com
mittee last year, and more re
cently, on the Publicity Com
mittee for the Christian Council.
Carol has been on the Honor
Roll three semesters and on the
Dean’s List two semesters. Dur
ing the 1959-60 school year she
received the Charlotte-Mecklen-
burg County All Star Scholar
Award from the Charlotte N’evvs.
Freshman May Court attend-
j ant at Flora Macdonald College,
j Carol represented Granville
Dorm in the “Miss Lamp and
Shield” contest this year.
Joe Chandler, seeking election
to the Presidency of the Student
Association, has represented the
Junior Class on the Senate this
year, where he was elected
President Pro Temp.
Joe is the President of Orange
Dormitory, serves on the Stu
dent Life Committee, and is
Chairman of the Rules Commit
tee. He has also heid member
ship on the Freshman Orienta
tion Committee.
Joe, who attended Presbyteri
an Junior College, is from Blad-
enboro, N. C.
These Offices Are
To Be Filled
The Student Association
President: The President of
the Student Association is the
official representative of tihe
student body. He calls and pre
sides over all meetings of the
Cabinet and the Association, and
expedites the operation of the
Association by appointing neces
sary committees and filling posi
tions (in compliance with speci
fications in the handbook) as the
need for such action arises. The
President is also a member of
the Student Cabinet and the Stu
dent Life Committee.
Vice-President: The Vice-Pres
ident of the Student Association
assumes the duties of the Presi
dent in his absence or at his
request, and takes on the full
responsibility of the executive
position if for any reason the
President must vacate his office.
The Vice-President is a member
of the Student Cabinet and Pres
ident of the Senate.
Secretary: The Secretary of
the Student Association prepares
and posts the minutes of the As
sociation and of the Cabinet, and
handles all the correspondence of
these organizations. Additional
responsibilities include the com
munication of decisions and rec-
comendations of the Association
and of the Cabinet to the office
These Students Aspire To Represent SAPC
mm President of Qiuill and Scroll,
ind Secretary-Treasurer of her
iophomore class.
Joyce Clanton, who is a con
tender for the office of Student
Association Secretary, is cur
rently Secretary of the Senate
and of the Handbook Commit
tee. She is also a student rep-
^sentative on St. Andrews’
Jong-Range Planning Commit-
. Joyce has served as Clerk of
^li e Mecklenburg Presbytery
Penior High Fellowship Council
^nd was a Party Chairman at
prl s State. She is a rising Sen-
from Charlotte.
Judy Gray is a rising Junior
ifoni Statesville, N. C„ who is
^ nominee for the office of Stu-
jnt Association Secretary. She
Secretary of the Concord
Popmitory Council and a mem-
of the Lamp and Shield
high school Judy was co-
, itor of the school newspaper,
Dianne Owen, candidate for
Student Association Secretary,
has served on the Student Life
ComTnlttee this year. She is also
on the Theme Committee of the
Christiaia Council and ta}^es an
active part in plays produced by
the Christianity and Culture
Diamie’s interest in dramatics
begin during her high school
years in Spartanburg, S. C.,
where she was Vice President
of the Thespians.
Paul Grubbs, incumbent Vice-
President of the Sophomore
Class, is seeking election as
Treasurer of the Student Asso
In addition to holding a class
office, Paul is a member of the
College Choir and is in the En
semble. He has been on the
Dean’s List for three semesters.
In high school Paul was a mem
ber of the National Honor So
ciety. He is a rising junior from
Mocksville, N. C.
Ned Browning, an appointed
member of the 1962-63 Honor
Court, is the sole candidate for
the office of Student Association
Vice-President. He was named to
the Dean’s List last year and
has played leading roles in sev
eral productions of the High
land Players.
Ned is a rising Senior from
Winchester, Va.
A Freshman from Newport
News, Virginia, Jimimy is asplr-
xng to the office of Student As
sociation Treasurer. He has
participated in the S. C. A. Con
gress and on its Board of Elec
tions, as well as being on the
Honor Roll first semester.
In high school Jimmy was
Homeroom President, a Key
Club Officer, and the winner of
two 'track medals.
of the Dean of Students for ap
propriate action on behalf of the
Treasurer: The Treasurer
maintains a permanent record of
all financial transactions of the
association. He formulates a bud
get for the coming year in con
sultation with the Student Cab
inet and presents this budget to
the Senate for action. He is re
sponsible for making semi-an
nual reports to the Association
and quarterly reports to the
Senate. The Treasurer is requir
ed to submit his books to the
Business Office to be audited
once per semester. He is a mem
ber of the Student Cabinet.
The Honor Court
The Honor Court is the major
student judicial body, with its
members comprising partial
membership of the Student-Fac-
ulty Judiciary Committee which
hears all major cases, such as
those involving the penalties of
probation, suspension and expul
sion. In addition, tihe Honor
Court reviews reports from the
dormitory councils and hears the
cases of students who have
reached the 20^merit deduction
limit. The court hears appeals
from the campus court; and
dormitory councils.
The officers of the following
groups perform within their or
ganizations the duties normally
associated with their positions.
The Christtan Council
The Student Christian Council
coordinates campus religious ac
tivities and promotes Christian
citizenship. The Council is re
sponsible for providing students
oportunities to enrich their
Christian faith and to relate
their faith to life both on and
off campus. It is further con
cerned with ways and means of
developing and undergirding
campus citizenship.
The Student Center Board
The Student Center Board
functions through the Office of
Student Affairs in establishing
guidelines and programs of ac
tivities and services which will
serve the general welfare of the
campus community.
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