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MAECH 19,195J
On An Empty Stomach
Millions of trash cans go to bed hungry every night. Do
not smile smugly now. Do not think of your own stonmchs,
fed full of veal cutlets and hot dogs from the Honey Con«.
Consider instead the effect that this statistic could have
on your status. Poverty reduces the social prestige of aliy
area. If we reduced a bit of the poverty among trash cans,
we might make a better impression on visitors, and lessen
some of the other poverties around here. (It’s so crass to
mention one’s financial problems!)
You shouldn’t seem so surprised to learn that many of
these empty trash cans dwell among you, starve right in
your midst. Have you fed a trash can lately? The thing
is — it’s really bad because of the temptation set before
trash cans. (Set before them on the floor, on the benches in
front of the mosaic, almost anywhere except into the mouths
of the rightful recipients.)
The floors are suffering from their over-receiving of
trash. Too much kindness is bad for anyone.
This is the Kennedy administration. We are supposed
to be concerned with social reforms. Think of all the ash
trays and wastepaper baskets that will be added to the
relief rolls unless something is done! Pick out a trash can
and feed it regularly. Come to think of it, when j'ou throw
this newspaper away (as you inevitably will do) give it to
a starving trash can. You w’on’t have to look hard to find
one. S.W.
Editor Reviews Ethics
College journalists find themselves boimd to two oppos
ing realms of expression — the “How do you feel about
this?” assignments of opinion-imploring professors and the
free, unprejudiced relating of campus events in the student
newspaper. Sometimes the young writer fails to turn off
the subjective button before he tackles the latest news
Such laxity with the “on and off” switches is a direct
violation of the impartialty clause in the journalist’s long-
established code of ethics. To the experienced newspaperman
editorial comment is the worst sin that can be committed
in the writing of. straight news, next to inaccuracy. For
the future city editors, rewrite men and general assign
ment reporters, now in college, the first of the “command
ments” must be law too.
Unfortunately, members of the Fourth Estate are human
and their rules do not live unbroken lives. Such violations
occurred in the March 6 issue of The Lance when the election
reporter — and the editors w'ho didn’t edit — included in
an article campaign turns and events which were mistakingly
deemed obvious to all.
The necessity of such a report four days after the' elec
tion climax can also be questioned. An even greater fault
was the 16-inch dedication to the reporting of one —
though the main — battle of the contest when one realizes
that not one of the 18 other winners w'as mentioned.
Apologies we make for commandments broken and be
lated congratulations (from the editorial column) we offer
to the other wanning candidates:
Student Government Association — Ned Browning, vice-
president; Joyce Clanton, secretary; Paul Grubbs, treasurer;
Student Center Board — Janet Wooten, president; Ann Ehr-
hardt, vice-president; Carol Gallant, secretary; John Pfaff,
treasurer; Intramural Sports Council — Pam Deaton, secre
tary; Jack Cole, treasurer;
Honor Council — Diane Tolar and Charles Yeargan,
seniors; Robert Murphy and Sarah Yancy, juniors; Frances
Bounous, sophomore; Christian Council — Mike Long, presi
dent; Claude Andrews, vice-president; Margaret Abrams,
secretary; and Walter Barefoot, treasurer.
FMC Girls And PJC Boys
Flora Macdonald — PJC — them’s fightin’ words, broth
er! Let no one call us “conservative Flossie Mac girls” or
“products of the Maxton pig farm”! Continually we strive
to become independent, to establish new traditions and to
divorce ourselves from the old ones (except in the esoteric
confines of our minds during repressed moments of nostal
The big opportunity t-o assert our individuality has come.
Ked blooded men (and women) of the campus, unite!
Are you going to let a member of the FMC class of ’09
write your school’s fight song? Will a “friend of St. An
drews” write our alma mater, or will the song express feel
ings of student devotion?
The rules for the school song contest are posted on bul
letin boards all over campus. Write one. S.W.
We Get Letters
Student Reviews
Newspaper Ethics
Bditornin-chdef Charles Quick
Business Manager Angus A. McQueen
Assistant Editor Sheila WpIoJi
Managing Editor Paul Boylin
Feature Editor Ldbba Lander
Sports Editor Bill Campbell
Faculty Advisor Mr. H. Leon Gatlin
Opinions expressed to Letters to Oie Edito- and in signed colunuis au-
PMr^ on ^is page are not necessarily those The Lance. Only the eiU-
torlals are the official opinion of the newspaper^
TOe LaMe Is published every other Tuesday except durlnx hoUda.vs and
Dear Mr. Quick;
There has been considerable
furor raised by many of the
students (supporters of both
contenders — and it is apparent
that contenders is a more ade
quate term than is candidates!
— for the office of S.A. presi
dent) on campus due to the
horrifying exhibition of poor
taste in the last issue of The
Lance. If it is the consensus of
you and your staff that the ar
ticle “Carol Brooks Heads 1963-
’64 Student Body” is anything
but the crude and unethical act
of verbally “kicking a man
when he’s down” then I am
even more disgusted with our
campus publication and its pro
duction than ever before.
It is one thing to know that
we shall inevitably receive spec
ial announcements and pertin
ent bits of information concern
ing events such as concerts and
plays after they have already
transpired: however, it is quite
another thing to be slapped in
the face with such an article
as the one mentioned above —
which, needless to say, is under-
handedly far more “articulate”
than its lead might imply. There
is nothing worse than a poor
loser if it is not a winner, or
the supporter of a winner, who
will maliciously trample the
loser — in the aftermath of
battle no less!! The author of
that trash, allowed to pollute
the front page of our newspa
per, was far more “right”
than he will ever know in say
ing that the supporters of the
candidaites exercised an influ
ence which was to prove detri
mental — he proved it over-
whelmingiy with much of the
remainder of his statement. If
the newspaper was looking for
sensationalisim (not news) of
the poorest grade, then it cer
tainly came out the winner. Ev
en if it would happen to be the
case that what the article has
to say is truth, it has absolutely
no place as the “lead” article;
if such biased opinion is to be
printed at all, it should be put
where it belongs — ON THE
journalists’ do it!!)
Sincerely disappointed,
Sandra Bond
Dear EMitor;
The recent ruling (official or
unofficial), against students
making off-campus telephone
calls through the college switch
board has caused much incon
venience to representatives of
school organi2a.tions w'ho must
contact faculty and staff mem
bers at their homes.
The telephone rule has also
proved to be very indefinite
in practice. Authorization is
necessary for making off-cam
pus calls. Thursday night, act
ing in the capacity of a Lance
representative, I attempted to
call a faculty member, and was
informed that the call was not
authorized. Earlier that eve
ning a similar call was put
through for another staff mem
ber. A definite policy is needed
to handle this problem. Auithor-
ized persons should not be im
peded in carrying out necessary
Mary Louise Robertson
Easter Fashions
Easter Bonnets
and Accessories
ready for the
Easter Parade
Costume Suit
California Girl
Knights’ Roundtablf
Azaleas. Babes
In SA Land
Beverly McClure, sophomo,
was named vice-moderator
the Westminster Fellowship
iC. Synod, last weekend, at’(
spring retreat held at Caii
Freshman Heath Rada w
appointed Skotash Chairman
charge of closer relations
tween college students and hi
school seniors planning to
ter college.
Margaret iPrice, Miss Lan
and Shield, wHl represent
Andrews as a member of
Queen’s Court in the No:
Carolina Azalea Festival at W
minion April 4-7.
In answer to a letter askii
for any specifications necssa
in choosing her escort,
stately St. Andrews queen
plied, “Just make him ]
Sophomore Suzanne Mar
ham may not have the !ei
in one of the Highland Playei
productions, but she’s a raigh
important member of the cai
Remember the authentic bat
cry in last weekend’s “Moony
Kid Don’t Cry?”
That’s "Sukie”!
On the slushy day after
snow, Mrs. Robert Gustafso
associate professor of ma1
Joined her students and wo
rej leotards and blue canvi
shoes to classes.
During the course of
day, Spencer Ludlow of
freshman C and C team, aske
“Are you going to teach
those things?”
Mrs. Gus replied in her ra
ladylike fashion, “Do you
ject to my teaching with
legs covered up, sir?”
Smart Clothes
Rockingham, N. C
Prescriptions Our Specialty
Laurinburg, N. C.
Free Delivery to
St. Andrews
Bathing Suits
Beach Party
and Madras
London Fog
The McNeill Shop

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