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    01. 9. No. 16
N. C. THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 1970
March 16, 1970
■Craig Brooks Barton
student association
president; Vote for one
—Todd S. Davls--Progresslve Coalition
—Wilburn Hayden, Jr. Senior Members; Vote for two
—Louis Swanson Cory Edwards
Charles Pratt
Vice President; Vote for one Martin Walker
—Ed Porter—Progressive Coalition
Senior Members; Vote for three
Secretary; Vote for one Henry P. DelTosto
-Bette Boykin Sally Nell
—Tom Cocke--Progressive Coalition Ralph Nesbit
-Janie McLawhorn John Roper
Treasurer; Vote for one Junior Members; Vote for two
-Dianne Ellison--Progresslve Coalition Dave Bunn
-Joe Grebner “Mollye” MacLeod
—Ron Hayden
Sophomore Members: VotefortwoCOLLEGECHRISTIANCOUN.
Sid W. Atkinson
-James Harold Allen Boyd
-Delle Durham
- Keith Hartke
-Marvin P. Heery, III
-Annette Lauber
-Eddie Smith--Independent
President; Vote for one
J. Banks Garrison, Jr.
Vice President; Vote for one
John Graham
(only men vote)
President; Vote for one
President; Vote for one
(Only Women vote)
Vice President; Vote for one President: Vote for one
-Tom Edge—All Knight Party Janet Moses
-Janet Macy
ecretary; Vote for one
-Roberta Leavitt
Treasurer: Vote for one
-Craig R. Simmons
Elections will be held Monday March 16from 11;00 a.m. to 7;00
m. in the dorms. Day students will vote at the back entrance
the LA Building from 9:00 a.m. imtll 5:00 p.m. Any student
ust inform Winston Hensley or Dixie Fulton by Thursday,
arch 12 at 11:00 p.m. If he wishes to vote absentee.
acuity Approves
The Entire Code
Tuesday afternoon, the
culty at its monthly meeting
cted on the Code of Respon-
bility and elected new faculty
embers to the Faculty Exe
cutive Committee.
The group approved with-
1 discussion the Code of Re
sponsibility as passed by the
enate. Included in the Code
»as the following statement
»Uch was passed in the IDS
two weeks ago.
“The development of deep
personal relationships between
nien and women is expected and
(ncouraged at St. Andrews.
Sexual intercourse should be an
aspect of and only in the con-
W of a personal relationship
rtich has the depth of lifetime
tommitraent by both parties,
symbolized in our society by
marriage. It is also re
cognized that such relation-
sMps are essentially personal
lud private and that those in-
wlved must assume respon
sibility for them. Nevertheless,
premarital or extramarital
1 intercourse which makes
of college facilities, or
J'Mch, by becoming public
towledge, reflects adverserly
® the entire community, issub-
appropriate disciplinary
The Code will be presented
Ihe students after Easter for
* ''ote, and. if passed, will go
to the Board of Trustees
their April meeting.
The faculty also chose five
of its members to serve on the
FEC. They are Dr. Charles
Joyner, Mr. J. D. Holmes, Dr.'
Douglas Hix, Dr. Malcolm Dou
bles, and Dr. William Holland.
They along with students Wil
burn Hayden, Sam Sutton, and
Louis Swanson will constitute
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Dorm Autonomy
(The following interpretation
of individual dorm responsibi
lity was submitted by the Stu
dent Faculty Appellate Board on
“Dorm autonomy was only the
recognition of the need for
dorms to be able to determine
their own practices on situa
tions that are appropriate spec
ifically to them, in line with
policies approved by the IDS.
Dorm autonomy was not meant
to presuppose that the IDS would
act as a rubber stamp to any and
all proposals made by the Dorm
Councils. Due to the apparent
lack of communication among
all levels of campus government
organization, we interpretfrom
the Constitution of the Student
Association the following pro
cedure as a necessary organi
zational guide-line.’*
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Three Sisters Opens Tonight;
Box Office Sold Out For Friday
THE MEMBERS OF THE CAST of Chekhov’s The Three Sisters rehearse for the production which
opens tonight in the LAA at 8 p.m.
The St. Andrews Theatre Arts
department and the Highland
Players present a star-filled
production in the Liberal Arts
Auditorium, for the third time
this year.
■■■The Three Sisters” by An
ton Chekhov opens tonight at 8
p.m. and it may prove to be the
best of the season. W. D. Nar-
ramore, director, has chosen
an excellent cast of the “Old
Regulars” and a promising new
Taking the stage tonight will
be Kaye Comer who is a veteran
of three seasons. Her interpre
tation of Masha is great and will
be her crown of glory in her
last year at St. Andrews. By
the way, she and Denny Ri
chards (Tusenbach) will be
married next Thanksgiving.
Could we have another Burton
and Taylor on our hands? Denny
once again shows his talents,
which need no superlatives.
Rock And Roll
Concert Set
For Saturday
If you were sitting too far
away last year and missed
catching the drumsticks as the
drummer of the New York Rock
and Roll Ensemble threw them
into the audience and completely
wiped out his trap-setc on stage
during the grand finale, the
chance is yours again this Sat
urday night at 8:30 as the New
York Rock and Roll Ensemble
once again rocks back to Bach in
the St. Andrews gym. Tickets
are on sale during supper thru
Friday for $2.50 and at the
door on Saturday for $3.50.
The success of this concert
will have definite bearing on
the plans of the Student Cen
ter Board concerning Spring
Linda Logan (Olga), in her
second play of the season, sur
passes her performance of last
semester. Patti Horn, the one
newcomer to the stage, is good
as the younger sister.
Bonnie Stuart (Natasha) is
very strong and is interesting
to watch as her personality
changes completely in the dura
tion of the play. Bill Forrest
(Audrey), her husband in the
production, delivers another
fine performance. Barry Mar
shall (Vershinin) is also quite
good as the '■ love-sick ma
Mention should also be made
of Jeff Alheim (Tchebutgkin)
whose character is brilliant.
More should be said because
Narramore has gathered a very
strong cast, but because of
space, a preview cannot be
See the play, it is worth your
dollar and your time.
Dudley will have a short re
view next week to make up for
my enthusiasm.
Friday night's performance
has been sold out. There are
still seats left for Thursday,
Saturday and Sunday night per
formances. The play starts at
8 p.m. so go early for good
Visiting Philosopher
To Come Monday
Dr. William Augustus Ban
ner, Professor of Philosophy at
Howard University, will visit
the SA campus on Monday as
part of the Piedmont Visiting
Lecture Series. SA, as a mem
ber of that program, has invited
Dr. Banner to speak on campus
under the auspices of Senior
C&C and the Department of
Religion and Philosophy.
There will tie a public lec
ture Monday at 11:00 a.m. in the
Liberal Arts Building to which
all interested students are in
vited, and a banquet at 6 p.m.
hosted by the Department of Re
ligion and Philosophy.
Dr. Banner, previous to his
position at Howard University,
held Visiting Professorships at
Yale, 1954-55, Smith College,
1958-59, U. of Colorado, sum
mer 1963, Yale, 1964-65, and the
University of Rhode Island,
summer 1965, 1968.
Dr. Banner has several pub
lications to his credit including
'■Natural Law and Social Or
der”, in “The Return to Rea
son”, 1953, “Origen and The
Tradition of Natural Law Con
cepts”, 1954, and “Ethics: An
Introduction to Moral Philos
ophy”, 1968.

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