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VOL. 10. No
THURSDAY, OCT. 8, 1970
DIANE WAKOSKI, New York, will read on the North Carolina
Poetry Circuit-appearing at Winston-Salem Lounge on Tuesday
October 13 at 7 P.m. Miss Wakoskl, one of America’s most
popular platform readers of verse is most recently the author
of INSIDE THE BLOOD FACTORY (Doubleday). She has wide
appeal to youth as an “under thirty” writer. Miss Wakoski
has been writer-in-residence at Depauw University, Dension
University, and the Mediterranean Institute; she formerly at
tended the Breadloaf School of Writing.
SDS To Hold Regional Meet;
Students To Attend Workshops
Review In Review;
Magazine Acclaimed
by Maury Edwards
St. Andrews has placed it
self firmly on the literary map
with a piece of work that com
mands praise from all. The St,
yearly magazine of the arts
and humanities, has been re
leased this week for the first
time, (volume 1/ number 1.)
Ronald Bayes, editor of the
review, with the help of W, D.
Yearbook pictures will be
taken through next Friday, Oc
tober 16, with a sitting fee of
$1.25, Students may wear any
thing they want, although they
are advised to wear something
After a brief business meet
ing, the Women’s Liberation
group on campus will sponsor
consciousness - raising ses
sions for women to express and
exchange their ideas on Wo
men’s Liberation. The dis
cussion, which will be Monday,
October 12, at 8:30 p,m., will
be held in the Student Associa
tion Office, in the College Union
building. All campus women
are cordially invited.
The Senate wUl met as usual
this Monday night at 8:10 in
Room 105, P, E. Building,
Soccer game next Wednesday
at 3:00 against Pembroke State,
Students interested in E.S.P.
will meet tonight to discuss
the possibility of a trip to the
institute for parapsychology in
Durham. The meeting will be
In LA 118 at 6:45,
Don’t forget -- starting to
morrow is the TWO PARTY
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White, M. C. Doubles, C, W.
Joyner and others, has written
and compiled some of the most
noted and well-received ma
terial ever included in a col
lege literary magazine.
The central theme of the
first issue of the ST, ANDREWS
REVIEW is the celebration of
Ezra Pound’s 85th birthday.
Ezra Pound is the foremost
influence in poetry and letters
of the twentieth century.
Works of such noted people
as William Stafford, Lewis
Leary, James Laughlin,
Carolyn Klzer, and our own
Jeffrey Gross and Ron Bayes
are included in the review.
The S. A, REVIEW is an in
itial breakthrough for our col
lege, The extensive article con
cerning Ezra Pound may even
tually lead to an honorary doc
torate for him from St, An
drews, The calibre of artist
represented in our magazine
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SAM RAGAN, head of the No^
Carolina Arts CouncU, will be
guest speaker at the annu^
St Andrews banquet of SA s
ch'apter of the American As
sociation of university Pro
fessors next Friday night, Octo
ber 16, at the Shady Rest res-
A large contingent of SA stu
dents are planning to attend
the regional SDS mmeetlng this
weekend In Atlanta. They will
meet In front of the College
Union from one until three to
morrow afternoon.
SDS, since the summer of
1969, has put forward a pro
gram called the Worker-Stu-
dent Alliance. “The purpose
of this alliance Is to link the
struggles of students against
the war, racism and male chau
vinism to similar struggles of
workers.” Debbie Russell, In-
terorganizational Secretary of
Students for a Democratic So
ciety, spoke on campus last
Sunday of the need for SDS to
build a national organization.
Strong regional structures are
the first step in the process.
The agenda for the weekend
Includes a Friday night movie,
a general meeting Saturday
morning with a speaker from
the National headquarters of
SDS, several speakers on eco
logy, the war, racism, male
chauvinism and alliance with
workers, Saturday afternoon
will feature workshops and dis
cussions of the speeches as
well as open time for political
forums. On Sunday morning the
group will elect a southern re
gional Interim Committee and
discuss proposals for action on
the various Issues,
Political discussion will be
the keynote of the regional
meeting with emphasis on the
war, ghetto rebellions, the cur
rent UAW strike, male chau
vinism, the Middle East and
ecology. Participants should
come prepared to discuss some
of the following questions which
Involve the primary concerns
of SDS. (SDS Is no longer af
filiated with the Weatherman
faction which spilt with SDS
last year.
The War: Can students do
anything to end the war? Are
the universities a vital part
of the war effort? Do you have
to attack the Universities to at
tack the war? Is attacking ROTC
and war research an effective
way of attacking the war? To
what degree does the govern-
m e n t depend on these pro
grams? Is It easy for the gov
ernment to move ROTC and war
research off campus? How do
we attack ROTC, war research
and military recruiters? What
Is Imperallsm?
Ghetto Rebellions: Should we
supi t them? Why? Should the
anti- war movement supixjrt
them? Do they fight the war?
Are they attacks on white peo
ple? Do they accomplish any
thing? Do they fight racism?
(What Is racism, who does It
hurt, who does It benefit?)
How do we sup[)ort them?
Auto Strike: Should we sup
port workers’ struggles? Should
students ally with workers to
fight racism and male chauvin
ism? Does the auto strike fight
the war? Are workers op
pressed? Bought off or sold out?
Are they fighting for a big
ger piece of the capitalist pie?
How should students support
Male Chauvinism; What Is
male chauvinism? (Who does
It hurt, who does It benefit?)
How do you fight it and why?
Does male chauvinism help the
U.S. war effort in Viet Nam?
Is ROTC a question that only
concerns men? Is the oppres
sion of women only psychologi
cal? Is chauvinism beneficial or
harmful to most men?
The Middle East: Should the
anti-war movement take a stand
on the Middle East? Why are
many politicians doves on Viet
Nam and hawks on the Middle
East? Why Is the U.S. In the
Middle East? Is violence Justi
fied against economic exploita
tion and political oppression?
What is Zionism?
Ecology: How serious Is the
problem of ecology? Do some
people in the ecology movement
use racism? What kind of role
does big business and the
government play in the move
T. Harry Williams
To Visit Campus
Horn In Piano Recital
Herbert Horn, professor at
piano here, will present a fac
ulty recital Including selections
ranging from Bach to Debussy
next Thursday, Oct. 15, at 8
p,m. In the LA Auditorium.
Opening his program with a
famous vltruoso work, the
Bach-Busonl “Chaconne”, Dr,
Horn will continue with “Pre
lude, Choral and Fugue” by
After intermission the St,
Andrews pianist will play a
group of descriptive, program
matic works: “The White Pea
cock” by Grilfes, Ibert’s “The
Little White Donkey,” “An
Evening In Granada” and Mas
ques” by Deljussy, He will con
clude his program with three
works by Liszt: “The Foun
tains at the Villa d’ Este,”
a transcription of Men-
elssohn’s “On Wings of Song,”
and “Hungarlsn Rhapsody No.
10,” The latter work is uni
que for Its glittering glls-
sando passages.
Dr, Horn returned to the
college last year after teach
ing three years at the North
Carolina School of the Arts
In Winston-Salem, In addition
to his reputation as an Instruc
tor, Dr, Horn Is widely known
as recitalist and orchestral so
loist, having appeared with the
Chicago Symphony,
His coming concert will be
his first full length recital on
campus since returning to St,
Noted historian T. Harry Wil
liams will visit the St, Andrews
campus next Wednesday, Oct
ober 14 to meet with history
majors. Interested students and
the Senior C&C class.
Professor Williams has been
a member of the history faculty
at Louisiana State University
since 1941, and Boyd Professor
of History there since 1953.
His latest biography, Huey
Long, won the Nationai Book
Award and the Pulitlzer Prize
in 1970, Other publications in
clude Lincoln And His Generals,
P.G.T. Beauregard: Napoleon
In Gray, and Lincoln and The
Radicals, and Williams has been
recently named by Time, Inc.
to write one volume of a six-
volume history of the United
A former student of famed
historian William B, Hessel-
tlne, Professor Williams re
ceived his advanced degrees
from the University of Wis
consin. A past President of
the Southern Hlstorial Associa
tion, Williams also served a
five year term with the U. S,
Army’s Historical Advisory
Committee, and was Harms-
worth Professor of American
History at Queen’s College, Ox
ford ffngland) University In
Williams will meet in
formally with all interested stu
dents in the Main Lounge of
the College Union at 4:00 p,m,
next Wednesday. A five p,m,
supper meeting with history
majors will follow, when pro
fessor Williams will present
remarks on “Lincoln and Da
vis as War Leaders”. And to
close out his day on campus,
he will speak at 7:00 p.m,
in Avinger auditoriumon
“Huey Long and His Politics.”

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