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I maintain that
World Ware are
If Me must have
let's treat it
as a sport :
a tournament
with seedings.
Sure! Vou match the
countries' armies so
the most powerful
meet later (n the
Rjrthe preliminaries,
oh...perh^s Italy vs.
Ethiopia. Throw in a
THURSDAY, DEC. 2, 1971
qrudge match :Pcf.
instance. South A(V(ca
vs. Black Africa. The
possibilities are kmitless:
Great? Then we
finally have the
bop-seeded vs
Number One'd
be either the
USA...or Russia!
I dunno...
Based on
their combat
seeding would
go to Israel,
Money And Energy Was Wasted;
Constructive Action Needed
lilessings . . . Pope
^Jte^nre^JeeksOTSU^eys cluttering my mau dox ana my
room, I have decided to create the survey to end all sur/^ys,
It is the dream of every soc./psych. student here, because
it combines all of the different types we have been forced
to face.
Instructions: Please answer all questions as honestly as
you can. Remember that &is Information is strictly confi
dential, you don't have to sign your name, but your box num
ber is on the back.
In each category chose the one answer that best applies to
1. Are you a virgin?
a. yes
b. no
c. at home
d. on the first date
e. none of the above
f. all of the above
2. Which drugs have you used?
a. marijuana
b. grass
c. pot
d. sniff Right Guard cans
3. Who do you love the most?
a. Mother
b. Father
c. Yourself
d. Sister
e. Brother
f. Aunt Martha
g. Nathan Hale
4. I dream . . .
a. when asleep
b. in color
c. of Jeanle
5. Do you drink . . .?
a. socially
b. to forget
c. because I’ve been busted
d. for snicks
e. I’m tired of sniffing Right Guard cans
5. My friends like me because ....
a. I am nice
b. I am not nice
c. I push dope
d. I am rich
e. I don’t have friends
f. does not apply
g. applies for only certain cases
When you have completed the above questions, please clip
this out and put It in the mailbox of all the sociology and
psychology students who have been pushing the likes on you.
♦ * ♦ ♦ ♦
During the Thanksgiving holidays I was thinking about chang
ing the name of this column.
Do you think “Jim Shorts” would be kinky enough?
* * nr It: tti
Want to renew your faith in the St. Andrews faculty? If so,
continue reading.
A certain student on campus whose father is an unannounced
candidate for the presidency of the United States wanted to
spend January campaigning for him. He went to the Politics
department to see about getting it as an Independent studies in
American Politics.
Know what they told him?
It would not be politically significant. Can youbelieve, they are
paid moeny to think like that.
* ♦ * * ♦
This semester has been pretty significant for most of us here.
I mean when most of the student body at a college can be from a
foreign country and married without knowing about It, It takes
some doing.
Course I never trusted computers anyway. The one here
married me and I din’t even get to go on the honeymoon.
Drat the luck.
* * * * ♦
I am nowl ready to get Involved in big time politics. I am
the student leader for the campaign of the illustrious Senator
from Hawaii.
Remember; You can’t go wrong
With Hiram Fong.
* * * ♦ *
And don’t forget the big mistake of slxty-elgjit.
It’s amazing how some of the
students spend some of their
time on this campus. It would
seem that a more constructive
action could have taken place
than a fireworks war. The
amount of time and money wast
ed could have undoubtedly been
directed into a more fruitful
cause. But causes are not con-
sidered to be important any
more. Causes are out of it.
The word “cause” has taken
a seat with “relevant” and Is
no longer needed. “Racism”
too is overused and out of it,
but it stUl exists. The need
for causes still exists whether
we want to admit it or not.
The perhaps $200 spent on
fireworks could have been do
nated to the Pakistani refugee
fund, but some people are even
regretting that they participated
in the fast. The fact remains
that $2000 was raised in that
event and that 6,000 people will
have food, she Iter, and med
icinal aid for one month. This
one campus has done all this
and we must realize that no
matter what the intentions, good
has resulted from what was
The man hours that could have
been used in helping to fix
dilapidated buildings of some
of the people in town were
completely wasted on needless
steam. Of course we’re
frustrated, particularly at this
time in the school year, but
when so much can be done and
we choose not to do It, things
will continue as they are. It
makes no real difference to us in
this instance. The only people
who have been slighted are those
that could have been helped by
our efforts. Are we appealing
to morals? Yes, I guess we are.
But what's so wrong with being
What happened after the af
termath? Was anyone willing to
clean 15) the mess they made?
Of course not. We “Intellec
tuals” think it degrading to
evpn consider manual labor.
Maintenance is there for that.
We fail to realize that those
people (yes, people) are just
as good as us and we continue
to call them “rednecks” and
“grits”. These people are the
backbone of this society and we
respond to that by calling them
the “scum of the earth.” Don’t
forget that they have pride as
anyone else. Why is it so de
grading to do their kind of job?
Are we afraid to get our hands
dirty? Does our intellectual
work on this campus make us
more human?
We must struggle against the
prejudices which we have and
get down off our cushioned ped
estals and come to grips with
To call ourselves “liberals”
and condemn racism and then
turn right around and call these
pec^le “rednecks” is nothing
but hypocrisy.
Frustrations need to get out
but we must look at other chan
nels for expression andnotfor-
get the positions of other peo
ple in this society.
Senate Apathy Is Not Acceptable
Though It Reflects Student Body
The Inter-dorm Senate has
been described by its Presi
dent, Scott Breckinridge as be
ing apathetic. Whether this term
actually applies or not is not the
case at hand. The senate, to
students, seems apathetic. And
Energy Release
Produces Break
What do you do to have fun
and release energy on a bour
geois college campus way out
in the middle of nowhere? Tues
day ni^t’s fireworks freak out
ottered a welcome alternative
to the usual lethargy and mono
tony of St. Andrews. Upon hear
ing the noise (and after wonder
ing for an instant if the pigs had
finally come to do us all in)
I looked out my window to see
many delightfully clandestlne-
looking figures having a great
time exploding firecrackers in
front of Granville. A familiar
voice rang out calling for more
matches and the troc^ slowly
made its way to the quadrangle.
Since fireworks are Illegal in
North Carolina I was amused
with visions of how the St. An
drews Security Force was en
joying the show, but even more
amusing was the thought of them
attempting to move in and stop
The participants should be
^plauded for breaking the us
ual deadening calm and bringing
a little life and energy to the
Mr. Breckinridge not only feels
the term applies but has stated
before the Senate and to private
sources that he may be forced
to resign should the senate not
become the active, responsible,
creative force that it is sup
pose to be. But perhaps Mr.
Breckinridge is being too harsh
on the senate. After all, the
senate is comprised of students
and as such seems to reflect
the apathy found in most SA
students toward this community
quite well. The fiict the over
whelming majority of senators
are apathetic is not surpris
ing then. What is surprising is
the activism of four or five
senators who appear to be the
ones responsible for whatever
debate and creativity that oc-
cures within the senate.
Still it must be remembered
those who are Senators are
such because they actively
sought the positions of Presi
dent or Vice-president of their
dorms. No one was forced to
fakp office. And when they ac
cepted the office they also ac
cepted the responsibility that
the office entailed.
Should individual Senators be
unwilling or Incapable of ac
cepting the responsibility of
their positions in student gov-
ernment then perhaps Mr,
Breckinridge should ask for
their resignation prior to de
ciding upon his own.
Guerillas Fight Battle
Though Ideology Unclear
The Revolution has come to
St. Andrews—it arrived Tues
day night. Small groips of guer
rillas were seen roving about
the campus and numerous fire-
fights were heard. Several
bursts of automatic weapons
fire were heard in exchanges
between strongholds in Meek
and W-S. The guerillas also
had larger weapons and even
used mortars.
The attack raged between
Meek and W-S with skirmishes
around The Mountain and scat
tered fitting elsewhere. Hi^
points in the fluting were the
intrusions of neutral oibservers
led by campus mediator Dean
Sources were quoted as say
ing that these guerrillas were
were sn>plled by a number of
outside a^tators—namelyfire-
works dealers In several states.
Battle scars remained through
Wednesday in the form of black
ened and littered sidewalks.
No casualties were incurred
but some of the guerrillas were
reportedly arrested and carted
away to face trial by a jury of
their deafened fellow students.
The future of the guerrillas
movement is uncertain. The
campus remains tense with the
threat of renewed fitting, and
activity is certain to resume
following Christmasbreakwhen
the agitators will be able to
resi5)ply their forces.
The Ideology of the guerril
las is at this time unclear.
There Is no revolutionary ma
terial liv circulation to explain
a sudden outbreak of hosti
lities, so it must be a spon-
t a n e ous rev olution—which is
always the best kind.

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