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Black Student Union
osiers Black Identity
Election Complications
Now Include Resignations
,uring the month of January,
the Black students on St. An
drews’ campus, bogged down in
tjie dreary boredom of un-
Anounced apathy, saw the ur-
need for a new source of
energy and strength. A uniting
l^ce that would not only fa-
our non-commitment,
S would also give us the in-
•ntive to speak out against the
Aong of whiteness in which we
^re uncomfortably imbedded.
answer? A union of Black
^dents - formally called The
^ck Student Union (BSU).
plie purpose of The Black Stu
dent Union is to allow its mem
bers to work to foster the idea
h Black Identity, to promote the
J^e spirit of Black Unity, and
insure effective participation
in' decision-making processes
l^at are of fundamental concern
to the organization’s members
as well as the community at
rge (Taken from BSU Consti-
Jtion). Black students, for a
bng time have felt the need for
I a^ore definite understanding of
|ho we are and where we are
Ujaded in relationship to the
ijst of the college community.
It is hoped that with the estab-
f hment of the BSU, we wUl
w be able to make the answers
to these questions.
JSome of the activities of our
(Hganization include: 1.) tut-
j^lal groups for students need-
Pig help in English and science,
2.) advisory committees for
Indents needing assistance In
ll^ooslng pertinent courses, 3.)
ail activity committee to bring
|iore of the Black cultural ex-
^rience to the S. A. campus,
4.) a publications committee
to produce bulletins for distri-
tion so that other Blacks can
ow that we are here and what
»e are about, and 5.) a com
munity liaison committee to let
the Laurinburg/Scotland com
munity know that Black stu
dents on S.A.’s campus are In
volved in their struggles.
Black students have taken It
upon themselves to pressure
admissions Into seeking better
academically qualified Black
students for future enrollment.
Students who will be able to
adjust to a white, upper middle-
class environment and edu
cational liberality without so
great a psychological trauma
that they can not stand alone
against the pressure. For this
purpose, the BSU has suggested
that S. A, employ a Black or
Minority Admissions recruiter.
This person will be better able
to relate the Black experience
on S.A.'s campus to prospective
Blacks, thereby assuring
Blacks of exactly what situa
tions they will face if they
choose to come here.
We, as Black students at St.
Andrews, are aware of the con
stant pressures and insecuri
ties being faced by Blacks who
dare to seek matriculation on
the campuses of white colleges
in the U.S. We are now in the
process of alleviating some of
those pressures. Now that there
Is a mobilization of Black in
volvement on S.A’s campus, we
realize both the advantage and
the necessity of the Black Stu
dent Union.
Incidentally, the BSU is open
to the entire S. A. student body
(taken also from the BSU Con
John Bryan, above, resigned
yesterday in protest dt FEC in
Hugh Helm, former Elections
Board cCtlclal.
David Smith, denied pr(^r
qualifications by FEC and Sen-
New complications have beset
the election procedures dated
for Friday, and has caused one
candidate to be declared in
eligible to run for Vice-Presi
dent of the student association
and brought about the resigna
tion of three members of the
Elections Board.
The controversy arose Tues
day when the Faculty Executive
Committee deferred ruling on
the Constitutional Amendment
passed on Monday in a student
referendum and approved by
Student Life.
The Constitutional Amend
ment, which would have invali
dated Article ni, Section 2(a)
of the Constitution requiring
candidates running for the of-
fice of President or Vice-
President of the student as
sociation to have held a prior
elected position within the
student association, needed the
approval of the faculty before
it could go into affect.
Since the faculty's next reg
ularly scheduled meeting is not
until May, and elections must
be completed by the end of
April — according to the Con
stitution — the Amendment was
presented to the Faculty Execu
tive Committee who has the
authority to act in place of the
feculty shoula the need arise.
Tuesday, in a closed session.
the F.E.C. deferred to act on
the Elections Board request
for F.E.C. action. According
to one member of the F.E.C,
the group felt there was no
issue present that could not
wait until the regularly sche
duled meeting of the faculty.
As a result no action was taken
on the Amendment.
Stemming from the F.E.C.’s
inaction on the amendment,
three members of the Election
Board have resigned (see letter
on page 2).
They are Dave Bunn, Hugh
Helm, and John Bryan.
Also affected by the F.E.C.’s
unwillingness to act is David
Smith, a sophomore, who want
ed to run for vice-president
of the student association.
David Kelly, who was one of
the two students who raised the
controversy over Article III,
Section 2(a) and brought about
the referendum was not af
fected by the F.E.C. decision
as he did not re-self-nominate
himself for President of the stu
dent association yesterday.
David Smith, in an attempt to
circumvent the red tape, asked
the Senate to appoint him to the
position on the men’s resi
dence court which was vacated
yesterday when Dave Gibbs re
signed. Appointment to that
position would have allowed Mr.
Smith to qualify as he would
hold an elected position in the
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In Brief
The last big campus-wide
rty will be held Friday, April
behind Kings Mountain and
lecklenburg dorms. There will
a softball game at 3:00
P.m., and beer will be served
ginning at 4:00 p.m. There
be 20 kegs. From 5:00-
!:00 p.m. dinner will be served
side Kings Mountain (hot dogs
d hamburgers). At 8:00 p.m.
usic will begin, provided by St.
Imo’s Fire, and accompanied
y a light show.
Admission is 50? per per
There is a group of students
‘n campus who are interested
to having Italian 111 and 112-
3 (Italian Language I, n, and
I offered during the academic
IT 1973-1974. So far, eleven
dents have expressed in
rest in studying Italian. Dr.
Schenk is qualified to teach
talian and has expressed the
esire to do so. Anyone in-
‘rested, get in touch with
-lenda Buck, ext. 247.
Presidential Candidates Plan Changes
In Several Areas Of Campus Next Year
President Hartke?
My name is Keith Hartke. I
am a Junior running for Presi
dent of the student body. I am
running for President becau^
I feel that several Important
things can be done for the stu
dents of St. Andrews. I feel
that some new ideas could be in
troduced so that St. Andrews
does not remain in this stag
nant pool of "everything fine .
Right now our student govern
ment is being run by many of
my opponents. It has been
practically non-existent to the
individual student this year.
Yet one of the student govern-
ment's primary concerns
should be in keeping the ^u-
dents informed and doing
they want the best it can.
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President McLawhorn?
I offer three things: ex
perience, interest, and ideas.
As a member of the Cabinet
this past year. I’ve used the
(mportunity to see first-hmd
which channels work for stu-
dent legislation and which do
not. Some committees (^
some members) arenotedfor
their ineffectiveness, for their
Inability to release recomenda-
tions and evaluations. Wtere
have all the complaints about
the health service goM?
Just last Monday one of our ,
doctors failed to
broken bone . . . again.
about the proposal to exclude
J^sical education from the
grade point ratio?
You’ve seen me working oi
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President Bender?
The Student Government
elections are finally i?>on us,
and it is at this time that I
have the opportunity to ex
press my position or certain
ideas and about some of the
things I would like to accom
One thing that will be facing
the new administration in the
fall will be the required revi
sion of the constitution. The
problems of the spring elec
tions have convinced me that
there are some definite steps
that need to be taken to remove
the vagueness from our consti
tution. The specific areas in
need of revision which im
mediately come to mind include
qualifications of all officers
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President Smith?
Originally my motivation for
self-nominating myself for
President of the Student As
sociation was adis-satisfaction
with the students’ attitude to
ward their government. It ap
peared that students were in
terested in the power of their
governmental structure only so
long as it does not interefere
with tkeir social activities. In
my three years at St. Andrews
I can think of only a few oc
casions where student interest
was significant enough to push
through major changes. The
open dorm policy is the most
obvious example of this; yet
it is sufficient indication that
the student government is cstf)-
able of powerful action if it can
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