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Official Publication of the Student Bodyt of St. Andrews Presbyterian College
Vol. 14 No. 21 ST. ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE, LAURINBURG, N. c. Thursday, May 8, 1975
Barth, Bacchanalia Headline Wild
A busy weeK marKing ine
last fling before exams begins
today with an appearance by
author John Bar^ and a new
play by St. Andrews’ Bob
Winner of the National Book
Award for fictiov in 1973 and
called the “best writer of fic
tion we have at {s'esent and
one of the best of all time” by
the New York Times, the 45-
year old Barth is a native of
Cambridge, ^Maryland.
Graduating with an MA from
Johns Hopkins in 1952, Barth
joined the staff of Pen
nsylvania State University as
professor of English and ser
ved there until 1965. In that
year he became Edward
Butler Professor of English at
the State University of New
York at Buffalo before moving
on to Boston University.
Presently he is Professor of
English and Creative Writing
at his alma mater, Johns
Hopkins. Best known to St. An
drews students as the author
of “The End of the Road,”
required reading for all fresh
man SAS students, Barth is
also the author of “The
Floating Opera”, “The Sot-
weed Factor”, and “Giles
Goatboy”. His reading at St.
Andrews, entitled “John Bar
th’s The Electric and Un
published Works in
Progress”, will take place
toni^t in Avinger Auditorium
at 87 pin.
Beginning his term as
president with a whirlwind
round of appearances,
meetings and conferences,
Alvin Perkinson held the first
of a series of talks with tye
classes at St. Andrews at a
freshman gathering Monday
night in the Main Lounge of
the Otdlege Union.
Perkinson called the
meeting an o^wrtunity “for
us to get to know eadi other a
little” before the sdiool year
ends, and a chance to talk over
his plans for the next few m(Hi-
ths. “The first thing I would
like to say,” the new president
ranarked, “is that I hope
you’ll stay with us and be back
next year, as well as the two
years after that. “He added
that so far it seemed thatthey
would, for a report from the
Registrar’s Office recently
showed that 141 of the 164
members of the Class of 1978
had preregistered for next
Telling the students “you
are in a unique position to help
the college over the next few
years,” Po-kinson said that
the Office of Admissions
would be sending out student
locator cards to the student
Tonight at 6:30 and again
tomorrow night at 8:00 in
Farrago, Bob Blumenstein’s
new play, “A Penny For Your
Thoughts”, will be performed.
Directed by Bob Ihames and
featuring BUI Peterson, Mary
Lou Brown, Houstcn Freeburg
and Susan Lowry, the play
considers an intellectual’s en
counter with a park bench
Friday will see the begin-
body in a few weeks with the
request that the students send
in the names of people at home
who might be the kind of
student St. Andrews wants.
“All we need are the names, ”
Pffkinson said, “You don’t
have to try and convert them
or tell them all about St. An
drews; we’ll handle that end.
The new president said
there was little that could be
done about enrollment for this
fall, but that the picture had
bri^tened somewhat in the
last few weeks. “Admissions
tells me we can expect a fresh
man dass of at least 150 and
perhaps a few more.”
“I came to St. Andrews
because I liked what I saw,
Perkinson told the group,
‘ ‘and I think, even at this early
date, that I made a good
choice. We have and im-
pressive student body and
faculty as well, and I tiiink we
can do a lot of interesting
things together in the next few
years.” He reaffirmed his
committment to raising
enrollment, and said the
college would have a suc
cessor to outgoing Admissio^
Director Jean Rayburn by
July 1, and hopefully
ning of the long awaited Bac
chanalia, with a beer-supplied
dance entertained by The
Brice Street Band at 8 p.m. in
the College Union .Saturday
morning from 10:30 until no«i
there will be held the Great
Bacchanalia Relay. Teams of
women, moi, and wheelies
will attempt to navigate their
way through a barrage of
events so complicated in
nature as to defy imagining.
replacements for several
other personnel in that office
who are leaving for various
reasons. “I see no major
overhauls in the way we
recruit students,” said
Perkinson; “we need to shift
our emphasis slightly, thou^,
to one involving more one-to-
one contact. Most students, for
example, never hear from the
president until they’ve
already sent in their deposit
and committed Oiemselves to
come. I plan to get letters out
to accepted students and urge
them to go ahead and come to
St. Andrews.”
Another area the president
saw as needing examination
was the college’s purpose.
“We’ve never been able to tdl
what a liberal arts educaticm
is except that it is better than
any otho-”,he said. “What we
need to w(ffk on is telling a
prospective student how a
liberal arts education wiU be
of benefit to him in his own
Asked about his widely cir
culated remark about “plain
living,” Perkinson laughed
and said the term was “a
euphemism for budget cuts”
in the administrative areas of
Beginning at the front of the
Collie Uniai, the Rday star
ts with The Wheelie-Walkie
Hopalong, in which a male
team member must push a
wheelchair student around the
traffic drde and up the ramp
at the Uraon using only one
foot-that is, hopping.
UpOTi completicKi of this en
terprise, another team mon-
ber mu^ down an entire bag
of marshmallows. The Coilege
the college’s operations. He
said the educational jM-ograms
of the college had already
been trimmed as much as they
could be without suffering
detrimental effects and saw
no further cutbacks.
Perkinson declined to say
how extaisive dianges in the
college administratiai would
be except to note th already
announced departures of Ad
missions Director Rayburn,
Financial Aid Director
Charles Parrish, and Cathy
Tighlman in the college
pastor’s office. ‘ ‘I expect there
will be several more,” he said.
The president also said he
would oideavor to make an
opoi door policy the rule as
much as possiUe and to make
information available about
the actions of the ad-
ministratirai to try and reduce
the number of rumors dr-
culating around the campus
concerning the state of the
college. “Lin )Thompson,
editor of The Lance) and I
have discussed getting
together weekly to review the
way things are going,” he
said, noting that he woiild
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Union Board has issued a
statement that the bag will be
a small one and there is no
required time limit for holding
onto the marshmallows once
one has eaten them, but most
contestants are approadiing
this contest warily.
As the bodies of the mar
shmallow eaters are carried
off to the Health Center,
another team member must
dribble a basketball over to
the gumnasium and shoot tai
foul shots. The ten shots need
not be consecutive, but each
contestant must make ten
before he can leave.
The Relay then moves out to
the Winston-Salem parking
lot, upon which will be held the
Wheelie Obstacle course. In
this event, participants with
electric wheelchairs may
navigate the course forwards
but those in manually
operated chairs must run it
Successful completion of
that phase will bring each
team to the Bike Race, which
runs out to the comer of the
golf course, left on Dogwood
Mile past the soccer fidd and
the cypress swamp to the traf
fic drde; around the drcle
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Yesterday’s elections
provided scxne relief from the
confused Student Association
situation. In the attorney
general’s race. Bill Wilmot led
the ticket with 115 votes and
will face Vernon Alford, who
wMi 8&, in a runoff Monday.
Trailing the two were John
Fail with 50 votes, Abdoulah
Sosseh with 48 and Qif Carey
with 30.
Betsy Neff steamrollered
her opponents, receiving 185
votes to 84 for Annie Myers
and 63 for Sharon Hall. In like
manner Mo Newton won 175
votes to outrun Ddl McLean’s
82 and Kathy Lunsford’s 56
betto" than 2 to 1.
Three of the five one-year
Judicial Board seats were
filled by Libby Flowerr., who
led the ticket with 192 votes;
J.W. Daughtry with 164, and
David Southcomb with 63.
“Dr.” Cyril Spann’s No. 133
votes w(»i him a two year
term; Lin Thompson received
181 votes for the other two
year seat but said he would
seek a dorm office in New
Meek and would resign his
seat the Board if he wai on
Monday. Incoming President
Keith Gribble will appoint
students to the remaining
DOWN this walkway between Avinger andthe liberal Arts
Building cyclists will race as part of the Bacchanalia Relay on
Perkinson Meets Students

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