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Senate, Cabinet OK Nominations
Marion Cannon
Here Wednesday
Charlotte, N.C. poet Marini
Cannon wfll be in residence
next wedc as part of St. An
drews’ 1975-76 Writers
Ms. Cannon, who took up
poetry rather late in life a few
years ago, was an immediate
success and has wot a wide
following in the Southeastern
United States.
As part of her visit, Ms.
Cannon will be Wednesday’s
Conmon Experience speaka-.
Her program will take place
on that day at 11:30 p.m. in
Avinger AiKlitorium.
On Thursd^, Septembo-
25, the cabinet met to make
appointments to the various
student and faculty student
committees open to he
student body. The positions
were filled through self
nomination, as well as c^en
student nomination, at the
end of a two week filing
period. Among the com
mittees filled were Student
Life, Educational Policy,
Judicial Committee, and
Campus Planning.
The members of Student
Life this year will be fresh
man Steve Fox; sophomore
Peg Kays; junior Sally
Beaty; senior Marti Newbold,
and member-at-large, Paul
Miller. The Judicial Com
mittee is made up rf Robin
Green, J.C. Clarke, Susan
Mann, and Bill Mansfield of
the freshman, sophomore,
junior, and senior classes
Student positions on the
Committee on Educational
Policy were filled by Betsy
Coffee, Jacob Houge, and
Melissa Tufts. Subcommittees
of this committee were also
filled by the following studen
Athletics and P.E.: Libby
Floweree and Rowe Camp
bell; Audio-Visual: Warren
Anderson (one position still
open); Summer ^hool: (Two
positions, both still open);
Many St. Andrews com
munity members will remem
ber Ms. Cannon’s appearance
(HI campus last fall, a highly
successful affair which
culminated in the entire
assembly removing them
selves to the steps of the
College Union to howl at the
full moon.
Campus Planning: Terry
Clark and Karen Hardison;
Teacher Education: (Two
open positions); Winter
Term: Shoon Ledyard and
Beth Lyon.
Other committees filled
were Campus Planning and
Space Utilization: Glen Ken
nedy and Lin Thompson;
Publications: Lisa Tillson;
Health Committee: Laura
Drumheller, Robin Tit-
terington. Mo Newton, Marti
Newbold, Sandy Hart, Beth
Buffington, and Newsom
Siminons; and Special Even
ts; Fred Leo, Bob Haley, and
Annie Mvers.
The Food Committee mem
bers are Newsom Simmons,
and “Dr.” Cyril Spann; the
Graduation Committee is
made i?) of Terry Qark,
Karen Hardison, Steve
Chasson, Marti Newbold, and
Bni Wilmot, and the Faculty
Executive Committee Sub
committee openings were
filled by Sancfy Hart, Karen
Hardison, and Warren An
Two openings on the
Library Committee remain
open as well.
The Senate met on Monday
night to consider the Cabinet
recommendations and
cleared them all with sur
prising speed. During the
meeting, Mecklenburg
Senator Steve Chasson urged
the group to try to find
education majors to serve on
the Teacher Education Sub
committee of the EPC. “This
is a vital committee in terms
of its effect on education
majors,” he said.
Interested persons wishing
to fill a vacancy, Student
Association President Keith
Gribble said, should contact
either him or Acting
Secretary Suzanne Hogg.
Constitutional Amendment
To Be Voted On
The first amendment to the
new Student Association con-
stitutiOT has been posted in
the Student Union for two
weeks’ review by the student
The amendment, proposed
some three weeks ago by a
Senate committee, seeks to
clarify the relationship bet
ween Student Association of
ficers and employees of
Student Personnd Services.
The amendment was initially
proposed to resolve a poten
tial conflict of interest bet
ween Jacob Houge’s serving
as vice jM'esident of thh
College Christian CouncU and
residence director of
Mecklenburg Hall.
The section in question, sec
tion 9 of Article HI now reads
(COTtinued on Page 2)
Guys ’n Dolls Opens Tomorrow Night
fcene in the Highland Players’ first production of 1975-76,
Guys ’n Dolls.” (Photo by Tony ridings)
On October 3rd, the
Highland Players will open
their 1975-76 season with the
“Musical Fable of Broad
way,” “Guys and Dolls”.
Based on the stories and
diaracters of Damon Runyon
with feh book by Jo Sweriing,
“Guys and J)olls” is a love
story centering around the ac
tions of two couples: Naiii^
Detroit and Miss Adelaide,
and Sky Masterson and Sarah
Brown. ^
Nathan Detroit (Bill Allen)
runs a crap game in New
Ywk City and with the help of
Nicely Nicely Johnson (John
Dodds) and Benny
Southstreet (Qiip Blanken
ship) draws customers from
as far away as East Cicero,
Illinois. Miss Adelaide
(Vanessa Holdsworth) sings
with her girls at the Hot Box
Club. Nathan and Addaide
are going to be married -
someday. Lieutenant Bran-
nigan (Rob Ray) is the big,
Irish cop always trying to cat-
di up with Nathan’s floating
crap game and the mob of
gangsters which Detroit per
sistently entertains.
Sarah Brown (Susan
Russell) is in charge of 0*
branch of the Save-a-Soul
mission oi West 49th Street.
Her job is to save sinners and
with the able help of her
father Arvide Abernathy
(David Miller) and the other
members of the MissiOT Band
she starts wwk on the gam
blers, ladies of tWr evening
and common riff-raff whidi
frequent the streets of New
York. Sky Masterson (Jim
Bumgardna") is a gambler,
but a high dass one-4ie has
scxnething mra-e important
than m(Miey riding on his luck
at the tables.
Under the direction of John
Carson and with the
imaginative choreography of
Helen Halsey,’ “Guys and
Dolls” tells the story of New
York in the 40’s with its
exaggerated slapstick
c()9iedy and its simple story
of love. CarsMi is assisted on
the set by Beth Rambo, and
the show is produced by Art
Music and lyrics for “Guys
and Ddls” are by Frank
Loesser and are directed by
David Evans with Kathie
DeVane as pianist.
Season tickets for the 1975-
76 season of the Highland
Players went on sale Wed
nesday, September 24 and
cost $5.00. Tickets for in
dividual plays are $1.50 and
S2.00 for the musical.

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